Image of a field of lavender flowers. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #2

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #2


The Fable of the Magician


The Force of Magic


The Magician


The Magician

The lore of magician

Is a gift of creation

That desires to sustain

The beauty of the dream

In the eloquence of the sublime

In order to cause

A design

That blesses the self

And anoints spirit

In a motion

Of life


Parables of the Tarot


The tarot is an ancient arcana of fable that anoints the field in a particular dream that sustains the existence through time. Parables are fables incanted at birth for a particular purpose amongst those upon the path of awakening and realization. Parables are not to be confused with other life theories of self. Life theories are rhetorical and occur in sequences of one hundred and forty for incarnation spells that augment the journey from birth unto death of each life. Prose ckantor of dragon dream accolades of self inaugurate the incantations prior to birth. The spells associated anoint the field at conception to cause the life to unfold in the dreams yet untold.


Dreams anointed are case specific to many forces desiring to experience the life for the understanding of self. Self oscillates a motion that anoints the dream of the life at special times of inauguration. Inauguration of self occurs in seven-year lore cycles from birth to death. Each lore cycle has its own incantations to foster the dreams for the experience of self. Self has special incantations for those who realize consciously.


Conscious realization is a case specific accolade of achievement when fostered. Realization of self is a sacred act of a spiritual foray of dream. Many may feel that dreams can be forecast or altered through life. The incantations of each are oscillated in a motion for fulfillment of purpose and are not suppositioned to alter unless forgiveness unfolds at each level of mastery. If forgiveness unfolds life, happenstance may oscillate in a new direction of the divine to sublime.  Read more