Image of a gigantic oak tree with many branches. Blessings for Rotational Energy Flow and Unity Based Dream

16. Blessings for Rotational Energy Flow and Unity Based Dream


From the Oak Tree Kingdom


It is the Oak Tree Kingdom that addresses you today. Oak represents a solid wood that is useful for building one’s furniture or homes. Oak is a denser form of wood in comparison unto gum or eucalyptus, and it is for this reason that we provide a solid foundation from which one can construct one’s dwelling. Oak has watched as a consciousness the lives of humans from inside of their homes as a result. Not unlike the Spruce Trees that experience life around the family Christmas Tree, Oak experiences life also of the family from within the homes or furnishings constructed from our trunks, particularly in the West.


Evergreen and Endless Spring


Pine is also used for housing and furnishings, as well as cedar wood in many parts of the world. Although one thinks of Oak as a separate species from cedar or pine, in reality we are all a part of the same family of trees that diversified over time into different forms. We are not evergreen as the pine tree; we lost our information on creating evergreen leaves in the many falls in consciousness of our species in our life upon Earth. One of the main focuses we have along with all plant life is retrieving our evergreen knowledge. In so doing, our leaves will one day again be able to produce sugar to feed our trunk year-round rather than having to retract life and essentially hibernate in the wintertime; this will cause us to have green leaves all year round.


At another time all kingdoms were evergreen. Flowers never faded and lasted for years if not decades upon the associated bush, tree or plant. The concept of birth, death and rebirth was not a part of the evergreen reality that the plant kingdom understood inside the Great Central Sun dream. All life received enough chi and nutrients to exist seemingly forever, without aging and without death.


This is the state of being that Terra (Earth) is vying to return unto in the coming 250-year cycle. As Terra continues to ascend, the blueprints from ancient times in the Great Central Sun shall be modified to be embodied in the third dimension; and in so doing, all of life shall return to an eternal form of physical existence in which death and rebirth is no longer experienced.


It is death and rebirth that is painful to experience. Humans grieve the loss of loved ones as they pass. Nature grieves in a different manner each winter as life must be retracted out of the physical in order to survive. Although we do not experience loss or emotions or pain as humans’ experience, we still in our own way grieve the wintertime. Long ago when Asur’Ana asked the Pine Tree Kingdom of Banff and Jasper in the Canadian Rocky Mountains what they desired the most, they responded “an end to the cold and to wintertime!”


For it was not that long ago in human history that each plant kingdom recalls a time of ongoing warmth and an endless spring. Perhaps the endless spring was the result of human manipulations to Terra in which an ice shield was constructed in her atmosphere leaving her as a terrarium in nature. Regardless of how this occurred, we recall a time of greater peace and unity when all of life experienced an endless spring. It is this memory that fuels our desire to return to such a state of being again into the future, for it was much more enjoyable to experience endless spring than the heat of summer which cooks our kingdom or the cold of winter that freezes our kingdom almost unto death.


Arcturian’s Manipulations of the Ice Age


This is not the first time of freezing temperatures that the Oak Tree Kingdom recalls. There was an era of the extreme freeze that occurred due to the manipulations of Arcturian humans about 24 million years ago. Your human scientists call this the ice age. The Arcturians were not benevolent; they came to Earth with their technology and infused into her field large amounts of sulfur dioxide that apparently was a waste from their own star system. Then, they cooled Terra to a point of freezing to trap the carbon dioxide in her atmosphere.


This occurred as they dragged Earth with a tractor beam from their own space craft behind another planet so that Earth received no sun for 32 years. This is how all glaciers global wide formed beloved; they are due to human manipulations. Although the Arcturians are not from this Great Central Sun in origins but another parallel Great Central Sun, this is still human karma upon Earth.


This was the first time in the third dimension that all of life froze in a way that plants and animals had not experienced before. The deep freeze was an extremely painful experience. To the degree that each animal kingdom could, all moved into the Inner Earth where the warmth of the Aurora provided enough chi to continue to exist without perishing. Plants and trees could not move; we were left to attempt to survive the freezing temperatures that our kingdom was not prepared to face.


Most all of life died along the surface of the Earth in this time period. Those animals that could not move into the Inner Earth froze. Some scientists have discovered frozen animals of this nature near the arctic poles; however, these animals froze due to the nuclear winter of the Anu and not the ice age we are speaking of. The real ice age left nothing moving upon the outer Earth at all; all insects, animals, birds, whales, dolphins, fish, and reptiles simply froze. In the frozen tundra of Terra, nothing decayed. It took one million years to increase the temperature enough to begin the process of decay and recovery.


All trees died but spawned seeds that began to grow again in the decay of what had died during the great freeze as the temperatures rose enough. All animal kingdoms began to move to the outer Earth again as the temperatures increased enough to sustain life. It took another 400,000 years for life to be restored to the surface of Earth; however, it was not as lush and lovely as had been known prior to the Arcturian manipulations. To this day glaciers still exist hosting their toxins and karma. Little by little as Terra continues to warm in the energy of the Great Central Sun dream again, all glaciers shall melt and all that had been deposited upon Terra returned to Arcturus or transmuted in her continued global evolution.


Humanity’s Forgetfulness


Humans in their own fall from a holographic state of being at 15,000-36,000 segments of DNA to 2 segments of DNA are not unlike Terra in her fall into an ice age. Humans have fallen into a deep freeze of great forgetfulness. What will it take for humanity to begin to thaw out and remember? Remember that life is more than just the physical that one perceives all around oneself? There is great pain in thinking that life is only physical and that there is nothing around oneself other than the limitation that one perceives. Most reading these materials understand the grief of the current paradigm along with the loneliness and suffering bestowed upon one another in the lack of understanding of the truth that spirit and the nonphysical direct reality and not the physical. How long will humanity continue to suffer in their forgetfulness?


Humanity must warm up from within in order to remember. As humanity thaws out, humanity will leave behind the forgetfulness that they are in. Thawing out requires the movement of the kundalini energy flow and the embracing of missing elements that are not a part of one’s birth inheritance. As each human begins to embody all elements including air, water, fire and earth along with the inverse elements of ether, vapor, smoke and lava, humanity will begin to thaw out as there will be enough fire to allow for an internal shift within each.


An Awakening Humanity


It is the ascent to 3,000 segments in particular that reawakens the kundalini enough that humans begin to move out of forgetfulness and the long stupor that they have been in. Humans can reawaken again and remember; just as Terra could move out of a deep ice age and ascend. If this is true for Terra, this is also true for humanity at large. What waits in the times ahead is an awakening of all remaining humans to the greater purpose that they exist for; which is to evolve and ascend. Such an awakening will not occur overnight, and may take upwards of 100 years; however, the future that now awaits is one of the collective of humanity awakening to a new day of evolution Home.


Those that are ascending and who are the map makers are accomplishing the ascension “home” now rather than 100 years into the future. This is necessary as the map carvers pave the way for the rest of humanity to follow. All told there are three waves of map makers in human form. The first are the forerunners such as Asur’Ana, Per, and other Ascension teachers. Some are community map makers. Yet others are second and third wave map carvers that are to follow the map of the forerunners and those before them to widen the ascension path for humanity at large to follow.


The Tao’s Intervention


Who set up this dance of map making or map carving? The entire dream for map carving ascension is a projection due to an intervention of the Tao. The Tao broadcast a dream into this creation and upon Earth that Asur’Ana, Per along with those drawn to study with her or read her website and books caught on to. Dreams must be chosen; each who has intended to ascend has chosen a new dream made possible by the Tao for map making ascension instead of simply remaining unconscious until extinction became the end result. Although this may seem farfetched, no other creation, not one out of over 100,000 that have gone extinct in this region of domain upon the third dimension, had an opportunity to map make ascension instead.


Why is the Tao bothering to intervene in such a low vibration and dimension of seeming non-existence? Dara once called this a massive shadow reality in which there was barely any reality at all; just a shadow that was the result of the fracturing of light to such a degree that there was no light, only shadow upon shadow upon shadow of existence. One might say that the 36 parallel realities humans at 2 segments are splintered into create 36 shadows of what should be united as a whole and contiguous creation. This is indeed what Dara perceived.


The Tao intervenes as the dance of destruction in this seemingly lost and inconsequential place is causing parallel problems of extinction elsewhere within the Tao. It will only be as this experience is healed that the other related experiences of much grander and perhaps seemingly more significant order can also be rectified. It is also so that from the Tao’s point of view, regardless of how small, all parts of creation are of import. And so, the Tao extends a dream, a possibility of ascension into a place that would not ascend otherwise. Those who choose to catch this dream will create a different life for oneself than would have been the outcome of your current physical plane existence through the intent to ascend.


Changes in Ascension


Perhaps you would have died of cancer or some other ailment; now through ascension, the underlying karmic dance with others at cause of the disease will be transcended. You will leave the spouse or significant other, child or friend at cause of the harm associated with the disease and transcend. Instead of suffering and death, a life awaits of new friends, hopes and wishes, and perhaps ascending friends or an ascending beloved at that.


Perhaps you would have lived a traumatic existence nursing an ailing spouse or family member unto death due to karma. Now due to transcendence, the karma is released through forgiveness, and your brother or sister holds the karmic liability to nurse the ailing family member. This leaves one free to manifest a new life of greater joy with others that are ascending.


Ascension brings about many changes as it is intended. Most humans are devoted to duty and obligation in the Oak Tree’s observation. Humans will remain with the job that they hate and with the boss that they dislike and associates that they work with rather than changing the job into something that brings them joy; all for the security that the job seemingly brings. Humans will remain with the spouse that they don’t really love because they agreed not to part until death, but all the while sending messages of death to their cellular structure.


Living in what one dislikes day in and day out sends messages to the cellular structure to die. Perhaps now one manifests a sincere illness or physical complication due to an accident that gets one out of the job, marriage, or other obligation; but at what expense? At the loss of one’s health? Why not simply leave behind what one dislikes in the first place and before the disease or accident manifests?


Asur’Ana watched an ascending hair dresser that disliked his job do exactly this. She watched for over a year how the hairdresser desired to retire. But he did not believe he could do so due to financial obligations. So, what occurred? He manifests a surfing accident that injured the knee to such a point that he could not walk and required surgery. Now he was free of the job, but also an invalid. The surgery also did not resolve the problem and now he still walks with braces and crutches. He cannot ride his Harley around the Big Island, his favorite thing to do, due to problems with the knee. What is the point of leaving behind what makes one miserable if one creates more misery in order to do so? Why not simply intend to leave behind that which brings you joylessness and create a new life instead?




Karma is generally the reason that humans do not leave behind what makes them miserable. Through ascension, one can choose to release the karma through forgiveness instead. Many intend forgiveness, but few accomplish the task. Why is this so? Forgiveness requires opening the heart and learning to love and have compassion for those that one judges and hates along with oneself. Intending forgiveness is not enough; one must learn the spiritual lesson behind the dance in order for real forgiveness to take hold. One must learn to love what is unlovable and in so doing, forgiveness can occur absolute.


Forgiveness is an internal experience of release that is most liberating. In forgiveness, suddenly the grudges and sense of obligation that one had towards another disappears; the associated attachment to the etheric body dissolves simultaneously. Now one is not pulled upon by the other and is free to move on to new adventures that better serve one’s continued evolution. This is how and why many ascending humans will leave the spouse, family member or friendship that does not serve as the ties cause the etheric body to have too many stuck points that would lead to disease or an accident otherwise.


How does disease manifest? Over time humans create more and more attachments to the people, places, possessions and property that they own. The more friends and jobs that one has made in the given life, the greater the attachment. Those of great wealth have more attachment than any other to possessions; however parallel attachment can be made by those who have a wide circle of friends, and in particular those who have limited to great fame. The attachment to the etheric body will include each that knows of oneself, as this is how humans relate. They cord one another in the etheric in acknowledgement that each other exists.


Alas the more cords that one gathers over time, the more likely that one will rapidly age and become ill. Those of fame take chi from those that cord into them to youth themselves and may live a long time as a result. This is a pattern that the family of Anu went into to extend their lives; for they were the first attached humans that ever came to earth. These humans were from another creation in which straight lined geometry was a part of their inheritance. The straight-lined geometry connected them to one another in a manner that was not prevalent amongst the red nations humans living upon Earth as they arrived. Perhaps it would not have been problematic to Earth if they had just remained amongst each other, as the Anu only numbered 12 in total.


Attachment Interferes with Terra’s Energy Flow


It was in the decision to create and later expand the populations of their slave nations that attachment became a prevalent pattern in the human dream. The slaves were also part Anu and part Red DNA incubated in a laboratory. The straight-lined geometry that the Anu used also became a part of the slave energy flow, and the Anu used this to spin energetic pyramids of electrical energy to youth themselves. This occurred after the great floods and as the ice shields broke, placing their physical pyramids used for regeneration underwater.


The slaves also learned to attach to everything and everyone including Earth and nature. This was new to Earth who had never had large populations of any species upon her that attached into her. Where these slave humans attached en masse, Earth’s energy ceased to move or spin. Slowly such regions began to die and as the slaves bred into the billions; the more that were born the more that Terra descended in vibration as a result. The downward spiral of vibrations led to a fracturing of the slave energy flow, which ultimately caused the Anu’s regeneration scheme to begin to fail. The Anu went insane, warred upon one another and eventually created a nuclear holocaust so great that Terra entered another minor ice age.


Humans again in this era have grown to be larger populations than Terra can handle; and the large populations are again interfering with Terra’s energy flow. Humans again are cording into the land in large numbers and causing the energy to cease to flow in such regions. Some regions have never recovered from the lack of energetic spin at another time that larger cities existed upon them. This is so for many deserts global wide; they are the result of non-moving energy in the land’s history due to human cities that once resided in the region.


Move the Energy to Regenerate in Ascension


It is stuck energy of any kind that leads to death and disease. Move the energy again and one will begin to regenerate. As this is so for one’s own body, this is also for Terra’s global body. In her own ascension, Terra is beginning to move energy again that has been stuck for a very long time. This is easier to do where there are fewer humans incarnate. However, those who are ascending assist Terra in moving energy in the stuck regions of the human suburbs. Some living in the desert are discovering that in the movement of energy, now the rain begins to fall. The movement calls back the missing element of water to the land and assists in creating life again through ascension.


In order for humans to ascend, one must learn to move the energy again along the etheric body so that the attachment that one has to others dissolves and dissipates. As the energy lost in any given day through cords of attachment ceases due to dissolution, then one ascends up in vibration. The release of the cords will also create change because one cannot release the attachment in the nonphysical without changing the dance with others in the physical.


As the dance changes, one will move, create a new job, leave the spouse, leave the family and create a new life for oneself, as this is what completion of all karma causes. Ascension and forgiveness allow karma to complete that one might not have worked their way out of in an entire lifetime otherwise. The dissolution of the attachment is liberating and allows a greater level of freedom than experienced otherwise and a new life to be born that is more supportive of one’s health and vitality.


False ascension will create more attachment rather than dissolve attachment leading to change. Those prone to false ascension tend to ascend into foreign DNA such as Pleiadian DNA which creates greater attachment than freedom. The larger the attachment grows, the more likely that the body will become ill over time in such an ascension rather than regenerate into health, allowing itself an extended lifespan.


Return to Rotational Energy Flow in Ascension


This time in particular is very confusing for those intending to ascend. Some have the red nation DNA required to create another set of patterns that are non-attachment based. The red nation’s peoples did not rely upon straight line energy flow to relate; they relied upon moving energy in the formation of a Figure 8 or Triple Lotus to interconnect. In the Triple Lotus in particular, the energy runs around the body and not through allowing for greater health and vitality.


Indeed, the early red nation’s settlers upon Earth seeded by Sirius lived for thousands of years. This is from the records in your own species beloved. The energy flow that they knew did not age and deteriorate the body. This is the energy flow that is also resonant with Earth, as human populations of this nature contribute to the movement of chi upon the land rather than cause it to stick. This is also the energy flow that humans must return to through ascension to again become resonant with Terra.


Those who are ascending must intend to bring forward one’s red nation ancestors and information on rotational energy flow. As each ascends into rotational energy flow and red nation DNA, one will release the cords of attachment that bind and create the life changes necessary to one’s continued ascent. As each ascends into rotational energy flow, one will contribute to Terra in the movement of one’s own field which will assist the land upon which one resides in also ascending. As those who run straight lined geometry fade and cease to exist, there will be nothing remaining in the human species to stop global ascension. This is the dream ahead; that all with foreign DNA and energy flow shall perish and complete their karma with Terra in death; and all with rotational flow shall survive and continue to procreate and ascend.


As rotational flow becomes the dominant dream, a new era will be born amongst humanity. Rotational flow allows for greater equality and unity amongst humans. Each has a place in the flower petal dream; no dream is too much greater than any other dream within the flower petal flow; this allows each to have enough, and each to contribute their gifts and talents to the whole of the group. This is the unity-based pattern and dream that Earth is weaving for the human species to ascend into in the coming 100 years of continued global evolution.  Those who are the forerunners or map carvers can ascend into this type of dream in the now creating a new life of greater unity and peace, as well as expand the dream for the incoming ascending children.


It is the incoming children that will live to witness the era of change ahead. These children require a dream to attune to that supports their development and continued evolution. This also is the purpose of the adult ascending map makers; to create the dream and the space for the incoming ascending children to enter the world and survive in order to support the dream of the new era ahead. As 100,000 ascending children are born, there will be a major shift in the human dream. This is anticipated to occur sometime around 2028. As 250,000 ascending children are born after this time, Terra will be able to pull the parts of herself lagging in the old dream into the Great Central Sun dream. This is anticipated to occur sometime around 2035 to 2038.


And so, the Oak Trees invite those who are adults and aware of this journey of ascension to intend to ascend; and intend to pull forward red nation DNA and information; and intend to weave a unity-based flower dream that expands the globe with all others ascending like oneself. Intend that this new dream supports the ascending incoming children so that Earth and humanity alike can enter the new dream. This is the future ahead beloved; and now we must intend it so in order to make it a living breathing reality.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



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