Image of a gorgeous and sweet looking hummingbird. The Beating Wings of the Hummingbird

15. The Beating Wings of the Hummingbird


Blessings for Joy and Happiness


The Hummingbird Kingdom


It is the Hummingbird Kingdom that addresses you today. Similar to the Finch Kingdom, when we came forth and told Asur’Ana we wished to write something unto ascending humans, she again says “But hummingbird, you are not a little crawler as you have wings!” Yes, this is so in a sense, except that all small creatures like ourselves fall into one category in association with the management of Earth’s energy flow. Hummingbird holds the responsibility of anchoring truth upon Earth and within all kingdoms.


Joy, Happiness and Playfulness


Truth can be equated unto joy and happiness along with playfulness. It is the nature of small creatures as well as large creatures to enjoy the physical reality that they have incarnate into. This is a biological truth from the perspective of hummingbird. Asur’Ana once recognized that most creatures are relatively playful if left in their own environment and unrestricted.


She once observed the playful otters darting in and out of the seaweed along the Monterey coast of California, where she used to vacation. Asur’Ana has also witnessed the play of the birds in Hawaii as they chase each other through the palm trees in front of her lanai; or the geckos chasing each other around the courtyard of their swimming pool, leaping from fence to fence, almost as if they were playing tag with one another! In reality the geckos are marking hunting territory, but in a playful way.


The nature of the biology is playful in its original casting. One can see this in human form and in young children who run gleefully through the park, or shriek with enthusiasm and joy. Children remember the joy when perhaps their parents have long forgotten. Sometimes parents learn to play again and be in the joy with their children, and this is a lovely thing for hummingbird to bear witness too. One initiate healed her heart through the birth of her son. Over time and as he grew, she learned to play with him in a way that was joyful to her inner child. Adults best relate to children by attuning into one’s own inner child and allowing that inner child to come out and play.


No Joy or Happiness in Poverty and Lack


Play and joy lightens the load for all species upon Earth. At this time, there is a great focus upon past history of betrayal, disappointment and undermining that has occurred through other stars in your Creation in association with Earth. Sometimes there is great grief in the understanding of how Earth was set up to be the “extinct one” so that all others could continue to thrive at her expense. The grief is releasing from Earth at this time. Often humans in their own life experiences create patterns that are similar unto Earth’s own experience.


Earth has learned much from human ascension. Primarily Earth has learned in her own observation of human behavior about her own predicament. Humans take from one another and hoard excessively to a point of leaving others starving or begging in the streets. Earth in parallel manner is much like a beggar in your creation; very little is given unto Earth that she is impoverished, and in the lack, has fallen and fallen in consciousness. Now that this is understood, Earth is rectifying the circumstance by releasing the karma and balancing the scales of those who have taken from her excessively, and often without karmic justification. In so doing, there is a return of abundance that is underway at this time in association with Earth’s energy flow.


There is little joy or happiness in poverty and lack. Such experiences leave those who lack joyless, heavy hearted, and feeling uncared for and unloved. Poverty comes in many forms; one need not be homeless on the streets to feel impoverished. Most humans are impoverished due to the closed hearted nature in which humans relate. Without an open heart, there is no exchange of love between humans; this leads ultimately to a sense of lack and non-fulfillment for all humans upon Earth.


Through the lack and non-fulfillment, humans then strive to fill themselves with objects and possessions to compensate for the lack of love. Alas, objects and possessions likewise lack an open heart or ability to love, and so the possessions do not fulfill upon what one is really longing for; and if anything leads to greater attachment and a greater loss of chi, thereby contributing to the loss of love and energy that prevails in the human dance.


Opening the Heart Through Ascension


One initiate whom we shall name Lillian rapidly became aware of how few humans could love that she knew as her heart opened in her early ascent. She reveled in the experiences with her son, as there was a free flowing experience of love between their hearts. Her son loved freely up through age one and a half years, after which he shut his heart due to conflict with Lillian’s ex-partner who was sharing custody of the child. This was a very difficult experience for Lillian to witness, and there appeared to be nothing that she could do to alter it. Her son, much like anyone else in human form, would have to choose to heal his own heart at another time into the future, when he was older and better understood what had happened and why.


Why do parents do things that cause children to seal their hearts shut? Behavior flows down the family tree; parents do to their own children what was done unto themselves at the time that they closed their own hearts. And so, it goes generation after generation until someone chooses to heal the circumstance in the choice to ascend. Through ascension, one may choose to go into one’s inner family and early childhood memories and heal such experiences, opening the heart again and choosing to love in present time.


As one opens the heart in ascension, one may be disappointed to discover that few others around oneself may be able to love oneself in return. Some, much like Asur’Ana and Per, may find it easier to be around young children after the heart opens, as there at least is a little human who has not forgotten how to love. One may also discover that being out in Nature is preferable unto life in the cities and suburbs of your human world. Why is this so? Nature will respond to one’s open heart and desire to love, and love one in return in a free flowing movement of energy between one’s own heart and each kingdom. In so doing, nature will provide the love that one requires to continue to heal and ascend in this lifetime.


Nature Loves Freely


There is little to be joyful about if there is not love. It is perhaps this in and of itself that nature finds too hard to understand in the human predicament; as nature freely loves without restriction. It has not been our experience, even in hummingbird form, to be without love; there is the love of the trees that we may rest upon; there is the love of the flowers that produce nectar that nourishes our bodies; there is the love of the rain that cleanses our fields and forms; and there is the love of the sun that warms us and our eggs so that they may hatch producing the next generations of offspring. We also nurture our young until they are able to fly and fend for themselves. There is nothing inside of our experience that does not love. In this our existence is a dance of joy, and so this is so for all kingdoms, beloved.


Joyful Life Is Possible Through Ascension


What is it about human nature that leads to a joyless life expression? We see humans are imprisoned by artificial goals and focuses that lead not to joy. The work that most humans preoccupy themselves with to pay the bills and mortgages rarely brings one joy. What is the solution to this? The solution is to find a preoccupation that satisfies and fulfills rather than settling for anything less. One may also consider lessening one’s debts to find greater freedom from the requirement to remain in a profession that one is unhappy within.


Humans often remain in relationships that hold great hatred, anger, pain, hardship and non-love. How can one find joy in such a circumstance? The solution is to release the relationship, whether it be a spouse, child, friend or boss, completing upon the karma associated, learning the spiritual lessons therein, and then moving on to create a new life with more joyful relations with others.


Humans also often remain in living regions that are devoid of natural beauty and a connection unto the kingdoms or Mother Earth. Often humans remain in unhealthy places of great toxicity or even brutality without ever choosing to leave. The solution is to choose to complete with one’s region of origin and relocate unto a new region that gives one’s body greater joy and better supports one’s ascension.


Most human joylessness is self-perpetuated from hummingbird’s perspective. It is perpetuated in the belief that one cannot change the circumstance that one is in. Perhaps without ascension this would be so, and one would remain in the difficult job or relationship until the bitter end; or never leave one’s region of birth. However, through ascension one may choose to complete and end the dance, then moving on to create a new day of greater happiness, freedom and joy.


Ascension Allows One to Consciously Intend a New Dream


Hummingbird does not understand joylessness; it is outside of our experience either in the physical or nonphysical realms. Therefore, we wonder why humans remain in any circumstance that is joyless? For joyless experiences continue to send messages to the body of “I want to die” or “I am unloved” or “I am rejected”. Ultimately such ongoing non-verbal messages will make the body ill over time. Is it worth sacrificing one’s health and well-being just to perpetuate non-change? This is a difficult choice for hummingbird to understand.


There appears to be comfort in the non-change. In the non-change, one knows what to expect; one knows that one will continue to be miserable with one’s job, spouse, family or friends. In knowing what one has, it is more comfortable than the discomfort of choosing to alter the circumstance, choosing to end the relationship or find a new job or move to a new living region. Out of the comfort, humans choose to perpetuate their own misery. However, is misery really comfortable? This hummingbird ponders.


Ascending humans have another option; one may choose to alter one’s life circumstance through the completion of karma and the modification of thoughtform that leaves one believing that one must accept what one has without question, or believing one cannot change what one has. Ascension allows humans to begin to consciously intend a new dream that is of one’s own design and one’s own making through one’s own conscious freewill choice. This is the gift of ascension; as this is so for human form, this is also so for each form in nature including hummingbird.


Gradual Relinquishing of Mechanized Thoughtform in Ascension


Change is difficult when thoughtform becomes mechanical in nature. Humans and nature alike experience a highly mechanized way of being in the physical. Nature has no capacity at this time to alter behavior beyond a very limited range that it already expresses in present time. Per and Asur’Ana however are witnessing a change in behavior in some species as a reflection of the modification of their own thoughtform. In the past 2 years, Asur’Ana and Per have embodied the Language of ONE. There is no destructive thoughtform in this language.


Lately wasps have landed upon Asur’Ana’s shoulder and nuzzled in her ear many times, when in prior years they would sting her. Each time wasp had a special message, but did not have to sting to get it across. Recently, a large pheasant that Asur’Ana and Per encountered upon a walk at the Møysalen National Park upon the Hinnøya Island Norway chose to come right up to each of them, looking them in the eye, and sharing in the blessings and communion without fleeing. They stood spellbound for over an hour communing with this pheasant. Nature is responding to the love and non-violence prevalent in Per and Asur’Ana’s field, and treating them as a part of their world rather than something to be feared.


Mechanized thoughtform is fear-based and electrical in vibration. Nature does not respond well to fear; nature will mirror the fear in the electricity and attack or sting or run away. Nature does not in and of itself sit in fear, although we too have become mechanical in our behavior. Our behavior mimics human mechanized nature however, and is not the result of mechanical programming in our fields or form. Our fields have always retained a magnetic rotation. However, the fear humans sit within will cause us to react in fearful ways in human encounters.


Humanity suffers from mechanized programming that leads to mechanical behavior. Alas this also leads to non-change as machines do not change; they do the same thing day in and day out, day after day, week after week, month after month, without question. Ascension brings about the gradual relinquishing of all mechanized thoughtform.


No Presence of Soul Until Ascension to 3,000 DNA Segments


Mechanized thoughtform is known as dogma and self-perpetuation. In self-perpetuation, one can swing from one pole of the dogma to the other, but never out of the thoughtform entirely. Ascension allows for a movement up and out of the actual dogmatic self-perpetuating thoughtform into a new dance of unity. Unity based thoughtform is magnetic and non-mechanical.


Unity based thoughtform is founded upon the consciousness symbol, or the triple sphere. Soul cannot dance with mechanical fields. Why is this so? Soul is chewed up and fractured if it attempts to engage with machines or mechanized movement. Much like sticking one’s hand in the printing machine and having it mutilated, machines mutilate soul. Therefore, there can be no presence of soul in any human field until enough of the field becomes rotational or unity-based through ascension. This requires mastery of 3,000 DNA segments to accomplish in the biological ascent.


So, what nonphysical forces do humans hear in their mechanized state of being below 3000 segments if soul is not present? Ah this is difficult and may be hard for some reading this information to hear. One perceives and hears non-soul. Non-soul has learned to dance and direct human form in its mechanized state of being. However, even non-soul desires to work its way out of this predicament and into another state of being. Non-soul may be a fractured bit of soul lost from the whole; or it may be what Earth has called the false gods. In either case, such nonphysical forces are generally lost and sometimes frightened. It is difficult therefore to find the joy in such a circumstance.


Communicate with the Ancestors for Those Below 3,000 DNA Segments


It is for this reason that Earth and each kingdom therein are pressing holographic communication into the human dance. Through the return of the ancient ancestors into human form, a bridge is being constructed for communication from the Ancestors, Nature and Earth alike for all humans upon Earth. As such, there is another guiding force now available to those who have yet to master to 3,000 segments. All that is required is that one choose to attune to such guidance, and so it shall be.


Ancestors are not mutilated in the dance of a mechanized field of any human that has yet to reach 3,000 segments in one’s evolution. Why is this so? Ancestors are a part of the biological inheritance of the form; therefore, they are a biological aspect that is nonphysical, and carries the memories of those lives that one is associated with in one’s tapestry of ancestry. Call your ancient ancestors forth and ask them for support and assistance in ascension; there you will find a host of advice and information to support your choice to evolve in this lifetime. Through the ancestors, those that have yet to open to holographic communication, one can also communicate with nature and Earth, as this is our agreement with the ancestors.


Hummingbird guides each to beware of all communications from the nonphysical and assess anything that one hears, trusting nothing blindly. False gods and non-souls like to mimic ancestors and nature alike. They will wind up falsely guiding you into a non-ascension path, as such beings do not know any better and therefore can only guide one astray.


How does one know the difference between communications of the false gods and nature, Earth or real ancestors? It is all in what is communicated. The false gods will point one outward looking at the circumstances of others. Nature, Earth and one’s real ancestors will point one inward at one’s own internal state of being and internal thoughtform or karma that requires transcending in order to ascend, or in order to manifest a dream come true circumstance. The dark will always point one outward; the light will always point one inward.


The Inward Dance of Mastery


Asur’Ana and Per have worked their way through some strenuous tests in their own ascension. Mastery is an inward dance. One chooses to retrieve one’s lost soul and parts of self, to retrieve one’s power, to retrieve one’s information, to retrieve one’s lost DNA, to retrieve one’s dream weaving capacity, to retrieve one’s truth and creative self-expression, and to retrieve ultimately one’s right to ascend. As one alters the inner reality through the retrieval of all that has been lost in the many falls in one’s ancestry, one reconfigures the energy field and biology accordingly to ascend. Then as one ascends into such biology, one masters; one masters one’s own ascension, and living life from a new vantage point.


What is the new vantage point for ascending humans? The new vantage point is that the keys to life lie within; that in going inward and healing the past, whether the past is one’s difficult childhood memories or traumatic ancestral experiences, one may change the now along with the future. Past, present and future is really an illusion; alter one and all others alter accordingly.


No Limitation in Holographic Thoughtform


Now this may be very hard to comprehend in the fullness of holographic energy flow, however let us speak to what healing the past really means in a holographic sense. In holographic thoughtform, there is no past, present or future, only one time in which all possibilities exist. Possibilities are drawn to particular fields, which are living movie screens, to be experienced in the life dance due to like resonance of thoughtform. As one alters the field and thoughtform, the field receives a different dream, and then the dream changes and a new possibility is attracted and then experienced.


In no-time, past, present and future occur simultaneously. Simultaneously one can modify the past, present and future in no-time. This Per and Asur’Ana and those in the photonic dream are just beginning to understand and realize in their ascension. What this translates into is that there is no limitation in no-time; all possibilities for any future or past are present and available to attune unto. This translates into an ability to recover any lost record that might prevent future ascension, and anchor any future possibility that one might prefer. At this time, Earth, Asur’Ana and Per choose an ascending future dream and cancel all other possibilities for future physical manifestation. In so being, Earth is becoming an unstoppable force choosing to ascend. We will make it beloved.


Ecstatic Communion with Hummingbirds


Asur’Ana has had many experiences with hummingbirds, especially in her days in California and before she relocated unto Hawaii, and then Norway. In her backyard and upon an Oleander tree we would gather. Hummingbird meant joy unto Asur’Ana, and she would always look at us and smile, and then intend more joy into her life. Often, we would click and clack in our communications unto one another, and she would enjoy our sounds as well as our iridescent turquoise appearance. Asur’Ana never put out a hummingbird feeder, as the flowers in her tree were an adequate gift for our sustenance.


In Hawaii there are many small birds that are associated with the hummingbird kingdom. There is a small yellow-green bird that has not the long bill of a hummingbird, nor wings that can hover like a helicopter. Instead, these little birds hang from the hibiscus flowers sticking their beaks into the center and drinking of their nectar. Asur’Ana often sees these little birds out on her evening walks in the bushes of her apartment.


In the volcano region, there are many fern forests that host another associate of the hummingbird kingdom; a small red bird with a curved red beak that drinks of the red blossoms that bloom on the Ohio trees. These birds have a particular song that is most beautiful and Asur’Ana enjoys listening unto us on her long walks through the volcano park. Communing with our kingdom always leaves Asur’Ana in ecstasy; and sometimes she ventures to the volcano just for this experience.


Hummingbird and all of our associates are a mirror for joy, happiness and the ecstatic experience of communion. Call upon our kingdom and we will show you where you are out of balance in your life leaving you joyless. In choosing to change those things that bring one non-joy, one can mold one’s life increasingly to be founded upon happiness, love and fulfillment within.


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Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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