Image of an acacia tree in a desert of Africa. Blessings For The Return Of The Conscious Breath

11. Blessings For The Return Of The Conscious Breath


From the Acacia Tree Kingdom


It is the Acacia Trees that address you today. Our kingdom is one of many flowering trees. Flowering trees were prevalent inside the Great Central Sun when Earth existed within it. Primarily, the flowers scented the air for all animal kingdoms and humans alike to enjoy. Scent is considered a sign of life and health; the better the health, the more beautiful the scent of the species, including the flowers of the plants and trees.


Plants and Trees Absorbed the Genetic Encoding of Other Species


Long ago, Asur’Ana was told that her ancient ancestors smelled like flowers; specifically, jasmine or pikake flowers, one of her favorite fragrances today. Another initiate’s ancestors smelled like sweet sandalwood. The odors would come through the pores of the skin in all human form. Smell was one manner that one human recognized another; and also, that the animal kingdoms recognized human presence as well as one another. Animal kingdoms also had specific scents that poured through their fur or skin. Horse smelled like roses; bear smelled like amber; tiger smelled like oranges and lemons. Each kingdom had a specific odor. Over time and as each kingdom fell, the scents began to be produced by flowers, wood, fruit or nuts as the plant kingdom absorbed the genetic encoding of each species.


Asur’Ana was surprised to discover that many Chinese herbs had absorbed the genetic encoding of her ancient ancestors. As she visited a Chinese Herb Store in Canada, the information suddenly opened to her. “Ah, here is the information I have been seeking for the next phase of my ascension!” Since that time, she began to search for where the information of all other kingdoms went along with the scent of her ancient ancestors. Lo and behold, they were absorbed by the plants and trees.


Why would plants and trees absorb the genetic materials of fall kingdoms of other species? This is a good question. Plants and trees have a very different kind of genetic structure to living mammals or birds. Our structure is porous or open with gaps or holes that are a reflection of a large amount of air element that we hold. Plants and trees are keepers of the air element; we inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen providing oxygen for all other kingdoms.


Plants Inhale Carbon Dioxide and Exhale Oxygen


Some scientists believe that plants inhale oxygen at night and give off carbon dioxide. In reality, the scientists are measuring the etheric body of the plant and not the physical. In the physical, plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Humans along with other mammals and birds then inhale the oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide in the physical creating a symbiotic relationship where one supports the other in the continued existence.


In the etheric, the exact opposite occurs. The etheric body and light body of the plant kingdom inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide while humans and mammals inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen in the nonphysical. In so doing, all kingdoms also support one another’s etheric or nonphysical existence. Scientists are therefore measuring a nonphysical attribute of the plant kingdom at night, but fail to also account for the nonphysical of the human or animal kingdoms. Therefore, we ask that you not be afraid to have plants in the room that you sleep; and in reality, the plants will assist in providing more oxygen than otherwise would be present which shall assist in the regeneration of your biology through ascension.


Syncopating with Physical and Nonphysical Existence


Night time is the time that the nonphysical reigns or prevails. Night time is a nocturnal or dreamtime reality. Most species focus upon weaving the dream during the night and then upon living the dream during the day. Consciousness therefore retracts for most species as the sun sets to focus upon nonphysical endeavors. The only exceptions are nocturnal creatures such as bats, owls, opossum or rats to name a few. These creatures live their dreams during the night and weave their dreams during the day and while asleep. In so doing, Earth’s dream is continually woven day and night for continued existence and evolution; hence the requirement for nocturnal species.


Some species sleep day and night such as the Koala Bear. Many of such species live in the land that once hosted the seat of dreamtime down under in Australia and have evolved to focus upon the dream 24 hours per day. In the times of evolution ahead and until full conscious biology is brought into physicality, many species may choose to sleep longer periods. The Bear Kingdom hibernates in the winter and also focuses upon the dream 24 hours per day as a result.


Many kingdoms may choose the hibernation mode of focusing upon the dream ahead for a portion out of any year into the future, and especially as conscious breath is evolved into. As each kingdom ascends into biology that gathers all that is required to subsist from the air, the requirement to consume vegetation or flesh each day shall cease; then the choice to hibernate can come forth so that more kingdoms can focus upon the weaving of an ascending dream for Earth more of the time.


Nonphysical existence hosts more consciousness than physicality. It is from the nonphysical that global ascension and the evolution of each species is fostered. Dreamtime has become almost a more important attribute of Earth as a result at this cycle of evolution “home” to the Great Central Sun that has already begun. The nonphysical therefore plays an important role in guiding evolution, releasing karma, and fostering genetic changes for each species.


Each species syncopates the dreamtime reality with the physical reality through the breath of life. With each inhale and exhale, nonphysical and physical align to bring about physical evolution in syncopation with nonphysical evolution. When one inhales, one should syncopate their breath of life with both physical and nonphysical counterparts breathing together in divine timing. As one syncopates physical and nonphysical breath of life, then evolution comes forth in a fluid and more effortless manner. It is when the physical breath and nonphysical breath misalign that often bad ascension days are created for any species including ascending humans.


Avoiding Bad Ascension Days


What are bad ascension days? Bad ascension days are days in which there is a load of karma up to be released but not all the records have been revealed by the dreamtime self. The karma then creates stuck points in the etheric body that will feel like physical pain if large enough. If one breathes without syncopation, then one will ascend more rapidly in the physical than the nonphysical. Because the nonphysical researches karma to be released in any given day, week or month of evolution, then one proceeds in the physical into karma that the nonphysical has yet to uncover. This leads to karma that is up and affecting the field that one has not the keys to release.


Asur’Ana has learned to go into the future and pull the keys that will be known tomorrow or next week or even next month into the NOW and this then eases up the stress caused by discordant patterns in the field due to unknown karma. However, an easier way of simply avoiding bad ascension days is for the physical and nonphysical to remain in sync with one another in the process of ascension. This is accomplished in learning to breathe in common timing in the physical and nonphysical realities that humans exist within.


If the nonphysical ascends more rapidly than the physical, an etheric body is built up to a vibration that the physical cannot sustain as it has yet to embody enough crystalline cells in all associated parts of the biology. Crystalline cells produce chi due to the fat that surrounds them that then assists in supplying the necessary chi to the etheric body and grid work to continue to ascend. If there is a large enough gap between the etheric body and physical, then one must take energy from Earth or one’s environment to continue to ascend. Having species take chi from Earth to ascend depletes Earth of the chi necessary to foster global ascension.


It is for this reason that ascension counsels have ruled in recent months that one cannot proceed more than 200 DNA segments beyond the physical in the etheric for those under 3,000 segments in their current evolution; for those above this, one can work no more than 300 to 400 segments beyond the physical. In lessening the gap between the physical and nonphysical vibrations, there is also less room for the dark to manipulate one’s field, as this is another region of domain that is often doctored amongst those having false ascensions.


Preventing False Ascension


What is a false ascension? False ascension hosts an etheric body that may be built up thousands of segments of DNA higher than the physical has yet to evolve into. Such a field may be brilliant, but it leaches chi from Earth to sustain itself as the biology is unable to provide enough chi for the vibration supposedly mastered. This does not support the consensus that you reside within and therefore is outlawed at this time. Those building a false ascension also become pawns of the dark as the gap between the physical and etheric body is used as a means to shatter other legitimately ascending initiates.


One way to prevent false ascension from occurring is to align the physical and nonphysical breath of life. With each breath taken, one can breathe in sync with the nonphysical. The etheric body and dreamtime self are a body double or etheric duplicate of the physical. The etheric body and dreamtime self each has a mouth, eyes, lungs, along with all other organs, glands and systems that the physical has, only they are etheric in nature or an octave to two octaves above the physical in vibration.


As the etheric body and dreamtime self breathes, it draws in carbon dioxide in the nonphysical and exhales oxygen. As the physical and etheric align, one breathes in oxygen while the other breathes in carbon dioxide; and one exhales carbon dioxide while the other exhales oxygen. One can consider this a self-sustaining system where one’s own field actually produces the oxygen that one requires in the physical to subsist.


Providing One’s Own Oxygen


Asur’Ana actually strove to perfect this system for her own travels in the airplane. The airplane provides so little oxygen that the ascending biology requires at her frequency that a self-sustaining system has been constructed a little at a time in her ascent to date so that she does not become ill in her travels due to oxygen deprivation. First, Asur’Ana has modified the kidneys so that they can produce oxygen in the physical by breaking down water or H2O into O2. This is accomplished with a simple enzyme. Next, she will exhale in the nonphysical the oxygen that the physical requires to breathe in order to sustain itself. As this occurs, the feelings of suffocation that have often accompanied lengthy air travel of more than 5 hours simply does not occur; the body may still feel cramped but there is enough O2 to retain consciousness and feel at peace from within.


Each can learn to begin to provide enough of the oxygen required through their own nonphysical out breath. In order for this to be so, one will have to bring the nonphysical oxygen that one produces with each out breath into physicality. This is accomplished through intention and with the assignment of a few guardians to handle the task. Particularly during long plane flights or in transit in cities or hotels without adequate ventilation, Asur’Ana has gone as long as 24 hours drawing upon her own nonphysical oxygen to provide for 100% of her requirements to sustain her ascending field and biology.


This system has become so efficient that in a recent trip from Hawaii to the mainland, so little of her epidermis died that she did not require a mud bath to recover from the trip. Normally, so little oxygen is available in plane travel that the entire epidermis can die, as the body works to sustain the biology to the interior of the form or in particular the nervous system, and as a consequence severely depletes the epidermis. Ascending cells require oxygen to continue to exist and if they are deprived long enough will begin to die; if deprived thoroughly enough, they will die. Asur’Ana would then use French green clay and a mud bath in the hotel to pull off the dead skin cells for a rapid recovery from long plane travel.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


More recently, this has been less of an issue as she has learned to push the oxygen that she exhales from the etheric body and light body dreamtime self to surround the form; in so doing, the skin continues to breathe in the oxygen it requires from the outside rather than relying upon what is inhaled through the lungs. The end result was less than 3% attrition overall of the skin cells atrophied in a recent trip to the mainland.


Now it is true that not everyone travels so extensively that this may be of little import. However, some live or travel through polluted regions with few trees to provide oxygen. As one becomes self-sustaining at providing one’s own oxygen, then one will be less subject to external conditions in relation to one’s health and well-being as an ascending human. Furthermore, providing one’s own oxygen will assure the continued regeneration and ascension of one’s biology.


Biological Codependence Can Lead to Extinction


Long ago and within the Great Central Sun, no kingdom relied upon another to produce anything required to subsist. Each kingdom provided all that the biology required from within including oxygen. In so doing, there was no codependence that was biological. Biological codependence leads to behavioral codependence. At this time, mammals that are non-carnivorous rely upon the plants in the form of grass, herbs, fruits, nuts or seaweed to subsist; mammals that are carnivorous then rely upon those relying upon the plants to subsist. This is biological and biochemical codependence from our point of view.


This form of biological codependence is the worse that Earth or Terra has ever known. Long ago and after leaving the boundaries of the dream of the Great Central Sun, it was only air and ether or carbon dioxide that was shared. Mammals relied upon the plants for oxygen in the physical; in the nonphysical, it was in the inverse with the plants relying upon the mammals for oxygen. This was the result of the first fall in consciousness after leaving the Sun and created the first known form of codependence that any species had ever known. Up until this point, each kingdom had provided all required to subsist.


What is codependence? Codependence is a state of being where one’s existence in the physical is reliant upon the existence of another or another species. If the other species goes extinct, then so will one also go extinct. Today the possibility of global extinction is great due to how reliant each kingdom is upon the other, and in particular a food source at the bottom level and if it goes extinct, so would all kingdoms and Earth then go extinct. In a non-codependent system, there cannot be extinction of the whole as no species is dependent upon any other species for its existence. This is the state of being that Terra and each kingdom is choosing to evolve back into and in so doing, extinction of Earth will not be a viable reality ahead.


Aligning Physical and Nonphysical Breath of Life


What does it take to align physical and nonphysical breath of life so that one begins to inhale one’s own oxygen produced by the nonphysical? Intention for one. Asur’Ana has channeled or translated many meditations where the ongoing command to “breathe in slowly” and “exhale slowly” is designed to align physical and nonphysical breath of life.


In the observation of the Acacia Tree Kingdom, humans rarely deep breathe without focus. Most resort to shallow breathing when not focused in meditation or upon the breath. As a result, one ceases to align the physical and nonphysical breath of life, and not only will one therefore not be able to provide for one’s own oxygen, but one will also fail to syncopate with physical and nonphysical spiritual lessons or ascension. Therefore, the intent to align the breath on an ongoing basis will also align the ascension so that the spiritual lessons one is learning shall coincide upon all planes of reality that one resides upon.


One way that some initiates have worked upon reprogramming themselves for ascension is to put up post-it notes of varying colors at work and around the home to remind oneself to take deep breaths, run the sexual energy, and puff up the chakras while collapsing the space between. A pink post-it note is to remind each to run their sexual energy throughout the day; a blue post-it note is a reminder to puff up the chakras and collapse the space between; a yellow post-it note means “remember to take a deep breath”. Each time one catches the note out of the corner of one’s eye, one will remember to run sexual energy, puff up their chakras and breathe consciously rather than shallow breathe. The intention to align nonphysical and physical breath of life can also be added to this.


Becoming Multidimensional


Humans are multidimensional as are all kingdoms. Multidimensionality does not mean that one lives in another creation; one instead exists upon all dimensions that Terra also resides upon. As one ascends further as Asur’Ana has, one also then becomes solar also residing upon all dimensions that the Sun exists upon. What does it mean to be multidimensional? Well, it translates into being aware of patterns or problems in existence in other dimensions other than the physical. One may be traumatized by a nonphysical record from the past or a dynamic one is transcending with another that has little to do with physical 3D relationships. This may be very hard for others outside of those awakening to their multidimensional selves to understand. Some might even perceive those having such experiences as schizophrenic.


There is a vast difference between the ascending initiate opening unto the unconscious and the schizophrenic, however. The schizophrenic is open to a reality that they do not know how to navigate within and as a result, are lost. The ascending initiate opens to the same unconscious parts of selves, but with the assistance of nature, navigating through with the purpose and intention of evolution and release of karma. Held in the unconscious are all ancestral experiences ever that have occurred in one’s inheritance; also, within the unconscious are lost parts of selves, inner children and inner family members that fractured off long ago, as well as dynamics between others that one knows that occur without physical plane association.


How can you tell another “You are killing me in the unconscious?” And yet, the dynamics may well be so if the other is mutilating one’s heart and field to such an extent that now one has the flu, and if it carries on over many years, one will develop heart disease. Those ascending experience the mutilation in the now, and in so doing can make a choice. “Will I continue to associate with this individual and experience heart disease or any other form of continued mutilation of field into my future?” , “Or will I choose to complete the karma and end the dance so that I may regenerate and ascend, creating a new reality and new relationships that are more supportive instead?” These are the sorts of choices that ascending humans are faced with as they open unto the unconscious.


It is only due to the codependence that another’s energy flow can destroy oneself. Codependence is not only of the physical, where one is dependent upon another kingdom as food source, or dependent upon the job to pay the rent and food. Codependence is also a nonphysical dance in which one feeds off another or consumes another for chi and love.


Those on the bottom of the chi barrel suffer the greatest and develop diseases of all kinds. Those in the middle fare well for a time and perhaps into middle and old age, when then they become the bottom of the chi barrel and are consumed unto death. Those at the top do very well most of their lives; perhaps they will even live into their 100’s; but ultimately sooner or later they too will be consumed unto death.


Fear of Consumption


Where did this business of consumption begin? In Terra’s own examination of the spiritual lessons of her existence, consumption began inside of the Great Central Sun. There were forces that had cast the Sun for the purposes of inflating their own pace of evolution in the Tao; they fed off the chi of the Sun. In the recent examination of the Tao of the records Terra is recovering, consumption is so feared that no soul or creation ever strove to consume what was consuming it in return. As a result, there have been only downward cycles of fall after fall after fall; to a point that the Great Central Sun splintered so badly that parts of itself like Terra were pushed from its boundaries.


If each creation within the Sun had simply chosen to consume in return what was consuming it, the entire game would have ended in a single cycle; the souls in the Tao would have failed to inflate themselves much beyond anything; and they would have disliked the pain of being consumed in return. As a result, the entire game would have ended and no creation would have ever gone extinct. Creations inside the Sun and like Terra however have perceived consumption as such a “bad” thoughtform that they polarized themselves into failing to settle the karmic debt accrued with souls who were consuming them.


Why do all kingdoms fear consumption when one consumes another kingdom physically in order to subsist at this time in history? If all are participating in the dance of consumption, what is to fear anyway? This has been one of the more recent spiritual lessons of all species upon Earth due to the examination of Terra’s ascension records on the part of the Tao. If there is nothing to fear, then there is also nothing wrong with consuming those nonphysical forces that have consumed Terra over time to settle the debt and return Home to the Tao either.


This is the new stance of Terra and all kingdoms have taken as of late; to consume what has been consuming us in the nonphysical over time. In the consumption of all that has consumed Terra and each kingdom, there lies all the information, key codes and genetic encoding required for continued evolution; for such knowledge was lost to those consuming Terra over time. The choice to consume what is consuming Terra has opened an entirely new possible future for a return ascent home to the Tao that was not viable up until such a choice.  Therefore, the future ahead is very different as a result, and there is a return hope and joy that accompanies this shift as we are going Home, beloved.


Transcending Codependence


Codependence will conclude as consumption ceases. Perhaps it will take Terra and all kingdoms consuming every nonphysical force at cause of a fall in consciousness inside and outside the Great Central Sun to conclude the karma associated. This too becomes our goal at this time, as within such forces will be the keys to how consumption began. At this time, we do not understand how consumption and codependence began. Long ago, there was not consumption or codependence; each species was totally self-sufficient, even separate from the consensus reality such as Terra to subsist. Kingdoms such as the dragons with their large wing spans could exist in between consensus realities or travel between them. Humans often traveled between realities upon the backs of the winged dragons.


Travel between consensus realities did not require spacecraft or spacesuits. Humans and dragons alike created enough of their own oxygen in the nonphysical that they could move outside of the atmosphere of any consensus in their travel without the requirement of special equipment. Perhaps the desire to space travel and create technology is simply an externalization of a capability that once was an internal and natural state of being.


Which brings us to our next point, and that is that ALL LIES WITHIN. Over time each kingdom’s power, knowledge and truth became externalized. What was once an internal encoding and mechanism became an external expression in another kingdom. Then one kingdom became dependent upon another for the encoding that was once held within the very fabric of their form. As each kingdom strives to retrieve what was once a part of their original blueprint as cast in the Great Central Sun, then the requirement for an outside expression to provide for oneself will cease. As this occurs, codependence shall also cease.


Asur’Ana has learned to become as self-reliant as she could. However, there are some things that she still relies upon others for; she relies upon others for her livelihood. She relies upon the plant kingdoms to provide certain nutrients through vegetables, nuts, fruits and grains that she has yet to produce within her own biology. This is becoming increasing less so however.


Years ago, it occurred to Asur’Ana, “Why do humans not produce their own cholesterol? Why are we reliant upon eggs, milk and cheese when there are many other fats we already produce within?” This led to the retrieval of records from within the Great Central Sun where human lactation glands produced cholesterol to sustain the crystalline structure internal to each form. She then gradually embodied this new blueprint without the need to consume eggs for cholesterol during her early initiations. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 14 “Ascension, Nutrition and Disease” for more information.)


Little by little, each biochemical substance required will be produced from within. This shall indeed be a return of a fully conscious species, for fully conscious species are those who know how to subsist without the requirement for anything outside of the breath. Even the breath is self-sustaining if one produces all the oxygen one requires in the physical by one’s own nonphysical field. Once all of nature was fully conscious; we are choosing to return to such a state of being in the era ahead. As we accomplish this task, the potential extinction cycle of Terra shall be put behind us and a new day where the return journey home to the Tao becomes so. Let us make it so, HO!




What does the Acacia Tree Kingdom desire to close this article with? Intend the restoration of self-sustaining biology. Begin by synchronizing the in-breath and out-breath between the physical and nonphysical vessels. In so doing, you will take one step closer to this goal; and you will learn to syncopate the divine timing between the many dimensions that you reside upon concurrently. As you do so, your ascension shall flow in greater ease and joy.


Many humans today suffer from allergies. Current medical practices blame pollen for the runny eyes or drippy noses that springtime flowers and flowering trees give off. From the Acacia Tree’s point of view, pollen is not the cause of allergies. Allergies are a reflection of the rejection of evolution and change. Spring is a time of change, birth and rebirth. Global cycles are designed to propel all that exist within the consensus in a particular direction. Most humans are very ridged in their existence. Rejection of the yearly cycle of change will cause a biological response of a stopped-up system. The mucous is only a reflection of the desire to stop the momentum of change offered by nature in its cycle of rebirth each springtime. Embrace the change and flow with it in the intent to ascend, and the allergies will disappear as well.


Additionally, sneezing is often the result of humans who throw psychic sex pictures at one another as an unconscious form of manipulation. The body then sneezes in response. Sneezes are whole body orgasms energetically speaking. Erase the sex pictures and the sneeze will stop. Pollen may trigger sneezing as it is a reflection of how all of nature is participating in its sexuality in association with procreation in the spring. Learn to embrace nature’s sexuality and learn to flow with it rather than being in resistance, and one will cease to sneeze as well. Food allergies are the result of the resistance to digesting one’s spiritual life lessons. This is a whole other subject that will be addressed in the next chapter.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


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Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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