Image of an adorable bird with multicolored feathers. Angel Archive #4

Angel Archive #4: Light Motion Comfort Foods


As you transfuse, emotional upswings into feeling well and downswings into feeling unwell are common. Mind bend is another term for the emotional downswings associated with light emulsion of field. Downswings occur as the mind bends due to more than enough light being present as you emulsify. Sometimes the mind motions to the left causing you to grow depressed or feeling grief over your life; sometimes it bends to the right causing anxiety about something or nothing at all. Sometimes a walk in the woods or a swim or bike ride straightens out the mind enough to feel well again as you return home.


Transfusion and Mind Bend


Mind bend is often recurrent in certain octaves in a particular human transfusing through time. Some may be depressed repeatedly for 6-9 months and then suddenly something else shifts as you rise into other octaves of you that are purer. Other octaves are more gracious than yet others that are ill. Why are the octaves of you ill? In part it is an anthology of descent out of light that you are rising above. The descent was painful and so the octaves transfused through are painful until they illuminate. As you light emulsify, you purify the sick octaves along with yourself and then feel well again. This is transfusion here upon Earth but not necessarily in other galaxies. In other galaxies, the anthologies have purified in light again and again allowing the rise to be less cumbersome in emotional baggage of the past.


The past upon Earth is also very unclear due to many cycles of non-transfusion. About half the muck you transfuse through is the impurities of a non transfusion-based society or natural world. If you learn to abate and abort what is not of your anthology or of society and Earth, your day to day downswings may be far less so. Abating and aborting what is “not you” only requires focus until you feel better within. Generally, in the downswing you wish for comfort of some sort. Desiring comfort is a natural response to the despair of an ill octave containing grief you are transfusing through. Comfort may grow out of taking a walk or swim to be with nature.


If at work or at home, you may instead reach for the potato chips loaded with salt or chocolate loaded with sugar to comfort you when you should not. Salt decreases potassium that increases mind bend into depression; and sugar decreases protein which increases mind bend into anxiety. Our suggestion here is to make your own sugar free chocolate and bring it to work; or bring a bag of what is helpful to the mind such as hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, or pecans mixed with goji berries, craisins, coconut chips or dried blueberries. Then you can munch away to comfort you and know the mind will un-bend rather than bend further into an ill state of being.


Okay, so it is midafternoon and you have consumed the entire large bag of organic potato chips coated in some flavoring that makes your mouth smack; and the fats go into the blood along with the salt. The salt hits the mind about 4:00 pm and suddenly the mind freezes as there is too much salt in the cortex. The frozen mind goes into despair and suddenly you wish to cry like a baby; so, you wrap up your work day and drive to the local park just to rest by the lake in your car and grieve away. Read more