Image of multicolored flowers growing around a tree trunk. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #9

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #9


The Fable of Justice


The Force of the Law of Love


The Law of Love



The truth of the law of justice

Is the one who fosters

The unique aptitude of love

In a dream of realization

Of the Tao

In the beauty of the Dao

In a love bonnet of the divine

In which the tides of fate

Align spirit into matter

And each is cared for

Through time


The Parable of the Tarot


The justice tale is one of bringing to fruition the law of the land. The law of the land is a sanctimonious system of truth that fosters non-destruction and love for each and the whole. Love of the whole is a forensics alignment which fosters tribal instincts to take flight amongst each. Tribal instincts foster a wheel of possibility of each in ohana lore that fosters or care of the heart through time.


Tribes pull together to survive difficult physical terrain of happenstance of strife or war bonnet of self issues through time. The war bonnet of self is an oscillation that fosters one tribe to war against another for their needs of sustenance. War is not a spiritual law happenstance of fate. War is against spiritual law and the lore of justice attempts to foster non-war in eras of potential war upon Earth. In non-war happenstance, the justice tale fosters care of the heart in the region, ending hypocrisy of the extremes of greed and starvation.


War is always a result of lack of sustainable resources within a particular tribe or nation that chooses to defecate and deface another for their own sustainability. War is a more common happenstance today than in other eras upon Earth. The war bonnet is on high due to middle eastern strife of fate of life in lack. Those choosing to defile and deface are also lacking within to foster dreams of enough. The lack is so great in this era due to a loss of consciousness of the human kingdom. The human kingdom is again falling due to biochemical deficiencies and toxic overload. Heavy metals in the cortex of the mind foster those who desire to war in life. War can also be defined as arguments to violations of all kinds including murder. Read more