Image of a heart among the stars. Introduction to Shaktar Relationship Studies

Section 3: Introduction to Shaktar Relationship Studies


About Shaktar Relationship Studies


For Realization of Divine Partnership


Light Synthesis

The light synthesizes

In a motion Divine

Showing us the path

Of relationship within

Fostering the Infinite

To realize Itself

Through the male and female

Vestibules of Self

In the freedom to care

In the Love of the Love

To foster a unique journey

Of partnership within


Realization of Divine Partnership     


Divine partnership is an aspiration of care of the heart. The heart of humanity has become ridged and unloving in itself. The journey of partnership is internal as well as external. Through the journey of partnership, the heart may heal and flourish again into the capacity to care. Care is an oscillation of the divine in the heart accolade of self. The heart blossoms in a life of spiritual mastery to fulfill upon the love of the love within.


The love of the love within is a surreptitious phenomenon that triggers a happenstance of the flavor of care of the heart. The flavor of care is born first within and then manifests without in the dreams of life. Dreams foster unions to teach humans how to foster care of the heart. Most are incapable of fostering care within in this time period. The journey to love is often a difficult happenstance through time. Love fosters healing from traumatic or emotional charges associated with rejection, dejection, rape or other strife associated with male and female, male and male, or female and female relationship experiences.


Partnership Fables


The purpose of the essays in the Shaktar Relationship Studies section is to foster an understanding of the fables that trigger dreams of partnership to arise in life. No partnership dream or family association or work fostering is not of a fable lore fostering in this era. All dreams are fables, much like fairy tales presented in the media unto children, and foster the incantations and dreams of the experiences of life. Each fable shift occurs in seven-year increments through time. Each fable has an incantation associated with the lore that then dreams each life experience with others through time. Partnership fables are case specific to the origins of relationship karma in the inheritances associated. Read more