Image of a cute looking brown and white fur skunk. The Smell of a Skunk

34. The Smell of a Skunk


Blessings for Standing in One’s Truth


The Skunk Kingdom


The skunk kingdom has much to say to our ascending humans today. We are a small species with black fur with a white stripe down the entire length of us, from head to tail, and associated with the Porcupine astrology sign “Fulfillment Bearer”. Skunk has a notorious reputation for “stinking things up”. We have an odorous mist that can be sprayed if a predator nears; generally, the smell is so obnoxious that the predator chooses not to attack. This has worked well over time, and our reputation is so great that most predators do not come near us even if we fail to release our odorous spray. In a sense, one could think of our odor as giving us a “reputation” that other species pay attention to. Indeed, the odor sticks to the fur and feet of those who intermingle with it leaving its “mark” for weeks thereafter.


Co-Dependence Leads to Non-Fulfillment


Reputation from our point of view is about standing in one’s truth. In the truth, one sets boundaries that are appropriate for one’s evolution. In the truth, one makes changes that resonate within. In the truth, one does not remain in a relationship that is making one ill, or preventing one’s ascent, or that one is complete with the karma of. One moves on, as it is one’s “truth”.


In human relations, there are sticky bonds of attachment known as cords; however, the cords are more than simply ties from one to another, they are a thoughtform of their own. The thoughtform is one of false love and false truth. For in a state of false love, one will sacrifice their truth for another; one will allow themselves to be crucified to remain in the relationship; and one will carry another down their own path rather than allowing others to learn to do so of their own volition. False love and false truth are also known as “codependence”.


Codependence leads to non-fulfillment. Why is this so? There is nothing fulfilling about the dance of codependence, regardless of role. If one is the strong one “taking care of another”, then one is always burdened. How can one feel fulfilled and burdened at the same time? It is not possible. If one is the weak one and being “taken care of by another”, one is a burden to another. How can one feel fulfilled if one is a burden? The entire dance leads to disappointment, failure and a sense of non-fulfillment.


Asur’Ana and Per had to leave their family members behind in their ascension and only interact with them occasionally. Perhaps one cannot imagine doing such a thing! Well perhaps it is not one’s truth to leave the family, as one has karma that is not complete yet. Perhaps one even has karma to see one’s spouse through until death, or assist in the ascension of one’s child. When the karma is complete however, the dance must change, or one’s ascension will cease. 


There are many different dances. Some support ascension; some do not. If the dance supports ascension, even if the karma is complete, soul will generally create agreements to continue the dance, as it serves one’s spiritual goals. However, if a dance is harmful and continues to manipulate or mutilate one’s field, then one may have no choice but to separate, as one will only be able to ascend so far under such a circumstance. And worse yet the form can become so debilitated and so frail that ascension out of the circumstance may become almost impossible.


Becoming Ensouled Again in Ascension


Change from patterns that cause the form to be debilitated or shattered repeatedly is not always easy. Why is this so? Humans have become highly mechanized in the abusive dance. Let us suffice to say that the red and white false gods did not enjoy how it felt as they shattered humans through one another to strip their genetic materials and grid work. Therefore, they created machines to hold the energy of the form leaving it more or less soulless.


This began long ago, but in the past 10,000 to 40,000-year period of decline and since the last fall of Atlantis, few humans have soul at all. It is no wonder how fearful humans have come under this circumstance, as without soul the body is in terror that it is going to die. Out of the fear of death, the greatest travesties are committed towards one another and the possibility of living in peace is almost impossible. Many repress the fear that the body is in and ignore how much it affects them; for those who are sensitive such as Asur’Ana, her pre-ascension years were filled with ongoing terror. It was not until soul became more fully infused into her field in the attainment of 1,024 that the vast majority of the body fear left her form; after 3,000 segments, she rose above the vibration of fear and has been more or less free of terror ever since.


The remaining soul ensouling the human form was lost in the last nuclear annihilation of Atlantis. Soul fractured so deeply at this juncture that there simply was not enough soul left to hold each human form. Soul compensated by constructing machines that held humans in groups that were parallel in ancestry; and infused the human form with personality to run the day to day life expression. The red and white false gods fell out of any interest in the human dance after the fall of Atlantis and withdrew completely, and have paid little attention to the human endeavors at all up until recent times.


Through ascension, one moves backwards in time and begins to repair this fractured and fearful state of being. One pieces together enough soul to be ensouled again as 1,024 segments of DNA is embodied in the ascent. As 3,000 segments is embodied, personality is left behind in lieu of soul. It is as the field is run primarily by soul again that the terror and fear finally leave, as personality entities are often in great fear and lack in their fractured off state of being. As one no longer channels that which is in fear or lack, one no longer feels in fear or in lack oneself. However, the body has also risen above the vibratory level of fear and lack based thoughtform as well.


The body attracts soul and personality founded upon resonance. If one has thoughtform of a particular nature, then soul or fractured pieces of soul known as personality are attracted. As one modifies the thoughtform increasingly into the Language of Light, then only soul that resonates with unity is attracted. It is as unity-based soul dances with the field that joy and communion can become the newfound state of being within.


Crucifixion and Savior Thoughtforms


The first time any false god soul took interest in human form in the past 2,000 human years was in the birth of Christ. The red false god Sananda embodied Christ and led him down the path of crucifixion in the early stages of his ascent. This anchored the global thoughtform of crucifixion for all of humanity along with the belief that a “savior” was coming to fix it all, without anyone having to do anything to ascend.


This is the thoughtform that has preceded every human civilization that has ever gone extinct beloved; the red and white false gods were responsible for many of these extinctions, and knew exactly what they were doing. Humanity would be too docile to do anything but go extinct, all the while believing that the false gods were “saving the world”. After all it has worked billions of times before, 8 billion times to be exact per the calculations of the Tao.


The thoughtform of the savior is the ultimate in codependence. How many pieces of “Christian music” have Per and Asur’Ana listened to over time speaking to how the savior is coming and will carry everyone home. Unfortunately, God Goddess cannot carry anyone, as God Goddess is oneself in form. Only you can carry you, and only you can ascend you, and only you can find your way Home and out of whatever karmic mess you have created upon the physical plane. The truth is that each must take responsibility for one’s own evolutionary pathway Home, and there is no savior, nor was there ever one, nor will there ever be one.


Some look to the Tao as the Savior. The Tao will assist each in looking within at one’s own patterning and make suggestions of how one may transcend. The Tao cannot save anyone; you are already a part of the Tao anyway, although you are in great forgetfulness. As you remember this, and attune to the Tao, soon you will reconnect, and in the reconnection, the Tao can then support your journey home by guiding you there. However, you still have to do all of the work yourself, as Asur’Ana rapidly found out as she first began to attune to this source of information.


Listen to One’s Heart for Clear Guidance


For Asur’Ana, her first memories of speaking to the Tao are from early in her ascent; through her heart she would hear clear guidance as to what to do and what not to do, and it always had the effect of leading her up in vibration. Sometimes the messages were difficult, as they involved leaving her marriage behind, leaving her spiritual teacher behind, leaving her place of residence to relocate to another region that better support her continued ascension, and later leaving many family members that could not transcend behind.


However, each recommendation when followed has led to her increasing ascent; each recommendation made by the Tao to Earth has led to Earth’s increasing ascent; this is also the same for each kingdom upon Earth. Earth, Asur’Ana, Per and each sentient species have learned that there is no savior. However, we are receiving the support we require to ascend, and in following the guidance, we are working our way out of the deep distortion and pain that we have fallen into both collectively and individually. This is a great blessing.


Truth teaches us that each is capable of managing one’s own evolutionary pathway. Each pathway is unique; therefore, the guidance offered to one will not necessarily be appropriate for another.


Opening the heart is paramount to hearing clear guidance from within. Tune into the heart and listen. What does one’s heart have to say? Listening to the heart is different from telepathic communication. Telepathy is hearing something nonphysical that sits outside of oneself. Heart communication is listening to one’s own Soul or God Goddess within along with Earth and nature. This is what can be so confusing for initiates; as until one learns to discern between telepathic guidance and holographic knowing, one can be tripped up by the false gods and dark forces that pervade the human dream.


Asur’Ana used to hear both forms of guidance. After a time, she realized that the telepathic channels were really only a direct means of the false gods to manipulate her, and so she shut these down permanently and chose only listen to her heart.


Our point here is that guidance is not always pure. Although the false gods may be removed upon a planetary level, they will continue to dance in the lower bandwidths of vibration that human ascending initiates inhabit for some time to come and until all karma has been transcended. Learning to discern guidance is therefore paramount to one’s continued ascent. How can one discern the difference between the guidance of one’s Soul, Oversoul and Source or Mother Earth or any other nature kingdom and the false gods? Well it is simple really, and one must listen to what is being said.


The False Gods Direct One to Look Outside of Self


We have seen many an initiate’s ego puffed and puffed and puffed up by the false gods. Why does the false gods puff up one’s ego with lies? Well, it is simple really; for if one believes one has “mastered”, then one will stop ascending. If one ceases to ascend, then one fails to continue to clear karma for one’s ancestry, and if enough humans do this, the ascension of the whole may become very difficult. And this is exactly what the false gods wish.


Sometimes the false gods will also tell one “You are the return of Christ” or “You are the Savior” or “You are the ONE”. Beloved, we are all God Goddess in form; there is no savior, and there is no one better than any other. All are equal, although some come from different holographic origin and therefore their ancestors may have been from the wrong creation. Those who are from the wrong creation, whether they be form or soul, are going to leave Earth in due course, as they cannot ascend into the wrong Great Central Sun.


The false gods generally direct one to look outside of self at others. Often, they will point fingers at others that one knows and make comments about their ascension or life. Beloved, no one can ascend another, therefore what another is doing and their evolutionary journey is really none of one’s business. Earth and nature along with one’s soul will always direct one inward; inward directions focus one only within at one’s own patterning and life experience.


What are the patterning, thoughtform, machines, entities and karma that must be transcended today? What Language of Light is one working upon embracing into one’s field and form? What parts of the body are being worked upon to become crystalline in structure? What ancestors are present that one is working upon the karma of so that they may integrate with one’s life? What mirror is presented in life that triggers the next level of work to be accomplished in order to ascend? What information is one retrieving so that one may not only ascend, but become the dreamer and the dream? This is what soul is interested in; and this is what any ascending initiate should be focused upon. Any other focus simply will lead one off one’s path of ascension.


The false gods are the ultimate in codependence. The false god souls do not come from this creation; as a result, they have the wrong resonance. Without the proper resonance, one’s own energy flow inverts and destroys oneself. Therefore, the false gods simply pushed their own destruction onto the human species, and took the human dream for life, expansion and extension of existence in exchange. The result is extinction of the human species and the continuation of the red and white gods in the nonphysical. The false gods codependently rely upon the human species to sustain their dance; the human species has learned to codependently rely upon one another, mirroring their own dance with their own souls.


Returning to the Energy Movement Resonant with the Great Central Sun


Alas, this is a problem that has occurred throughout the space outside of the Great Central Sun. So many Suns have had parts of self that exited their boundaries over time, and the souls associated do not resonate with one another, as they were never meant to be intermixed. Souls from one Sun cause patterns in other creations from other Suns that cause decay and death. Souls from yet other Suns cause a pattern of extreme light and law in which the density is displaced upon that which is withering and dying, adding to an already burdened dance.


The only way out of this experience is to come to balance by returning to the energy movement and vibrations resonant with the Great Central Sun that Earth exited, and to remove those souls and genetic materials that originated with other Suns long ago returning them to their domain of origin. This is what is occurring and why really the false gods are being removed at this time; they are in the wrong creation and their patterning creates death upon Earth. As they are removed, there will be an opportunity for ascension of more of humanity to take off, and all including the false gods may return Home.


What does Skunk wish to close with? Look within for your guidance. Listen and discern. If the guidance tunes you inward towards your own patterning, issues, thoughtform and analysis of field, then listen. If the guidance turns you outward towards others or puffs up your ego, cast such souls out of your field, release the karma, and set boundaries so that they cannot return. This is what standing in one’s truth is all about.


Skunk also guides initiates to make the changes necessary in the life dance that allow for continued ascension. Let go of the friends, family, job, region of origin or other associates that no longer resonate; open the door to new friends or a new job or region that does resonate. In so doing, there can be greater levels of fulfillment and joy in one’s continued life dance and ascension.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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