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Angel Archive #4: Light Motion Comfort Foods


As you transfuse, emotional upswings into feeling well and downswings into feeling unwell are common. Mind bend is another term for the emotional downswings associated with light emulsion of field. Downswings occur as the mind bends due to more than enough light being present as you emulsify. Sometimes the mind motions to the left causing you to grow depressed or feeling grief over your life; sometimes it bends to the right causing anxiety about something or nothing at all. Sometimes a walk in the woods or a swim or bike ride straightens out the mind enough to feel well again as you return home.


Transfusion and Mind Bend


Mind bend is often recurrent in certain octaves in a particular human transfusing through time. Some may be depressed repeatedly for 6-9 months and then suddenly something else shifts as you rise into other octaves of you that are purer. Other octaves are more gracious than yet others that are ill. Why are the octaves of you ill? In part it is an anthology of descent out of light that you are rising above. The descent was painful and so the octaves transfused through are painful until they illuminate. As you light emulsify, you purify the sick octaves along with yourself and then feel well again. This is transfusion here upon Earth but not necessarily in other galaxies. In other galaxies, the anthologies have purified in light again and again allowing the rise to be less cumbersome in emotional baggage of the past.


The past upon Earth is also very unclear due to many cycles of non-transfusion. About half the muck you transfuse through is the impurities of a non transfusion-based society or natural world. If you learn to abate and abort what is not of your anthology or of society and Earth, your day to day downswings may be far less so. Abating and aborting what is “not you” only requires focus until you feel better within. Generally, in the downswing you wish for comfort of some sort. Desiring comfort is a natural response to the despair of an ill octave containing grief you are transfusing through. Comfort may grow out of taking a walk or swim to be with nature.


If at work or at home, you may instead reach for the potato chips loaded with salt or chocolate loaded with sugar to comfort you when you should not. Salt decreases potassium that increases mind bend into depression; and sugar decreases protein which increases mind bend into anxiety. Our suggestion here is to make your own sugar free chocolate and bring it to work; or bring a bag of what is helpful to the mind such as hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, or pecans mixed with goji berries, craisins, coconut chips or dried blueberries. Then you can munch away to comfort you and know the mind will un-bend rather than bend further into an ill state of being.


Okay, so it is midafternoon and you have consumed the entire large bag of organic potato chips coated in some flavoring that makes your mouth smack; and the fats go into the blood along with the salt. The salt hits the mind about 4:00 pm and suddenly the mind freezes as there is too much salt in the cortex. The frozen mind goes into despair and suddenly you wish to cry like a baby; so, you wrap up your work day and drive to the local park just to rest by the lake in your car and grieve away.


Sorrowful thoughts of the past arise and you can be unwell by the lake; or you could avoid the fats plus salt having something else and be in bliss with nature instead. It takes about 40 minutes and maybe you can take your walk but maybe not, and suddenly the despair increases as the ill fats hit the cortex; and the mind fluxes into morbid thoughts about life, your work, your partner, or not having a partner, having a child, or not having one, or needing to have one, and desiring the teenager to move on as you are sick of them; or something else critical in your mind bend to focus upon.


Avoiding Foods That Foster Mind Bend


The thoughts stream negativity due to excessive salts and fats and now you go home and your spouse is cooking something you really do not wish to eat and you yell at him or her. Your son has destroyed the living room with some project from school and you are angry as you need to clean things up. Or your boyfriend calls you to cancel his date with you and you scream at him over the phone. Or your mother calls and you answer when you should not and you get into an argument and hang up and fail to pick up the phone as she calls back 9 times until 1:00 am keeping you awake. Mind bend attracts mind bend of parallel natures in the dance of life triggering more emotional anxiety and then depression ahead.


Your life may be far merrier if you simply avoid the foods that foster mind bend of you. Salts numb the cortex until it desires to remain depressed or sleep and sugars spark it to an excess of fright or flight or anger to discharge the ill emotions. Salt and sugar are the two ingredients most sought after in comfort food and the worse for the mind. The mind needs protein and fats. The body needs fresh vegetables and fruits and juices to stay pure.


When you reach for the potato chips, your body is asking for protein and fats to straighten out the mind; but instead you feed the body carbohydrates and fats which is the wrong combination to straighten out your mind bend. Although chocolate can be a non mind bend food, the sugar aggravates the cortex to excess until it flares. Finding sugar free chocolate may not be easy either with the right combination of substances. Often the fats in chocolate conflict in the mind too as they are not pure to what you need either. Making your own chocolate is easy and there is a recipe beneath to prove it. Make your own and take it with you and you will be all the better in the need of comfort food at work or at home.


The world of the oligarchy society has gone mad on comfort food. The shelves of most markets are lined with 800 types of candy and 50 types of chips of some sort of something that is toxic to light wave motion. The chips, candy and soda do not motion light and the abdomen swells over time for those consuming such a diet repeatedly as they suddenly light motion. The refrigerated section is loaded with over 100 possible drinks that also mostly do not serve, as they are non-fermented. What the body needs is fermented drinks.


Although beer is fermented, it is made of the wrong grains that lead to formaldehyde in the blood. Formaldehyde kills the liver and pancreas and spleen through time. A swollen abdomen is an obvious sign of a dying liver and often of beer abuse today; and it will grow even worse in the coming decade due to the introduction of extreme light. Extreme light doubles the formaldehyde in the blood killing the mind too. Mind dead humans may grow to be the standard ahead due to the wrong diet for light wave emulsion.




(NOTE: We know that Asur’Ana abstains from all forms of alcohol, however, we requested that she shares information about wines and other types of alcohol from our (the Archangels’ perspective) for those who do consume them.)


Wine of white, red or rose is a fermented food we do recommend in lieu of beer or sodas or most other drinks. Wine swells the abdomen, allows substances to enter the blood that cleanse and nurture it, and allows the mind to unbend at the same time. However, we advise moderation in drinking wine. You might think that the Tibetan Lamas do not drink but this is not so. They make their own wine and consume it heartily to spawn balanced mindset. Distilled alcohol that is 99 proofs can injure the stomach, as it is so strong as the light motions through. Most of the alcohols the Lamas produce are wine oriented with yeast fermenting such things as raspberries, honey (mead), and dandelion along with red and green grapes.


Wine makers today do produce mead and raspberry wine; and maybe you will discover dandelion wine somewhere also available. All three do different things to unbend the mind and are required due to variant emotions suspended within as you transfuse. Red wine allows the mind to relax into its forgiveness. White wine allows the mind to stimulate itself to overcome grief. Rose wine fosters compassion in the mind flux of you. Raspberry wine fosters fortitude of the mind to think well. Dandelion wine fosters bitterness and resentment to release. Mead or honey wine fosters merriment. Rice wine or sake also is a relaxant to the nerves. Rice wine aids protein in digesting easier too and so do not deny yourself of this if you are out having sushi one evening.


Rice wine causes the blood to purify more than any other type of wine. Make it an at-home drink too and enjoy over ice and be well in your mind and blood too. Comfort from alcohol is a common human substance to consume in most galaxies. Most do not distill alcohol but allow key substances to ferment instead.


Distilled alcohol can burn holes in the stomach and small intestine if consumed too frequently in light. Some substances do blend with hard alcohol such as rum, tequila, gin or vodka well though allowing the stomach lining not to be destroyed. Melons (yellow or green) or watermelon protects the stomach lining if blended with hard alcohol in small dosages. Hard alcohol does foster many other shifts for the mind and blood and should not be denied but needed to be blended with something to offset stomach burns in light wave motion.


Rum, Vodka, Tequila and Gin


Rum fosters the mind to bow straight. Rum is best blended with melons to foster harmony within. Vodka causes the depression to lift. Vodka is best blended with raspberries, as then the colon is okay in light wave motion. Tequila kills bacteria in the blood that can grow to become blood poisoning. Tequila is best blended with melon to offset stomach problems through time. Gin fosters an herbal rush of all herbs distilled. It is best to purchase gin of as many herbs as possible as a result. Gin blended with fine tonic water is a blood cleanser and a half.


If you think you need a pizza or something carbohydrate to comfort you, reach for the alcohol instead and you will be all the better in the long haul; or so the Atlantean population discovered 10,000 Earth years ago (40,000 human years). Atlantis thrived on distilled alcohols that mimicked all foods possible as a drink that satisfied the taste buds until they smacked; and also aided the mind in bowing into happiness. Atlantis was a very happy sway-based culture as a result.


Consuming Less Rice and Carbohydrates


The desire for carbohydrates is often a real need for protein in the blood. There are protein snacks you can prepare to have avidly available and as you need. Edamame (organic soy beans) are a good snack anytime. Some vegan highlight places or organic food cafes foster tofu that is prepared in many directions. Stop at the health food deli and have a side of tofu and salad if you need more and feel better. Purchase a fresh juice of apples and carrots and be even better within.


Sushi abounds in restaurants and grocery stores these days it seems. Pick up vegan sushi rolls and seaweed salad platter and enjoy on the run and unbend your mind from the rat race of society. Have sake too and you will feel even better. Do not deny yourself the comfort foods that do work with light. In most restaurants there are always glorious salads too. Have the spinach salad with the pecans and craisins and raspberry vinaigrette and a glass of red wine and be well.


Some cuisines are more light oriented than others. The Japanese are light originated but befell the sad fate of enjoying rice too much. Leave the rice out (or have small portion only) of any Japanese tofu-based meal and you are better for it too. Thai cuisine is also light based but they too befell the sad state of enjoying rice noodles or rice too. Oddly enough in one Thai restaurant, bean thread noodles or soy noodles were also available. Shop for such noodles and enjoy your “pasta” in a manner that serves the blood in light wave motion of field. There is also wakame noodles that when eaten fresh and raw upon a salad clean the gut out like you cannot believe. When boiled the wakame noodles foster a lovely replacement for rice noodles in an Asian soup prepared with shiitake mushrooms and other veggies of choice.


Humans always love to eat in the third dimension. The point is that you can eat well and dine in a manner that serves light wave motion and not dying ahead. This is important to your health so think straight as you shop and prepare your week’s meal ahead; and also, as you dine out when you need to in order to comfort you. We have some suggested recipes to assist humanity to evolve into in a major light cycle ahead in health. Be the first and be the foremost to grow into the health of you in light, and you will live a gracious life ahead that is not filled with disease. This is the archangels’ wish for each of you as star seeds.


Comfort Recipes


The following recipes are mostly carbohydrate-free that serves light. Eat well at home and out with the right formulas for your blood and you will never grow ill. There are some carbohydrates that do work with light wave emulsion and we will explore these in further articles ahead.


Tofu Cheese


1 Carton Organic Tofu

1 Cup Hazelnuts (or Almonds, Cashews or Pecans – do not blend nuts)

½ Cup Avocado Oil or Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce


Cube the tofu. Place the nuts upon an oven proof dish and cover with the avocado oil. Toast for 7-10 minutes until fragrant. Place all ingredients in the food processor and blend until smooth. Oil the bottom of a glass oven proof baking dish and roast for 45 minutes at 350 degrees until firm. Slice into wedges and enjoy alone or upon a salad.


Eggplant Dip


2 Organic Eggplants

½ Cup Tahini (sesame butter)

3 Tablespoons Soy Sauce

3 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Sake or White Wine (Optional for those who abstain from alcohol)


Place the eggplant into an oven proof glass pan. Roast at 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes. When cool cut off the top and place in a food processor. Blend with all ingredients until smooth. This dip is best served on top of slices of cucumber, tomatoes, baby carrots or baby red, yellow and green peppers. You can also roll the dip in lettuce leaves and enjoy as a light wave taco.


Pesto Hummus


1 Cup Organic Garbanzo Beans

1 Bunch Basil

½ Cup Hazelnuts or Pecans

½ Cup Hazelnut Oil or Sesame Oil

3 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar

3 Tablespoons Soy Sauce


Soak the garbanzo beans overnight. Strain and place in a stock pan adding purified pH positive water to 2 inches above the beans. Heat to a boil and then reduce to a simmer covering the pan and cook for 2 hours. Strain and cool and set aside. Place the basil, nuts, rice vinegar, oil and soy sauce in the food processor. Blend until smooth. Add the garbanzo beans and blend again. Add more seasonings to taste, if desired. Enjoy your hummus on cucumber or tomato slices or rolled in lettuce leaves as a light wave taco.


Curried Peas


1 Cup Yellow Peas

12 Sun Dried Tomatoes

2 Tablespoons Thai Yellow Curry Paste

3 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar


Soak the peas overnight. Strain and place in a stock pan adding purified pH positive water 2 inches above the peas. Add the sundried tomatoes, curry paste and rice vinegar. Heat to a boil and then simmer covered for 2 hours on low. Cool and place the pea mixture in a blender and blend until smooth.


Lettuce Tofu Wraps


1 Carton Organic Tofu

1 Cup Soy Mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Miso

2 Tablespoons Sesame Oil

¼ Cup Sesame Seeds

1 Bunch Red Leaf Lettuce


Cut up the tofu and place in a mixing bowl. Blend the soy mayonnaise, vinegar, and miso with a hand blender. Mix the tofu and mayonnaise mixture together. Wrap the mixture into lettuce leaves and enjoy another healthy light wave meal within.


Homemade Chocolate


1 Box Coconut Cream

2 Heaping Tablespoons Organic Cocoa Powder

3 Tablespoons Goji Berries

2 Tablespoons Coconut Flakes

Dash Stevia


Melt the Coconut Cream on low until a clear liquid forms. Add the cocoa powder, goji berries, coconut flakes and mix and remove from the heat. On a wax paper covered tray, place one spoon of the chocolate mixture and flatten. Continue until all of the cocoa mixture is used up. Cover with more wax paper and refrigerate for a few hours to harden. Note this type of chocolate will soften at room temperature.


Anti-Depression Trail Mix


1 Cup Hazelnuts (raw)

½ Cup Goji Berries

½ Cup Coconut Flakes

Pinch Salt


Mix the above in a large mixing bowl. Place in a glass mason jar to store. Take a small bag full in your purse or on the road to mend the mind of you through time.


Anti-Anxiety Trail Mix


1 Cup Pecans (raw)

½ Cup Dried Blueberries

½ Cup Coconut Flakes

Dash stevia


Mix the above in a large mixing bowl and toss well. Place in a glass mason jar to store. Take a small bag with you anywhere you go and feel better within.


Feeling Well Trail Mix


1 Cup Cashews (raw)

½ Cup Dried Craisins

½ Cup Coconut Flakes


Mix the above in a large mixing bowl. Place in a glass mason jar to store. Take a storage bag full in your purse or on the road to mend the mind of you through time.


Homemade Pickles


Pickles of the right vegetables are a comfort food all of their own. Often transfusion leads to gastric distress. In the past, yogurt was the gastric distress relief for most. Coconut yogurt or soy yogurt as a replacement for cow yogurt may trigger too much bacteria to grow in the intestines in large light wave motion. The undercurrent of problem for yogurt is that it can breed in to blood poisoning if you desire to consume it daily. Give up the yogurt and try pickles instead. Fermented foods such as pickles and wine produce a bacterium needed to the gut but not with the tendency to over breed in light.


Pickles are best made of asparagus, cucumber, baby yellow, red and orange peppers, and daikon. Daikon is a lovely root from Asia that many health food stores are now carrying in the raw variety on the shelf of themselves. Pickles allow the digestion to ferment better in light wave motion. Olives are also useful if they are stuffed with the right ingredients. Greek olives de-stress the body. Green olives stuffed with pimentos foster a non mind bend if you are feeling ill within. Sweet black olives are helpful to the blood. Learn to have a tray of pickles available on days you feel stressed and enjoy with the comfort foods suggested above and feel much better within.


Homemade pickles are the best unless you are shopping at the farmers’ market and purchase something homemade that tastes good from another. Pickling herbs are to be avoided along with a load of salt. The best pickle remedy is rice vinegar mixed with purified water. Allow all homemade pickles to ferment for about 8 days before consuming. The pickles will last weeks in your refrigerator and are to be enjoyed as a comfort food all of their own if needed or with the above recipes to aid the digestive system in relaxing.


Pickled Asparagus


1 Bunch Organic Asparagus

1 Mason Jar

1/3 Cup Rice Vinegar

Purified Water


Rinse the asparagus and cut the ends that are too thick or hard off and dispose. Place the asparagus in the jar. Fill the base with the rice vinegar. Top with filtered pH positive water until the tops are covered. Cover and refrigerate for 8 days before consuming.


Pickled Cucumbers


4 Small Pickling Cucumbers (English Cucumbers can substitute)

1 Mason Jar

1/3 Cup Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar

Purified Water


Rinse the cumbers and slice into thin rounds and place into the jar. Fill the base with the balsamic vinegar. Top with filtered pH positive water until the cucumbers are covered. Cover and refrigerate for 4 days before consuming.


Pickled Sweet Peppers


1 Bag Baby Red, Yellow and Orange Peppers

1 Large Mason Jar

1/3 Cup Rice Vinegar

Purified Water


Rinse the peppers (do not cut off tops) and place into the jar. Fill the base with the rice vinegar. Top with filtered pH positive water until the peppers are covered. Cover and refrigerate for 12 days before consuming.


Pickled Daikon


1 Good Sized Organic Daikon Root

1 Large Mason Jar

1/3 Cup Rice Vinegar

Purified Water


Rinse and slice the daikon into thin rounds and place into the mason jar. Fill the base with the rice vinegar. Top with filtered pH positive water until the peppers are covered. Cover and refrigerate for 12 days before consuming.


Loving You          


The body and taste buds need comfort as you transfuse through your deep emotional wounds of the past through time. You need what you need to comfort you. Sometimes it is a walk by the sea or in the forest that comforts you. Sometimes it is a glass of wine with hummus out at a fine restaurant by the dock with a lovely view that comforts you. Sometimes it is to retreat and make something delectable for you to enjoy just for you at home. Treating you to the love of Spirit through food is a blessing all of its own. As you attune to the above recipes and try them, please remember to bless the spirits that are joining you in the kitchen to prepare your meal and feel all the more loved within than before.


Loving you can come through many means other than the kitchen. There is the time for the candlelit bath. There is a time maybe for a spa treatment of a mud wrap just for you. There is the time for a journey out into nature either near or far in the holiday of you. In the comfort of you, you will grow and realize yourself into something beautiful ahead. In the comfort of you, you will give the body the food that nourishes you in light wave motion enough to renew your organs and revitalize your stamina through time.


Remember you are the divine temple for Spirit. When you are good to you in your dietary habitat, Spirit descends and nourishes you in other ways far grander than a junk food binge in front of the television. Television is another topic we wish to address. The television bombards the body with motions that sour your DNA. The television kills the body through time in light wave motion. Give the television away and foster a wonderful sound system instead to listen to your favorite airwaves that soothe and nurture the body, mind and spirit in the grand metaphysical array of music spirit produced just for star seeds.


That which does not nurture you is not good for you. Some numb themselves out to the boob tube of life. The boob tube or television is so invasive, spirit retracts the moment you turn it on. The computer can be equally distressing to spirit unless you buffer it with a wrap that your Tao gifts you due to your need to work or learn through the technology of today. Sadly, the dream for the techno gadget happy society is a murder of self. Do you know what it means to murder yourself? Self is consciousness. Loss of self occurs through murder. The television murders you to produce more infomercials and stage productions of emotional aptitude of something other than any human being would feel or live.


Life is to be lived and not fornicated away to the Hollywood and Bollywood systems of lost self of all. The media fornicates you away so that you can no longer live except in front of the boob tube of nothing. So many are addicted to the boob tube of non-compliance of self that in time they will lose their jobs as there is not enough self to dream stream. This is the problem we see ahead for those light motioning. Dream stream cannot be harvested or you will lose your job, home, bank account or business ahead. Being mindful unto how spirit directs you away from the media is more important in light wave time periods than in ascension. So, give up the television or other media that does not serve and fill yourself with you; and you will be more comforted in the times ahead.


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