Image of a gigantic oak tree with many branches. Blessings for Rotational Energy Flow and Unity Based Dream

16. Blessings for Rotational Energy Flow and Unity Based Dream


From the Oak Tree Kingdom


It is the Oak Tree Kingdom that addresses you today. Oak represents a solid wood that is useful for building one’s furniture or homes. Oak is a denser form of wood in comparison unto gum or eucalyptus, and it is for this reason that we provide a solid foundation from which one can construct one’s dwelling. Oak has watched as a consciousness the lives of humans from inside of their homes as a result. Not unlike the Spruce Trees that experience life around the family Christmas Tree, Oak experiences life also of the family from within the homes or furnishings constructed from our trunks, particularly in the West.


Evergreen and Endless Spring


Pine is also used for housing and furnishings, as well as cedar wood in many parts of the world. Although one thinks of Oak as a separate species from cedar or pine, in reality we are all a part of the same family of trees that diversified over time into different forms. We are not evergreen as the pine tree; we lost our information on creating evergreen leaves in the many falls in consciousness of our species in our life upon Earth. One of the main focuses we have along with all plant life is retrieving our evergreen knowledge. In so doing, our leaves will one day again be able to produce sugar to feed our trunk year-round rather than having to retract life and essentially hibernate in the wintertime; this will cause us to have green leaves all year round.


At another time all kingdoms were evergreen. Flowers never faded and lasted for years if not decades upon the associated bush, tree or plant. The concept of birth, death and rebirth was not a part of the evergreen reality that the plant kingdom understood inside the Great Central Sun dream. All life received enough chi and nutrients to exist seemingly forever, without aging and without death.


This is the state of being that Terra (Earth) is vying to return unto in the coming 250-year cycle. As Terra continues to ascend, the blueprints from ancient times in the Great Central Sun shall be modified to be embodied in the third dimension; and in so doing, all of life shall return to an eternal form of physical existence in which death and rebirth is no longer experienced.


It is death and rebirth that is painful to experience. Humans grieve the loss of loved ones as they pass. Nature grieves in a different manner each winter as life must be retracted out of the physical in order to survive. Although we do not experience loss or emotions or pain as humans’ experience, we still in our own way grieve the wintertime. Long ago when Asur’Ana asked the Pine Tree Kingdom of Banff and Jasper in the Canadian Rocky Mountains what they desired the most, they responded “an end to the cold and to wintertime!” Read more