Image of a strong looking hippopotamus. From the Heart of the Hippopotamus

35. From the Heart of the Hippopotamus


Blessings for Sovereignty


The Hippopotamus Kingdom


We of the Hippopotamus Kingdom have much to say to ascending initiates. Why does sovereignty of truth lead to inner peace? In knowing who one is and why one is incarnate, and in forging ahead with what one knows how to do, there is inner peace. In knowing what one’s truth is and standing in it in sovereignty, one comes to a state of inner peace.


No Cycle for Evolution Home Due to Limited Dreams from the Space Between


Recent revelations from the Tao have perceived your creation as a mixed-up bag of unwanted dreams pushed into the space between by the Great Central Sun. Such dreams leave those dancing therein with a heart-felt feeling of not knowing the purpose of their existence, or why they are incarnate, or what they are supposed to do with one’s life that has meaning or truth unto it. Such confusion perplexes the human species more perhaps than nature or the whale and dolphin realms, which in their ongoing communication with the nonphysical and soul, understand their spiritual purpose even if the physical reality is very limited or painful to experience.


Hippopotamus sees that in the lack of communication from the nonphysical realms, humans find only purpose outside of self; this has led to a world devoid of spiritual foundation or meaning and focused upon the creation and consumption of goods for the purposes of the accumulation of wealth. Wealth may indeed buy one the time to pursue spirituality; as the day to day dance causes so much focus required upon work to sustain one’s “expense of living” that there is barely the time to focus upon ascension.


However, those of great wealth rarely have interest in spiritual focus; and so, spirituality becomes a non-important role in the human life and focus of your civilization, which is the exact opposite of what it should be. For spirituality or the focus upon spiritual lessons is really and truly the only reason to exist from Hippopotamus’ point of reference.


How and why did this occur? This is interesting, and something that our species wishes to speak to. The Tao is filled with creators, who much like an artist, have many choices of dream to intermingle and create the exact experience that the creator and soul of creator desires for the purposes of evolution and ascension. Much like a large palette of possibility, the creator chooses those expressions most suited to the spiritual lessons in this evolutionary cycle ahead; all others are pushed into the background where they are unused. Such background dreams lie dormant or unanimated until the creator chooses to include or add them to the template of their dream for a particular cycle.


Such unused portions of dreams were pushed into the space between creations. Over time, something occurred that animated the space between. Suddenly the dreams cast off by creators for non-use were filled with life; but because the dreams were not a part of a tapestry for evolutionary purpose, the dream held no seeming consequence. Furthermore, there was no cycle for evolution home, only an ongoing and self-perpetuating dance of the same, again and again, as the dreams cast off were limited in nature, only being a small part of an unused pallet of possibility within the Tao.


This is the dream that the Great Central Sun received; a left-over portion of a dream that is simple in nature as it was only a small part of what would be included in a large tapestry of events that any creator might choose to evolve and gain understanding. Within the Great Central Sun’s dream was no connection to anything outside of self, as this was not a portion of the limited piece of dream received. Furthermore, the Great Central Sun’s dream had no possibility of ascension home, as it was a self-perpetuating pattern that could only perpetuate the part of the dream associated, going around and around in circles. Therefore, Great Central Sun after Great Central Sun animated in this manner went around and around in cycles, without the possibility of going Home as this was not a part of the dream.


Energy moves in one direction or another; either energy ascends or it descends. Therefore, the Great Central Sun, having no ascending dream, descended and descended in its cycles of experience, until it had descended so far that parts of self were expelled outside of the dream, and into the space between Great Central Suns. This mimicked the cast-off parts of the unused dreams pushed into the space between of the Tao, and how they had become unknowingly animated with life; as now something holding life was pushed in the space between the Great Central Suns where life was never meant to be held.


Dreams Animated in the Space Between Lead to Pain and Suffering


Dream was never meant to be un-conducted. Generally, within the Tao there are special souls to conduct all parts of all dreams. Those dreams animated in the space between had no conductors; no creator souls to guide the dream in one direction or another. This was so for your Great Central Sun. Much like a large symphony of musicians and music without a conductor, soon the music became sour, as there was no consciousness available to try and direct the timing and harmony of the sound. As sound becomes disharmonious and sour, falls in consciousness occur; and this is exactly what occurred for form within the Great Central Sun, it fell in consciousness for lack of a conductor in the form of a soul to guide it in any other manner.


Soul comes in three forms: dragon souls which conduct creation, angel souls which weave the DNA and blueprint of form, and serpent souls that are positive and negative in conductivity that weave the positive and negative ley lines that create the etheric body, subtle bodies, light body, and chakra system of form. Without a conductor, the blueprint can become convoluted, and this leads to the experience of aging, illness, deformity, insanity and death upon the physical plane. However, long before such occur in physicality, it has also occurred in the etheric with equal pain and suffering to the nonphysical consciousness therein.


How and why the Tao allow a part of creation that had been cast off become animated is still an unknown factor, but something in the Tao’s own thoughts caused this to be so. Over time, souls also exited into the space between and began to dance with the dreams that had been animated therein. However, such souls lost most of their information having left it behind within the Tao, and remembered very little, as at best they were only a fragment of the whole of who they were before they had been cast out. Therefore, souls with little knowledge began to dance with the dreams that had become animated, and use them for strange purposes.


Now what does Hippopotamus mean by this? Within the Tao, creation has purpose and meaning, and the purpose and meaning is to evolve, grow, learn, expand and understand. Such growth occurs within the boundaries of creational law, and in creational law, one never destroys another, never harms another, never does anything abusive or unloving, as this is creational law. In the regions of domain in the space between, creational law became distorted, and souls could destroy and not be bound by the law. Such souls in the space between began to use the dreams for other purposes than they were designed; tearing and shredding the consciousness therein apart and recasting it in a manner that better pleased the souls or was more reminiscent of what they had known in the Tao.


Now how does the consciousness of form or the embodiment feel when it is shredded and torn apart and then used for something other than it was designed for? The form feels angry, violated, abused, harmed, unloved, unwanted, rejected, and hated. Over time and out of such feelings due to the shredding on the part of spirit of form, form turns upon one another and harms, abuses, hates and wars. Such an expression also leads to disease, deformity, insanity and death; as each of these patterns is associated with self-hatred.


Our creation upon Earth has been shredded and shredded and shredded over time; once we were a 24th dimensional vessel 800% larger in size and vibration. Over the course of time and with enough shredding of our elements and genetic materials, now we have sunk to a 3rd dimensional stature and into great density. The next step is extinction, except that Earth as a conscious vessel is pulling herself out of this distortion and choosing to ascend “home” instead. Souls upon the upper dimensions of your creation shred the life of those upon the lower dimension to sustain an existence that emulates what they once knew in the Tao and before they were somehow pushed out into the space between creations.


Is this right? Is this wrong? From the point of view of such souls, perhaps they are doing the best that they know given the limitation that they are in, and the limited dream within the space between that they have entered. Obviously, they know not enough to do anything else, because 8 billion creations much like Earth has been destroyed over time. Such souls and their creations upon the upper dimensions do not experience the pain and suffering that they cause upon the lower dimensions that they shred; much perhaps as one who consumes flesh does not feel the pain that the animal or fish went into as it was destroyed and made into one’s meal.


One can see how the outer and inner are related. Souls shred form upon our dimension, and we are viewed much like the cattle in the farmer’s field, future food for a later time when perhaps there is a need. As the cattle are slaughtered, little is thought about the pain that the animal might be in, because the farmer does not deem the cattle conscious. In parallel manner, the upper dimensions do not think that life upon the lower dimensions holds consciousness, and so there is nothing wrong with shredding it, as non-consciousness does not feel pain.


The problem here is great forgetfulness upon the part of such souls and farmers alike, for all dreams within the Tao regardless of dimension of life hold consciousness. It is why there is something here and present in form that can communicate with the Tao; we are aware; we are in great pain; we want the pain and suffering to end and to go home to the source from which we came. This is our intent and goal, and out of such intent, connection to the Tao has been made; and now strides are being made by the Tao to support our journey Home.


Ascend into Self-Sustaining Biology to End Consumption


Nothing was ever designed within the Tao to be consumed. The consumption that this creation has fallen into makes the Tao very sad; however, through the records we are sharing, the Tao is coming to understand the underlying cause of this particular experience, and how the Tao itself holds responsibility for how and why this came to be.


In the understanding, the Tao will alter its boundaries so that which has been pushed outside of the Tao may return; this includes the souls upon the upper dimensions that shred. However, before they too may return home, they too must become harmless in nature, as the Tao will allow nothing to enter that would harm the Tao. This is also the same with the Great Central Sun. Each species including humankind must embrace harmlessness both consciously and unconsciously in order to enter the Great Central Sun, as both the Tao and Sun abide by creational law, and creational law says that nothing can be harmed period in the dance of life.


Asur’Ana and Per have come to understand that even the consumption of vegetation is a destructive harmful act; however, it requires different biology to cease to eat, and biology that is self-sustaining. So, this has become her goal; and now it is the goal of all species upon Earth, to ascend into fully self-sustaining biology that will not require eating anything outside of self to subsist. We are on course to embody such genetics within the coming 200-year cycle of continued global ascension, and this is necessary, for nothing inside of the Great Central Sun “eats” to subsist; all is self-sustaining. Therefore, in order to be resonant with the Great Central Sun, this is where all form must ascend into in the centuries ahead.


One can see in this how far apart from creational law that Earth and humanity have gone in their dance of life; for consumption along with abuse are a standard way of living; not only in the human dance but also for nature, and in particular those species that consume flesh. Hippo sometimes consumes flesh; we have a large mouth that can swallow a small alligator; we have been known to do so, although primarily we prefer to eat grass and other vegetation. Our ascension is causing us to first move to vegetarianism in full over the coming 50-year cycle, and then on to self-sustaining biology in the coming 200-year cycle.


Taking Responsibility for Consciously Intending One’s Dream


What does Hippopotamus wish to say today to ascending humans? You have a truth. The truth of your existence is a magnificent one. In the Tao, it is human form that directs creation along with soul through conscious will and intention. Through ascension, one may move into the role of becoming the dreamer and the dream, and consciously intending one’s life manifestations. One may also collectively begin to intend the future for your species so that humanity at large may ascend into a new day of unity. This requires becoming aware of not only one’s process of ascension, but also focusing upon one’s daily intentions for self along with one’s world at large. (Please refer to Holographic Record Keepers Chapter 8 “Intending a Future of Unity and Joy” for more information.)


It is through non-consciousness that humanity failed to intend their future. In such a failure, the nonphysical realms intended for one’s ancestry the future that they would have. Sometimes one’s ancestors liked the life that the nonphysical realms intended for them; sometimes they did not, however they had no power to alter the course of the life as all of the power to intend had been moved to the nonphysical realms. In order to rectify this circumstance, one will have to intend to retrieve all power and knowledge on how to consciously intend and consciously dream weave from the nonphysical.


Over time, the nonphysical intended to strip humanity of their information, dream for life and genetic materials. Because humanity had already lost their ability to consciously intend, the nonphysical could intend this so without opposition. Why would the nonphysical choose to do such a thing? Well for one, they could use the information to build a better nonphysical reality; second, they did not feel the pain that the physical would go into as they were nonphysical and had learned to puppet form from above rather than fully infusing itself into the physical form. And so, the nonphysical took from the physical to build castles in the air, putting form into great pain.


As form went into pain, it suffered, and felt unloved and hated. Out of the internal state of feeling hated, form turned against form with its hatred, or against self, producing both the symptoms of war and disease. War and disease are symptoms of a larger problem beloved; they are symptomatic of the nonphysical abuse that has been pressed upon the physical realms.


This is what nature has to say. Nature will no longer allow the nonphysical to shred itself; nature will no longer put up with nonphysical forces in the form of soul or entity designed to harm or shred. Nature souls would turn the harm inside out allowing the soul or entity to harm itself; nature souls would turn the harm inside out upon those forms that were conduits of harm into physicality, until such form ascended out of such thoughtform through its own conscious freewill choice. Nature will further turn the harm humanity had perpetrated upon nature back onto humanity, and humans would have to ascend out of the dance or cease to exist.


Hippopotamus says unto those reading these materials, it is time to cease to allow the nonphysical to shred your creation, which is your embodiment. It is time to ascend out of this dance of mutilation and non-conscious dream weaving in which the nonphysical has all say and physicality has no say in the dream. It is time for the consciousness of form to take responsibility for one’s own dream and the collective dream of humanity and Earth. In so doing, we will exit this long period of shredding or unending falls in consciousness and vibration, and ascend Home to the Great Central Sun.


Sovereignty of Truth


Sovereignty of truth is all about becoming the conscious dream weaver. First, one must discern what dream that one wishes to make manifest by finding one’s truth in the dance of life. Next, one intends the dream by taking conscious action. Then one intends to clear the karma that would get in the way of the manifestation of one’s intended dream. Finally, one lives to experience the dream that one has woven for oneself to experience.


If one has ill health, then one will intend and weave a dream for recovery. If one is in a difficult karmic dance with one’s spouse, family or job, one will intend and weave a dream for leaving the dance, settling the karma, and creating a new circumstance of greater joy. None of this can occur without the intent to ascend; and so, first and foremost the intent to ascend should be the number one intent upon one’s list, for this shall allow movement out of ill health or any life circumstance that makes one unhappy.


Truth is a sovereign expression. No two truths are alike. Each ascending initiate has a sovereign journey up in vibration with certain life experiences that are made manifest to teach one the spiritual lessons one’s ancestry failed to learn at another time. Each journey has its own pace of change and healing. Some may stretch a relatively small segment of initiations and the associated change out an entire lifetime; yet others may leapfrog through many initiations out of the desire to take a more rapid pace in their personal ascension. It is not the pace that matters; it is the intent to evolve and go Home that is of the greatest import; it is important to self and all ancestors that one is related unto along with the Earth herself.


One also cannot skip steps. Each experience in life teaches one what one requires understanding to master the next spiritual lesson ahead. If one skips a lesson, one will not be prepared for the next lesson ahead, and then one will fail. Many initiates have tried to cheat and over time they only went into greater distortion, and then were rolled by ascension counsels as their distortion was causing a global distortion. In the rollback, then such initiates had an opportunity to learn whatever they had tried to skip over, and learn it well enough that if the intent to ascend was made daily, they have continued to ascend nonetheless.


This is also so for the dance of life; each occurrence, regardless of how difficult that each human creates is necessary. Each occurrence teaches oneself and all associated a spiritual lesson in the dance of life; each lesson is required in order to learn the next lesson ahead. Therefore, pity not any circumstance that anyone else manifests; and understand that all creations are necessary to the understanding of the spiritual lessons of one’s ancestors. And pity not yourself, for you too have manifest just what you require in order to understand, grow and evolve in your ascent, beloved.


Sovereignty teaches one to hold separate boundaries from others. Humans and nature alike have become enmeshed in energy flow due to the nuclear devastations and shredding of field by nonphysical forces. As the fields collapsed through the loss of information, one became intertwined. As one separates fully from all others in each bandwidth of vibration, one will become increasingly sovereign in one’s energy flow.




A sovereign energy flow is necessary to the ascent above 3,000 segments in particular. There is no way to spin the chakras or subtle bodies rapidly enough if there is too much attachment to ascend to Bodhisattva. Why is this so? The attachment interferes with the rotation. Therefore, one must move increasingly towards non-attachment to master this level of evolution in this lifetime. Non-attachment allows one a more neutral perspective of self and others that is free of judgment.


Why is this so? Judgment is generally related to intermixed energy flow where one is feeling what another feels about him or herself. In the intertwining, subtle bodies became confused; now one feels what others feel, and such individuals have disowned their feelings altogether, as their feelings are in your field rather than their own. As one separates from others in ascension, one retrieves all parts of self and returns all parts of others. In so doing, one will feel as one feels about all things, and allow all others to feel however they feel. One may discover that one is not in judgment after all as the separation of emotions occurs in the disentwining.


Judgment of self is self-hatred. Judgment of others is other hatred; rarely do others hate others, instead they hate themselves. As one feels the hate that another has towards themselves, then one hates or judges another. Separate and the judgment will fall away. For a long time, one initiate hated her mother; this ended as her mother’s own self-hatred was returned unto her; then this initiate could have great compassion for her mother’s own limitations. Intend to separate from the emotions of others, and one will transcend judgment and move into compassion in action as the Bodhisattva in one’s own ascent.


What does Hippopotamus wish to close with? Stand tall in your truth. You have a sovereign truth and expression as an ascending initiate. Only you will know what is the right path for your next evolutionary leap. Only you will know when to leave the job, the family, the spouse, or the region that one lives to support your continued ascent. Regardless of how others may feel about it, follow your truth beloved. In so doing, you will find your way in time to sovereignty and compassion in action.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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