Image of a strong looking hippopotamus. From the Heart of the Hippopotamus

35. From the Heart of the Hippopotamus


Blessings for Sovereignty


The Hippopotamus Kingdom


We of the Hippopotamus Kingdom have much to say to ascending initiates. Why does sovereignty of truth lead to inner peace? In knowing who one is and why one is incarnate, and in forging ahead with what one knows how to do, there is inner peace. In knowing what one’s truth is and standing in it in sovereignty, one comes to a state of inner peace.


No Cycle for Evolution Home Due to Limited Dreams from the Space Between


Recent revelations from the Tao have perceived your creation as a mixed-up bag of unwanted dreams pushed into the space between by the Great Central Sun. Such dreams leave those dancing therein with a heart-felt feeling of not knowing the purpose of their existence, or why they are incarnate, or what they are supposed to do with one’s life that has meaning or truth unto it. Such confusion perplexes the human species more perhaps than nature or the whale and dolphin realms, which in their ongoing communication with the nonphysical and soul, understand their spiritual purpose even if the physical reality is very limited or painful to experience.


Hippopotamus sees that in the lack of communication from the nonphysical realms, humans find only purpose outside of self; this has led to a world devoid of spiritual foundation or meaning and focused upon the creation and consumption of goods for the purposes of the accumulation of wealth. Wealth may indeed buy one the time to pursue spirituality; as the day to day dance causes so much focus required upon work to sustain one’s “expense of living” that there is barely the time to focus upon ascension.


However, those of great wealth rarely have interest in spiritual focus; and so, spirituality becomes a non-important role in the human life and focus of your civilization, which is the exact opposite of what it should be. For spirituality or the focus upon spiritual lessons is really and truly the only reason to exist from Hippopotamus’ point of reference.


How and why did this occur? This is interesting, and something that our species wishes to speak to. The Tao is filled with creators, who much like an artist, have many choices of dream to intermingle and create the exact experience that the creator and soul of creator desires for the purposes of evolution and ascension. Much like a large palette of possibility, the creator chooses those expressions most suited to the spiritual lessons in this evolutionary cycle ahead; all others are pushed into the background where they are unused. Such background dreams lie dormant or unanimated until the creator chooses to include or add them to the template of their dream for a particular cycle. Read more