Image of a gorgeous and sweet looking hummingbird. The Beating Wings of the Hummingbird

15. The Beating Wings of the Hummingbird


Blessings for Joy and Happiness


The Hummingbird Kingdom


It is the Hummingbird Kingdom that addresses you today. Similar to the Finch Kingdom, when we came forth and told Asur’Ana we wished to write something unto ascending humans, she again says “But hummingbird, you are not a little crawler as you have wings!” Yes, this is so in a sense, except that all small creatures like ourselves fall into one category in association with the management of Earth’s energy flow. Hummingbird holds the responsibility of anchoring truth upon Earth and within all kingdoms.


Joy, Happiness and Playfulness


Truth can be equated unto joy and happiness along with playfulness. It is the nature of small creatures as well as large creatures to enjoy the physical reality that they have incarnate into. This is a biological truth from the perspective of hummingbird. Asur’Ana once recognized that most creatures are relatively playful if left in their own environment and unrestricted.


She once observed the playful otters darting in and out of the seaweed along the Monterey coast of California, where she used to vacation. Asur’Ana has also witnessed the play of the birds in Hawaii as they chase each other through the palm trees in front of her lanai; or the geckos chasing each other around the courtyard of their swimming pool, leaping from fence to fence, almost as if they were playing tag with one another! In reality the geckos are marking hunting territory, but in a playful way.


The nature of the biology is playful in its original casting. One can see this in human form and in young children who run gleefully through the park, or shriek with enthusiasm and joy. Children remember the joy when perhaps their parents have long forgotten. Sometimes parents learn to play again and be in the joy with their children, and this is a lovely thing for hummingbird to bear witness too. One initiate healed her heart through the birth of her son. Over time and as he grew, she learned to play with him in a way that was joyful to her inner child. Adults best relate to children by attuning into one’s own inner child and allowing that inner child to come out and play.


No Joy or Happiness in Poverty and Lack


Play and joy lightens the load for all species upon Earth. At this time, there is a great focus upon past history of betrayal, disappointment and undermining that has occurred through other stars in your Creation in association with Earth. Sometimes there is great grief in the understanding of how Earth was set up to be the “extinct one” so that all others could continue to thrive at her expense. The grief is releasing from Earth at this time. Often humans in their own life experiences create patterns that are similar unto Earth’s own experience. Read more