Image of a cute looking brown and white fur skunk. The Smell of a Skunk

34. The Smell of a Skunk


Blessings for Standing in One’s Truth


The Skunk Kingdom


The skunk kingdom has much to say to our ascending humans today. We are a small species with black fur with a white stripe down the entire length of us, from head to tail, and associated with the Porcupine astrology sign “Fulfillment Bearer”. Skunk has a notorious reputation for “stinking things up”. We have an odorous mist that can be sprayed if a predator nears; generally, the smell is so obnoxious that the predator chooses not to attack. This has worked well over time, and our reputation is so great that most predators do not come near us even if we fail to release our odorous spray. In a sense, one could think of our odor as giving us a “reputation” that other species pay attention to. Indeed, the odor sticks to the fur and feet of those who intermingle with it leaving its “mark” for weeks thereafter.


Co-Dependence Leads to Non-Fulfillment


Reputation from our point of view is about standing in one’s truth. In the truth, one sets boundaries that are appropriate for one’s evolution. In the truth, one makes changes that resonate within. In the truth, one does not remain in a relationship that is making one ill, or preventing one’s ascent, or that one is complete with the karma of. One moves on, as it is one’s “truth”.


In human relations, there are sticky bonds of attachment known as cords; however, the cords are more than simply ties from one to another, they are a thoughtform of their own. The thoughtform is one of false love and false truth. For in a state of false love, one will sacrifice their truth for another; one will allow themselves to be crucified to remain in the relationship; and one will carry another down their own path rather than allowing others to learn to do so of their own volition. False love and false truth are also known as “codependence”.


Codependence leads to non-fulfillment. Why is this so? There is nothing fulfilling about the dance of codependence, regardless of role. If one is the strong one “taking care of another”, then one is always burdened. How can one feel fulfilled and burdened at the same time? It is not possible. If one is the weak one and being “taken care of by another”, one is a burden to another. How can one feel fulfilled if one is a burden? The entire dance leads to disappointment, failure and a sense of non-fulfillment.


Asur’Ana and Per had to leave their family members behind in their ascension and only interact with them occasionally. Perhaps one cannot imagine doing such a thing! Well perhaps it is not one’s truth to leave the family, as one has karma that is not complete yet. Perhaps one even has karma to see one’s spouse through until death, or assist in the ascension of one’s child. When the karma is complete however, the dance must change, or one’s ascension will cease.  Read more