Image of the awesome sparkling turquoise mineral. Blessings for Absolute Compassion and Turquoise Ray of Terra's Love

9. Blessings for Absolute Compassion and Turquoise Ray of Terra’s Love


From the Turquoise Mineral Kingdom


It is the Turquoise Mineral Kingdom that writes to you today. Turquoise has had a resurgence of popularity in recent years. Why is this so? The resurgence of popularity has to do with the need for the human species to begin to commune, relate unto and work with Mother Earth and all of her kingdoms again. Those who are ascending even if unconsciously feel this calling and this has fostered a movement towards the popularity of our kingdom again. It is indeed true that through our kingdom you can begin to interconnect with nature and the natural world dream again, and this can bring great peace and hope to those who are destined to evolve at this time of seeming human turmoil and confusion. We say seeming confusion as in reality all is as it should be and is only the way it can be given the karma at play within the human dream.


Turquoise is one of four minerals that holds the blue-green tone of compassion and Terra’s Love in the Language of Light. The three others include Aventurine which is related to the Compassion tone; Chrysocolla which is related to the Peace tone; Lorimar which is related to the tone of Purpose; and Turquoise itself which is related to Worlds Upon the Land, or in other terms, Mother Earth’s consciousness.


The Import of the Turquoise Ray


The Turquoise Ray is an important ray as it creates peace, compassion and acceptance in the dance of the natural world. The natural world dream is a dream that has always existed upon Terra. The human dream has not always existed upon Terra, and in particular in the current form that the dream exists within. Terra’s dream has always been at peace with itself; and so, this is also the same for the natural world and all kingdoms that resides within it, including the plant, animal and mineral kingdom. The natural world dream does not judge; it is for this reason that one may receive very impartial, non-judgmental and compassionate guidance in attuning to the nature kingdoms. We do not judge as we sit in compassion of all of life, including the dance that humans exist within.


Apart from your judgment and shame, we can share with you what we perceive from a more expanded viewpoint. Asur’Ana in particular found our guidance so useful that she shared her personal information that was offered for her alone in the many articles from nature that she has published in her books and upon her website, Aligning With Earth. She found our guidance so useful and hope that those who read what is shared also find it helpful. Nature agreed unto the sharing of this information to trigger a larger understanding of creational law through the Language of Light concepts offered within the books published. (Please see Holographic Record Keepers, Dancing with Trees and Plants, and Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms for the earlier books Asur’Ana published as shared by Nature in her personal ascent.)


The whole point however of publishing the channeled or translated information from nature is for those reading to open to their own communion and communications with nature. For it is not only Asur’Ana that can communicate with us, but anyone who has learned the Language of Light in their ascension to date can also communicate with nature. All that is required is the learning of the first 10 notes upon the scale and the capacity to spin the symbols and tones within one’s chakra system and subtle body system, and one will be able to therefore communicate with the natural world again. Read more