Image of a field of lavender flowers. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #2

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #2


The Fable of the Magician


The Force of Magic


The Magician


The Magician

The lore of magician

Is a gift of creation

That desires to sustain

The beauty of the dream

In the eloquence of the sublime

In order to cause

A design

That blesses the self

And anoints spirit

In a motion

Of life


Parables of the Tarot


The tarot is an ancient arcana of fable that anoints the field in a particular dream that sustains the existence through time. Parables are fables incanted at birth for a particular purpose amongst those upon the path of awakening and realization. Parables are not to be confused with other life theories of self. Life theories are rhetorical and occur in sequences of one hundred and forty for incarnation spells that augment the journey from birth unto death of each life. Prose ckantor of dragon dream accolades of self inaugurate the incantations prior to birth. The spells associated anoint the field at conception to cause the life to unfold in the dreams yet untold.


Dreams anointed are case specific to many forces desiring to experience the life for the understanding of self. Self oscillates a motion that anoints the dream of the life at special times of inauguration. Inauguration of self occurs in seven-year lore cycles from birth to death. Each lore cycle has its own incantations to foster the dreams for the experience of self. Self has special incantations for those who realize consciously.


Conscious realization is a case specific accolade of achievement when fostered. Realization of self is a sacred act of a spiritual foray of dream. Many may feel that dreams can be forecast or altered through life. The incantations of each are oscillated in a motion for fulfillment of purpose and are not suppositioned to alter unless forgiveness unfolds at each level of mastery. If forgiveness unfolds life, happenstance may oscillate in a new direction of the divine to sublime. 


Those realizing in this era are suited to many special purposes of life. Each life fosters an arcana or two of purpose for the sake of conscious understanding of the spiritual initiation process of realization. Spiritual initiations are a special moment or rapid motion of field that anoints a transfigurative action that fulfills upon the goal of each incantation of realization purposes. Realization is a lifelong process amongst those persevering upon the spiritual path. The spiritual path is an oscillation of the divine in the momentum of truth. Truth is a synonym for realization of what is so within for each upon the path. Truth of the divine is an understanding of the requirement to forgive and foster love within in each moment through time.


The Tale of the Magician        


The magician is an adroit equation of happenstance of life to be lived to the fullest possible within and without. Fullness of life can be equated to happenstance of joy and merriment to those of deep gratitude for life. Fullness can also be equated to a forensics motion and notion of non-strife and love. Love is the foundation of the magician in his or her potions and quotients for life. The quotient for life is for merriment and not strife. Death equates to strife. Merriment equates to life. The magician procures life for self and for each in the dance of dreaming the existence.


The Lore of Merriment


The beloved of the beloveds arrives at a tantric retreat of a group foray of dream. She is sublime in her decorum of self. Her statute is one of beauty and joy with an aptitude for merriment to unfold. Her name is Fawne and her mane flows in curls to her ankles. Many men attempt to woo her for a beloved of naught. She is uninterested as the merriment is of the ckantor of the town idiot. The idiot may be seductive and may be sweet and may appear merry. Fawne knows from her fluctuations of union that the happenstance of the idiot only leads to a disaster within. Her joy fades and the idiot elates in the merriment of herself. Many a sad fable has concluded over time with the one of the local idiot chasing her into a union of the non-sublime.


Fawne happenstances upon a new potential partner known as Yuvan. Yuvan is a delicious flavor of masculine beauty and poise with a lovely stance on life. He forests a lovely ckantor of joy and the sublime motion of truth of a union of the two. Fawne is unsure at first as often the town idiot poises himself in striations of self not un-administered as Yuvan. She spends a beautiful time in the solitude of the woods where the breeze enchants a moment of a spell of the sublime. She is drawn to Yuvan in the night on a moonlit walk of enchantment. The two romance into the eve and into the morn upon which each departs in a nuance of love.


Fawne feels Yuvan within frequently but is unclear. Many a happenstance of burden has been experienced through time in her many years of seeking the lore of the two. Yuvan could be the one but maybe is not, and so the questions within have often flowed in her experience of a tantric motion of delight. Yuvan persuades Fawne to adventure to another region far away for another meaningful experience with himself. Fawne chooses for the union and transports herself to a hillside and valley of sweet grass and flowers. The birds and bees are in motion. The wind gently caresses the petals of the flowers. Yuvan is not quite expecting her in this moment within himself as he soaks in the sun in the delight of his nakedness.


Fawne dreams of the union long before the event unfolds. She appears unto Yuvan in the valley of the beloved of himself. Within the valley, Yuvan reunions with himself in a dance of the delight of the beloved within. Fawne is embraced and caressed in her dreaming of Yuvan and forensics a motion and notion of a long lost love of himself. Yuvan yearns for Fawne in his dreaming of himself. He motions her forward to adventure with him soon. The two anoint a retreat to a kingdom between the two. The local inn is lovely and the proprietor a joyful merry maiden of an established family affair. The two are given the most fastidious suite, a room with a view of the local countryside and a boudoir of delight.


The two wine and dine by candlelight and woo one another into the moonlit night. Yuvan is inspired by Fawne in her beautiful flair of self. She expresses herself in superlative notions that are adroit and sensitive to his intimate needs. Yuvan blossoms by the end of the adventure and feels the sensation of the magic of herself. The magic is not one he is familiar with although he has had many flavors of self in his beloveds over time. The sensitive notion of care pallor’s his prior experiences of love and the magic woos him into a space of content and fulfillment within. Her essence continues to caress his loins long after the interlude concludes.


He reminisces recurrently over each beautiful moment with Fawne in the weeks that follow. Fawne fails to reminisce over the experience with Yuvan and instead forays for a dream for someone else. Yuvan is not the delight of her heart or life. Although kind in his tantric presence, he fails to cause her to flow into the sensual flavor she is seeking within. Only one, the love of her life, will cause this, she thinks. Yuvan forays for another boudoir flavor of self and Fawne postpones the experience for a future time ahead. He is disappointed at her busy schedule but is willing to wait. He adorns her with deliveries of flowers and other treats in an attempt to win her heart.


Fawne is devilish in her expression of self. She flows to an engagement of the Prince and Princess of the region. A bellman anoints her with the sustenance to be the flavor of the party. She is precious in her adornment and seductive in her cleavage in the ball gown of her choice. Men foster her in circles upon circles. Each man caresses her persona with delight and forays for a midnight flavor of the intimate nature only possible in her delight. She woos three to begin with and then another four and then by the end of the ball, each desires to follow her home. She chooses only one who appears much like Yuvan in flavor of self.


Drisdard is the ckantor of the beloved in his hypothesis of self. He is not a beloved of permanence of marital status of self, but an adroit equation of the experience of the heart. Fawne is not unclear about his stature of marriage having had procured another beloved of his nature once through time. She dances into the night in the full moon of himself, blossoming in her heart and wooing Drisdard into another encounter of the night. Drisdard is enchanted but has had many a heart over time. He longs for solitude and a spiritual retreat within himself. He postpones the intimate encounter for another time ahead proclaiming himself in need of a dream of his own.


Fawne is not surprised and chooses to adventure again to witness Yuvan in his inspiring systems of self. The two holidays in a mountainous retreat with ice covered terrain anointed with the sublime of the two. The wind rustles through the pines and woos the two into a forensic motion of deep care. Fawne gently unfolds within. Yuvan flowers and the two dances in the divine accolade of the merriment of the beloved of the beloved within. The moon is full and the stars twinkle in the night time sky. Fawne is sensual and beautiful as the breeze caresses her face and hair. Yuvan is a warrior of himself to be present for her to unfold within.


Fawne departs and feels something new in her encounter for Yuvan. He is her prince she thinks. She reminisces over the encounter in the week to follow recalling the pristine moments of romantic interludes of self. She recalls the blossoming of her heart in longing for the beloved divine. She feels inspired at Yuvan’s capacity to intuit her needs and provide for herself. He is sensitive and nurturing within in her flavor of self. Fawne longs for another dawning of the tides of romance but does not voice her objective. She forays for a dream of the two to be fostered again but is unclear that it will ever unfold again.


Yuvan is not as certain of Fawne as she has discovered and following their second encounter. He feels the warrior side of himself emerging as a protector of someone he feels is adroit and knows how to care for herself. He is tired of playing the role of protector for many a beloved of himself. Fawne appears competent in one moment and filled with merriment that abounds; and sensitive, emotive and unclear the following and in need of nurturing. Yuvan is not sure about another interlude of this flavor. He fosters another union instead marrying in the winter to follow with someone more to his delight. Fawne is heartbroken at the loss of a potential beloved she forensics a motion of care and love unto who has rejected herself. She recovers and carries on in her life.


Fawne is the talented teacher of the sublime accolades of achievement of tantric delight. She is magical in her work and many flows to her over time to understand, open the heart and find the beloved of their truth. She chooses to draw unto herself the one of the one for her through her tantric boudoir of self that is inspired at an event of tantric delight. Yuvan and his new beloved attend this event Fawne is fostering. He is surprised to discover Fawne is the teacher he is seeking to cause his own union to be more beloved unto him. Fawne hosts a pen name and personal name and he was unaware of her gifts and talents in life. Now he is unclear about his motives and choices in the dream of the two that he chose.


Fawne chooses not to acknowledge that she knows Yuvan at all. She blesses the pair anointing each with a dream of union as they approach her in the ceremony of the day. She is not surprised having had other lovers arrive with new mistresses and sometimes unknowing of her prestige or stature of self. She is unclear Yuvan did or did not know of her priesthood in the divine accolades of self of the two. She utilizes her magic to erase the memories of her boudoir expression with Yuvan so that she is comfortable in his presence. Yuvan is wed to his new beloved but shares not of this happenstance. The bride does share however, and Fawne offers her a small gift as a wedded bliss kiss of self.


Yuvan and his bride woo one another long into the night in the boudoir dream time of Fawne. Yuvan is elated but soon the sensations of love disappear. The gathering concludes and he departs knowing that he missed out on the love of a lifetime with deep spiritual understanding of the forensics of the two. Fawne is not enchanted with his union perceiving the loss of his heart unto her. She knows she must return his heart in a forensic motion lest he perish of a broken self. She dawdles within at the need to restore his heart for her own sake. She fosters a union within in his care and in the need of a union of her own within.


Fawne is a magician of deep accolades of superlative understanding. She has witnessed countless beloveds come and go much akin to Yuvan who fails to understand the beauty of herself. She chooses not to retain his heart as this would not allow her another opportunity to meet the one for her. Yuvan and his beloved conceive and a beautiful child is born. Fawne is invited to bless the new child in the love of the two. She adventures to a temple nearby and fosters the union of the three in a forensics motion of care. The three wanders off happy ever after. Fawne lives a life of a single patronage of the two and three and never is quite capable of causing the beloved with another in life; until later and has the beloved of herself emerges within.


Fawne adventures to a guru of her spawning of the notion of a priestess of the two. Talfryn is old but aware and very caring of her in the role she has forested in life as a priestess of his own. Talfryn is beautiful in spite of his aged years. His shoulders are broad and his hair silver against the moonlit skies. He takes Fawne in as his long lost beloved through time. She has had enough beloveds not for her and now can be with him in peace. The two wed and foster the most enchanted moment of all for each to behold. The two rides off in a chariot to a honeymoon of delight of the two. They forensics a blessing unto each that has crossed their path in life. Those receiving the blessing foster a merry day or two in celebration of the union of the beloved priest and priestess of their hearts.


The Stanza of Family


The one of the one concept eluded Damir. Damir had studied with many a spiritual teacher over time. The one of the one is to be a state of internal bliss and communion with all that is. He longs to experience the fostering of his own union divine. Reinette is a beautiful tall red head, much taller than himself. Her long legs inspire his loins and himself into inviting her to a workshop of his own desire. The two adventured to a relationship workshop flourished in tantric understanding of the two. The teachers are divine and appear in love, caressing the group in the divine accolades of their own achievement of union. Damir and Reinette rapidly unite together as beloveds of the two inspired by the teachers that they now know as counselors of themselves.


Damir and Reinette struggle in the union as the initial romance departs. The two each become increasingly unclear as to the purpose of their relationship as they are different in so many accolades of self. The teachers provide counseling and invite the two to another workshop to determine the fate of union lore of self. The two adventure to a fairy tale castle location only to discover the truth; they are desperately mismatched within. Fortunately for Damir, another more suited is present in parallel predicament. The two are matched in a forensics motion of delight. Soon Lyllith and Damir take a long walk along the beach to discuss their personal choices of interest and in mesmerizing delight of one another.


Reinette also uncovers someone to caress her beautiful bosom of self in the unfolding event. Eamon is an adroit businessman seeking a matrimonial delight and child of the night. The two romance thereafter for many months and soon a wedding invitation appears for the two in Damir’s mailbox of self. Damir’s own romance has yet to fade and he and his beloved attend the wedding offering gifts of praise of their sublime union. The teachers of the tantric foray are the ministers anointing the two into wedded bliss. Lyllith catches the bouquet tossed directly at her and anticipates a proposal of her own in the year ahead and from Damir.


Damir is unclear about Lyllith. The wedding of Reinette was nice but he cannot witness himself in Eamon’s shoes. His own stance of union is to find a beloved of the heart for a time and then move on. The bouquet dies in the night and Lyllith soon recognizes that Damir is not the marital kind. Lyllith is a gifted accountant and sales person of an advertising agency. Damir is a contractor of adroit homes in another region. The two carry on in the weekend romance twice per month for a year before Lyllith corners Damir about her desire to be wed. She has just received an announcement that Eamon and Reinette have conceived their first child.


The desire for a child causes Lyllith to proclaim that Damir has one more year and she will move on without a commitment towards marriage and family. The two continue to romance on weekends and Damir is still unclear about his future as the year comes and goes. Lyllith is frightened to confront Damir about their future and chooses to await her birthday in March. The birthday comes and goes and Lyllith fails to say anything. Damir chooses also to cease to speak of any future at all for the two and forensics for a new union through an adroit dating service. Lyllith is unaware that he is choosing to date others and is disappointed when a new partnership emerges for Damir.


In a broken-hearted stance, Lyllith appeals to the partnership teachers for counseling and advice. They invite her to a beautiful reunion of others that have studied of their approach to union. Lyllith flows to the event enchanted by the notion that maybe there will be the man of her dreams awaiting. An older patron of the group is present and takes her under his wing. Hakon has much knowledge about partnership having been wed twice and in the fostering of two children now raised. He discovers Lyllith to be delicate and enticing to his desires within. He woos her in an inspiring moment when her heart is deeply in need of care due to the loss of Damir.


Lylllith is unsure about Hakon’s age. His uncanny wit and understanding of life mesmerizes her nonetheless. The two date sporadically. Hakon proposes with a diamond of rather large stature claiming he is happy to foster another child. He feels his wisdom as a spouse and parent will only bless her and he hopes she will accept unconditionally in the love of his heart. Lyllith is unsure and fosters the counseling of her beloved teachers. They advise her to go within as each union is unique. They have each known Hakon a long time. They know him to be a beautiful human seeking a sincere beloved of the heart accolade of self.


Lyllith chooses for the marriage unto Hakon. The two are wed upon a beautiful cruiseline with their beloved teachers acting as ministers. The bouquet is not caught but instead is thrown overboard. The two romance in adventures in the Caribbean for over a month. Lyllith conceives and chooses not to go back to work. Hakon is blessed with a pregnant wife and is more or less retired acting as a consultant to his business of choice. He is thrilled with his new life and a future as a father of delight. The child is born a bold baby boy not unlike himself. The child is named Hakon II in honor of the father. The baptism of the child is attended by Damir, Eamon and Reinette. Reinette is now pregnant with her second child. Their first daughter is a rosy girl age two that charms the guests. Damir is alone and not dating anyone now.


Damir meets a friend of Hakon who is a beautiful female of somewhat young and inexperienced stature of union. Hakon is concerned about young Idabelle as Damir is not one to wed and often uses others for sexual and sensual flavor without care. Idabelle gives her heart to Damir who chooses after all to wed. He seeks the counseling of the spiritual teachers due to the age difference of twenty years. Hakon blesses Idabelle for a union of bliss. The teachers are unclear that the marriage will work beyond the first few years as Idabelle really is not ready to be wed in their own analysis. Damir is not convinced that this is so and perseveres in the vows of marriage.


An engagement is announced at an event costing a small bundle to foster. The chandeliers twinkle and the flowers scent the room. A beautiful buffet of the delights of sensual flavor of the pallet of self are offered unto the guests. Damir announces the joys of his engagement and introduces his beloved unto the world. He is glamorized in her beauty and youth which beguiles many a male guest.


Lyllith attends and is not disappointed as she peruses the pair. Her union to Hakon is sublime. Her beautiful baby boy attends and smiles at the groom and bride to be. The two are engaged for two years with Idabelle stalling in determining a date to wed. Damir presses her to commit only to find that she chooses to annul the engagement. The ring is not returned and is pawned for a small fortune to take her to Hawaii in a needed vacation from Damir. The two part unceremoniously to follow.


Damir is sad at his happenstance of his lost heart and at the embarrassment of his friendships and business associates. The counselors speak their truth in another session. They feel he chose someone too young to understand the purpose of union for the delight to his eyes and loins and not sincerely of his heart. Damir takes time to introspect going deep inward within himself. He chooses not to wed ever understanding this is not the sincere truth of himself. He fosters three lovers over the years and is happier in a part time partnership than in a full time martial happenstance of self. He becomes the beloved adopted uncle to three beautiful children of his two wedded friends and vicariously enjoys vacations with each family, experiencing the issues of parenting through their own.


The two families often vacation together in wintertime enjoying the snow and the flair of skiing. In the summertime the two groups often meet in parklands and campgrounds, planning their holidays long before the journey begins. The two families foster the sublime experience of families of care in an extended resource of the many. Sometimes Damir accompanies the group but over time fails to flow and is left behind to a life of his own. The group carries on fostering the marriage of their young ones as they mature; and the experience of grandparents of the many as they are fostered in older age. The love of the family is sublime and encourages the group for a long time.


Suddenly Hakon experiences a sad fate of a heart attack. He falls to the floor and is announced dead as the ambulance attendees inspect his happenstance of plight. Lyllith is grievous in stature knowing that Hakon will never greet his third grandchild soon to be born. The extended family mourns the loss of their lifelong friend at a special ceremony invoked by the ministers of their wedded state. A beautiful sermon is fostered in which life beyond the grave is acknowledged as a continued path of realization of love fostered through time. Lyllith dreams of Hakon in the eve to follow and acknowledges that within her heart he remains forever within herself. She is not alone and can carry on after all.


Analysis: The Tale of the Magician   


The magician is a hypothesis of a forensics of the happenstance of merriment and joy. The magician procures the dreams of the heart through the struggle and strife to find the way unto the truth of the occasion of self. Truth is a motion that accolades the sincerity of notion of the two in the divine precepts of self. Divine precepts are an anointed happenstance of deep love of the one of the one within. Love of the one is an achievement of realization of self in partnership of the two as the magician chooses for marriage. Children of the magician happenstance upon the divinity of the trio or quad of self in a notion of the sublime family life of non-strife through time.


The magician is an adroit equation of dream that fosters the love of the love within expressed and experienced without. Experience of love without fosters union that is divine and family that is in tantric fusion of self. Tantric fusion is a notion that two or many can experience the happenstance of deep harmony and synergy of self. Synergy of self leads to sublime dreams that can be expressed through time in human happenstance. Synergy is a motion that is mastered through the self of the self within as it accolades its achievements of the heart. The love of the divine is the foundation of the magician in each sublime action through time.


The magician weaves a dream including a cast of characters to understand and master within through life circumstance of the non-divine. The non-divine teaches the magician to understand the superlative nature of the divine until life choices are made that foster divinity within and without and in each expression through time. The magician is not the fool but is precarious in its notion of sanctimonious union of the divine between the two. If married, the magician chooses only for a partnership of the sublime. If unmarried, the magician honors the love of the two in each that dances in the dream.


For those who are the magician arcana in life, magical moments will blossom with two or the many as a natural stance within. The magic of the magician may foray for a position as a leader of spiritual dreams of a group; or create teachings of the divine aspirations of spirit. Many life happenstances may unfold for the magician arcana nature. Those persevering in the mastery of spiritual accolades of self will achieve the outcome of joy and a happenstance of union of the divine as the magic unfolds in life as the one of the magician arcana of self.


In the truth of the love within,




The Magician


The Magician

The lore of magician

Is a gift of creation

That desires to sustain

The beauty of the dream

In the eloquence of the sublime

In order to cause

A design

That blesses the self

And anoints spirit

In a motion

Of life


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