Image of the awesome sparkling turquoise mineral. Blessings for Absolute Compassion and Turquoise Ray of Terra's Love

9. Blessings for Absolute Compassion and Turquoise Ray of Terra’s Love


From the Turquoise Mineral Kingdom


It is the Turquoise Mineral Kingdom that writes to you today. Turquoise has had a resurgence of popularity in recent years. Why is this so? The resurgence of popularity has to do with the need for the human species to begin to commune, relate unto and work with Mother Earth and all of her kingdoms again. Those who are ascending even if unconsciously feel this calling and this has fostered a movement towards the popularity of our kingdom again. It is indeed true that through our kingdom you can begin to interconnect with nature and the natural world dream again, and this can bring great peace and hope to those who are destined to evolve at this time of seeming human turmoil and confusion. We say seeming confusion as in reality all is as it should be and is only the way it can be given the karma at play within the human dream.


Turquoise is one of four minerals that holds the blue-green tone of compassion and Terra’s Love in the Language of Light. The three others include Aventurine which is related to the Compassion tone; Chrysocolla which is related to the Peace tone; Lorimar which is related to the tone of Purpose; and Turquoise itself which is related to Worlds Upon the Land, or in other terms, Mother Earth’s consciousness.


The Import of the Turquoise Ray


The Turquoise Ray is an important ray as it creates peace, compassion and acceptance in the dance of the natural world. The natural world dream is a dream that has always existed upon Terra. The human dream has not always existed upon Terra, and in particular in the current form that the dream exists within. Terra’s dream has always been at peace with itself; and so, this is also the same for the natural world and all kingdoms that resides within it, including the plant, animal and mineral kingdom. The natural world dream does not judge; it is for this reason that one may receive very impartial, non-judgmental and compassionate guidance in attuning to the nature kingdoms. We do not judge as we sit in compassion of all of life, including the dance that humans exist within.


Apart from your judgment and shame, we can share with you what we perceive from a more expanded viewpoint. Asur’Ana in particular found our guidance so useful that she shared her personal information that was offered for her alone in the many articles from nature that she has published in her books and upon her website, Aligning With Earth. She found our guidance so useful and hope that those who read what is shared also find it helpful. Nature agreed unto the sharing of this information to trigger a larger understanding of creational law through the Language of Light concepts offered within the books published. (Please see Holographic Record Keepers, Dancing with Trees and Plants, and Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms for the earlier books Asur’Ana published as shared by Nature in her personal ascent.)


The whole point however of publishing the channeled or translated information from nature is for those reading to open to their own communion and communications with nature. For it is not only Asur’Ana that can communicate with us, but anyone who has learned the Language of Light in their ascension to date can also communicate with nature. All that is required is the learning of the first 10 notes upon the scale and the capacity to spin the symbols and tones within one’s chakra system and subtle body system, and one will be able to therefore communicate with the natural world again.


The Language of Light is designed to open those who embody its special tones of creation to holographic wisdom. Holographic wisdom is the wisdom that is innate and within one’s DNA, ancestral experiences as well as held within the natural world. There is no separation between wisdom gained from human experiences upon Earth or the experiences of nature upon Earth; all wisdom is held within the holographic archives for all to share and draw upon at this time of evolution Home. All that is required to dip into this knowledge is to open to holographic knowing.


How does one open to holographic knowing? Well this requires the opening of the heart, pelvic and crown lotus energy movement through mastery of about 3,000 segments of DNA in one’s biological ascent. The opening of the heart is important as it is through love and the tones of compassion and unity that holographic information begins to flow.


Holographic information is an emotional based thoughtform. Therefore, the emotional body must be reconstructed enough in the ascent for one to feel; and the heart must be open enough to allow the vibrations of love to flow in order for the holographic archives to open. As the holographic archives open, one will suddenly “know” or “understand” the deeper spiritual lessons of one’s life experience or the world mirror of current traumatic events in the human dream. (Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 4 “Blessings for Opening the Heart” for more information.)


The Current World Mirror


What are the deeper spiritual lessons of the current world mirror? The Turquoise Mineral Kingdom would like to comment upon the current world mirror. What are the lessons playing out at this time in the world mirror that each reading this book can intend to release the karma associated within one’s tapestry of ancestry? Let us intend together to release the karma so that a new era of hope and compassion can be born ahead for the human species.


There is vast turmoil in the Middle East at this time in the form of civil war in Syria and conflict between Palestine and Israel. The karma for this strife is the manner in which Innana and Merduk raged war upon one another at the time that they were alive. Both Innana and Merduk raised slaves bred specifically for war. Merduk incubated slaves that were viler than any others as they were programmed to destroy outwardly and did not feel. These warfare slaves were happy to die in what is known as suicide attacks today. Those stepping out in the world mirror and creating suicidal missions of any kind including the experience of 9-11 or the bombings and attacks in London are only reliving the karma and dream from the warfare of the Anu that concluded in a nuclear annihilation 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years).


The terrorist slaves were bred with only 1,024 segments of DNA and a reactionary nervous system designed to respond outwardly by attacking others. All humans with this genealogy as a dominant set of lineages create terrorists all over Earth in all forms that are expressed today. Most will associate terrorists with those who attack others as is occurring in Syria or Israel and Palestine today; or as those who participate in torture such as in the Guatanamo Bay prison circumstance. In reality, terrorist genealogy is all around oneself and there are those that you know in present time and in your circle of this nature.


Often those of terrorist nature will not respond as a terrorist or torturer unless they exist within a dream that causes war to be played out in the dance of life. A good example of this were apparently “normal” American soldiers who when they entered the dream in Iraq almost 2 decades ago began to torture and torment the prisoners that they were assigned to watch over. Perhaps in an American dream, the soldiers would never have behaved in this manner; but in a wartime dream they act as torturers; and the reason for this is that they have terrorist genealogy in present time as developed by Merduk long ago in a laboratory and this is how they respond when a wartime dream dominates in the dance of life.


In day to day life, the terrorist genealogy may be expressed in many other ways that may be less obvious to identify. The terrorist genealogy can be expressed in someone that likes to torment animals or their pets; or torment their spouse such as in wife beating or emotional abuse; or torment and emotionally abuse their employees or those who are subordinate unto them within the current hierarchical work regime.


Terrorist genealogy creates a human that does not have compassion for anyone and as a result can easily abuse others either emotionally or physically as they simply do not care; and they do not care because they do not feel. Some of this nature can also be political activists that have no concern for the environment or the health and well-being of others. The point here is that there are many ways that the terrorist genealogical patterns can be expressed in the current paradigm and human dream.


The karma for terrorist type genealogy is up to be cleared at this time of collective human karma and in the beginning of real ascension that is taking off within the human dream. As enough humans choose to release the karma for terrorist genealogy, the DNA can be phased out of all future human births bringing an end to those who have no compassion and do not care about how they harm, abuse or torture others. So, let us intend together to forgive our ancestors for breeding and creating this type of human in a laboratory so that this karma can be completed upon and a new future of world peace be made manifest in the decades ahead.


Atlantean History of Terrorist Genealogy


Those with the terrorist genealogy also were involved in warfare and torture of all kinds in the era of Atlantis. In the era of Atlantis, some with the terrorist genealogy held high ranking positions within the governance of the time. As a result, Atlantean governance passed legislation that allowed for the pollution and defecation of Earth. The military of the time also elected to deliberately drop viruses and drugs into the air and waterways to control humans living in Lemuria in particular and other parts of the world that they deemed “threatening”. The drugs and viruses unleashed made many ill and killed most infected as there was an inadequate immune response in the physical. The drugs began to cause humans to go insane or mad also in the regions that they were dropped.


A young group of terrorist genealogical inheritance within Lemuria chose to take the law into their own hands and retaliate. This was not done on the part of the Lemurian elders that held positions within their own governance. The young group procured nuclear weaponry. As Atlantean Congress met, they detonated 8 small nuclear bombs over the region bringing an end to the reign of Atlantis overnight.


Alas, the radiation caused another fall in consciousness in which humans became even more ill than what had occurred from the drugs and viruses released on the part of Atlantean military. All went into confusion and ultimately all technology that had been a part of this time period was lost. The technology was non-resonant with Earth and so perhaps this is not such a bad thing. Three major continents were sunk over the following 1,000 Earth years (4,000 years as humans measure time) allowing Earth to cleanse herself of the toxins and radiation unleashed in this time period.


The elders of Atlantis would probably have never detonated nuclear bombs over Atlantean Congress to resolve the dispute. Alas they were unaware of the group that chose to take law into their own hands enough to prevent the outcome. This is from new information gathered in the ascent of the Gulf Coast region that hosts records of the Atlantean time period. Those that participated in the annihilation also had terrorist genealogy although they were of Lemurian inheritance at the time that they were born. It is only those that have no compassion for life that could destroy the Earth to settle an international dispute. (Please see Chapter 5 “Blessings for Living in Unity with All Kingdoms” for more information on the karma revealed from this time period last year.)


Terrorist Genealogy Leadership Today


Those with terrorist genealogy are dangerous types of humans to have in any leadership position for they really do not care about anything, including destroying Mother Earth or other nations or torturing humans that they perceive as “sub human”. Many of the current leadership within large businesses are of this nature and it is why they direct their companies to destroy the environment and pollute rather than cleaning up their own messes. The recent mirror in the toxic effects of electronic waste in Accra, Ghana on the part of certain technological corporations that have made many ill is an example of business leadership of this nature.


Such leadership does not care whom they harm or how they harm Earth. Many governmental leaders are also of this genealogy that they care not about whom they harm or how they destroy the Earth and lead their nations accordingly. The leaders of this nature are present and in great power in the world mirror due to the requirement to release the karma that they reflect. This is so for the leadership of the US and England at this time.


It is time to forgive this type of genetic inheritance so that a new type of leadership can emerge that cares about humanity, cares about Earth, and cares about all kingdoms. As this type of leadership emerges, humans will begin to take responsibility for how they have polluted the environment and begin to clean up the toxic messes to the degree that they know how. As this new type of leadership emerges, it will create prime ministers and presidents who will make peace and build bridges between nations rather than perpetuate dominion through war and terror. As this new type of leadership emerges, peace will reign across the land and around the globe again. This is also a future dream stepping down in the coming quarter century ahead, beloved, and as the karma is released for the terrorist genealogy within your species.


Genetic Nature of Terrorist Genealogy


The Dolphin and Whale Kingdom shared in a recent article about how their own terrorists of the ocean were created in a laboratory on the part of Merduk known as the Shark Kingdom. Shark is the result of intermixing Whale and Fish DNA, creating a partially conscious creature that is “mad” due to how the blended genetics do not resonate. It is due to being “mad” that sharks attack humans along with other kingdoms as they do. (Please refer to Holographic Record Keepers Chapter 10 “Forgiving the Past and Changing the Future” for more information from the Whale and Dolphin Kingdom.)


Human terrorist genealogy is not much different from the whale-fish blending of DNA that created the shark. Merduk took lion genetic information and blended it with slave nation human DNA creating a pared down human that was “mad” within. The madness is the result of the dissonance created when one has a half animal and half human brain. This is why those of this genealogy are often abusive physically or emotionally in nature as they are essentially insane, but not in a way that they cannot fulfill upon a job or task that they are assigned.


The madness within those of terrorist genealogy surrounds the issues of emotion. Humans with this type of half human half animal brain and brain stem do not feel as there are no emotional center or receptor to interpret emotions. Such humans are therefore reactionary much like an animal that has impulses but does not understand why they do what they do and simply acts out of instinct. Those of terrorist genealogy act out in violence as an instinctual response without thinking or understanding why they do what they do.


Because those of terrorist genealogy do not feel, they do not understand those who do feel, and as a result do not care whom they hurt along the way as they have no compassion or capacity to understand pain. If one cannot feel, then it is difficult to have compassion for anyone or any circumstance of others whom are in pain; such as Mother Earth and how she has been tormented by human pollution and construction; or the nature kingdoms for how they too have been tormented by diseases from toxic substances or in animal scientific experiments.


In an unusual reaction that is opposite to compassion, those of this nature gain great pleasure out of watching those suffering from the pain that they inflict. This is the result of the pain/pleasure center of the brain which is altered enough within their genealogy to perceive the pain and suffering of others as humorous or entertaining. It is for this reason that American soldiers could derive pleasure out of the torment of Iraqi prisoners. This is also so for each of this nature as they have terrorist genealogy.


The Story of Merduk and Innana


The mineral kingdom invites those reading this information to understand the deeper spiritual lesson behind terrorist biology; that this type of human exists as a result of a human from the Pleiades who was going mad due to his own life extension practices, and for reasons of great bitterness, chose to try and destroy his half-sister, Innana. Innana was deemed responsible somehow for the suicide of Merduk’s wife Persephone who was shown laboratory circumstances in which her own son was being bled to death to extend Merduk’s life. This threw Persephone over the edge and she committed suicide by throwing herself into an active volcano in the Inner Earth. Merduk never “forgave” Innana for causing his wife to leave him; although this was only one cause of hundreds that finally pressed Persephone to break down.


Out of his hatred of Innana, Merduk did many things to try and destroy her but at first from behind the scenes. Merduk bred harmful fresh water creatures known as alligators and salt water creatures known as sharks. These creatures were set free in regions Innana liked to bathe out of the hopes that they would attack and kill her. There was only one near attack in fresh water by the alligators and later in salt water ponds by the sharks, and Innana never bathed there again. She was unaware however that it was her own half-brother that had created such creatures to destroy her.


Merduk attempted many other times to destroy Innana. One time he programmed a robot to try and stab her to death. Alas the robot was not quick enough and Innana got away. It was at this point that Innana ceased to visit Merduk’s Inner Earth laboratories ever again as the robot attacked as she entered his private sanctuary. Yet another time Merduk rigged a small castle that Innana liked to visit, to make love to her many lovers, with devices to cause the building to catch fire. He awaited her visit and in the middle of the night set the place ablaze. Alas Innana escaped and Merduk’s plot was foiled.


In yet another attempt to kill Innana, a space craft she liked to fly herself was rigged to explode. Alas one of her body guards took the craft to meet one of his lovers and died in lieu of Innana. Innana began to get suspicious at this point about someone vying for her death. In yet another attempt on the part of Merduk to end Innana’s life, yet another craft was rigged to be destroyed. Innana had mechanics that she trusted examine each of her craft before taking off; and the mechanism was uncovered. The mechanism was traced to one of Merduk’s closest slaves and servants who had been seen near the craft the day before. This is how Innana began to suspect that Merduk was vying to destroy her.


In yet another episode, a pool that Innana liked to bathe within was rigged with electricity to cause her to die of electric shock. One of her servants went to take a swim and Innana found her floating on top of the water dead. She did not enter the pool as a result and the manner in which it was rigged was uncovered again by a mechanic that Innana relied upon. It was at this point that Innana declared war upon Merduk for trying to kill her.


The war was taken as a joke by the rest of the family at first. However, Innana began to round up slaves willing to go to war for her. Thousands showed up and were given simple armament and a plan to attack Merduk’s Inner Earth fortress was drawn up. The slaves did end up invading the fortress, but were met with an equal number of slaves siding with Merduk upon the other side. This set in motion the first battle and when all was said and done, over 1,000 laid dying or dead upon the ground. Innana had desired to capture Merduk, but alas he had flown off in his own craft long before the slaves ever invaded.


Battles of this nature were raged every few months, sometimes against a castle that was “owned” by Merduk; and yet others against yet other castles “owned” by Innana. Merduk and Innana split the world in half with Innana taking everything in the southern hemisphere and Merduk what was above or in the northern hemisphere. Battles came and went, sometimes with castles in the southern hemisphere being claimed for a time by Merduk only to be won over again by Innana as her slaves overtook the invaders. Sometimes castles in the northern hemisphere were overrun by Innana’s slaves for a time only to be reclaimed by Merduk’s slaves at a later time. Over time, however, Innana was winning and overran 50% of Merduk’s castles and fortresses.


It was at this point that Merduk unleashed a new type of warrior slave that was half lion and half human in genetic nature. This warrior slave was more brutal than all the rest. This warrior slave was willing to commit suicide to win. This warrior slave set in motion a whole other level of terrorism in the dance between Innana’s and Merduk’s slaves. Soon and over time, Merduk not only won back all his own fortresses, but had overrun over 30% of Innana’s fortresses. It was at this point that Merduk made the near fatal mistake of entering one of Innana’s temples and became trapped there as a servant sealed all the exits shut.


Innana raged outside this temple for several days, threatening to let Merduk die of starvation. Finally, the rest of the Anu family members came and convinced Innana to set Merduk free. She did and he immediately left Earth and detonated two of the largest nuclear bombs that destroyed 1/3 of Earth’s surface, threw her off her axis and on to her side, and took her 8,000 Earth years (32,000 years as humans measure time) to recover. All the family members died in the explosions except Merduk and Innana. Merduk committed suicide by sending his spacecraft into the side of Mars leaving a large crater in its wake. Innana went home to the Pleiades where the doctors could not assist her in healing, and committed euthanasia thereby ending her life.


Forgiving the Karma in Present Time


(NOTE: Some of this information may be outdated due to the fact that this book was published in July 2020. However, we include it here for reference and conscious analysis of the world events.)


Although this may sound like some kind of bad movie, unfortunately it is your human history beloved, and one can see where many a film plot came from as a result of the caustic relationships between the Anu family members as well as the war that it elicited amongst the slave nation. A recent repeat of this dance of declaring war occurred between President Bush (Innana) and Sadam Huissane (Merduk) in recent history, all over an attempted assignation of his father, Bush Sr. (also Innana in lineage). You can see in this how karma simply repeats like a broken record until it is forgiven.


In the current world mirror, President Trump is a dragon soul of the Red Seeded Race although in this lifetime he’s born as a white human with Anu lineages or he would not possibly rise to the top of the United States pyramid of power. His presidential legacy is to undo the damage of the US foreign policies for the past century and to pave the way for a new type of leadership that will emerge in the US Whitehouse who will be of Grand Master hologram. This coming leader will also host an Anu lineage or he/she would not possibly rise to the top political office.


Now the war continues to rage on as civil war in Syria and terrorism has grown to be an even larger global problem than before. You can see the terrorist genealogy coming to the surface and receiving global attention along with the ancestors to Merduk and Innana that began the war in the first place. All of this karma can be released now through forgiveness allowing the current dance at play to fade into a historical memory. Forgiveness to bring this about requires more humans that are ascending to forgive the karma at play. How does one forgive? One finds it in one’s heart to love what is unlovable.


How can one love the terrorists? One can begin by understanding the larger picture. The terrorists may not know how to be any other way than they are given their genealogy. They are indeed a blending of lion and human DNA that created a humanoid form that is reactionary, finds pleasure in causing pain to others and has no compassion.


In order to comprehend what it must feel like to be in a human form that does not feel and is “mad” or ready to fight or attack all the time, one would have to live in such a body to understand. One may have many ancestors of this nature related to the expanded tapestry of ancestry. However, from the outside, one can ascertain that it is probably not a very joyful human experience to have such a life, regardless of role that such a human plays in the dance of life. So perhaps this is the place that compassion for terrorist humans can begin given their pared down genetic nature that is more instinctual than aware.


Then out of compassion, forgiveness can be born. Out of the mad state of their existence, all kinds of terrorist atrocities have been committed over time that have been very painful for other humans that do feel to experience; along with Mother Earth and Nature Kingdoms also to experience. However, the terrorists may not have it within their own repertoire of possibility to behave in any other manner due to their own genetic limitations. And so, perhaps we can forgive the terrorists simply because they did not know any better as they have no holographic understanding to give birth to a different kind of behavior upon the physical plane.


More Spiritual Lessons of Innana and Merduk


What about Merduk and Innana? Did they not have enough holographic information to know better than to extend their lives so long, war upon one another and ultimately blow up Earth to “win” and sacrifice everything and everyone else along with them? Innana and Merduk came from a Pleiadian creation. Perhaps while they were in the Pleiades, they behaved as loving responsible family members towards one another.


As they arrived upon Earth, the magnetic biosphere of this region of domain inverted their energy flow. The Anu altered the biosphere enough that this retained a level of balance within the family for a long time. The Anu extended their lives through the use of regeneration machinery that Merduk invented that would spin the field in such a manner that the cells renewed themselves seemingly endlessly. This worked for a long time (10,000 years) and allowed the family some semblance of harmony together.


Innana, Merduk and the Anu Family came to Earth to mine gold. They bred slaves in order to work the gold mines at no expense unto themselves. Gold was stripped and stripped and stripped from Earth to a point that Terra’s vibration began to slip downward. As enough gold was removed, Earth’s field began to wobble. The wobble began to melt the ice shields that the Sirian scientists had created to cause Terra to become a lovely terrarium. The shields melted causing the great floods creating your oceans.


The Anu could have gone home at this point and perhaps a different fate would have resulted upon Earth. Alas, they really could not go home as extending their lives 10,000 years was illegal in the Pleiades and they could be court marshaled and sent to prison; or worse yet from their own point of view, forced to euthanize themselves. Zeus, Athena and most other family members chose to go home and euthanize themselves through conscious freewill choice at this point; only Innana, Merduk and the descendants of the rest of the family remained upon Earth determined to extend their lives yet longer.


The large devices Merduk had constructed to extend their lives were buried underwater and in the depths of the newly formed ocean. There were not enough funds to purchase the pieces and parts to recreate the elaborate system that they had known before. Much of the Pleiadian fortune that they had amassed in gold sales had been spent in many trips back and forth to their homeland and extravagant expenditures to make Terra feel more like “home”. There were elaborate castles with plants, animals and furnishings that had been beautifully constructed all over Earth to give the Anu pleasure; alas most of this too was under water.


Merduk came up with another plan which was to attempt to recreate the energy flow that regenerated their bodies through the slave nation. The slaves were allowed to go out of control breeding more and more slaves. The yearly menstrual cycle was reduced to monthly conception, and over time billions of slaves were born. The alteration to conception to follow the moon rather than rotation around the sun also caused the red nations peoples to over breed as well; this caused over time too many humans upon Earth. So, this is recurring in this present time repeat of the related karma. This too needs to be forgiven so that just the right amount of humans live upon Terra as Terra can support along with all other kingdoms.


The slaves did emulate an energy flow that did allow enough regeneration for the Anu to continue to extend their lives. This included the offspring of Zeus, Athena, Hestia, and other family members along with Innana and Merduk. Over time, however, there were missing nutrients within the biology and this was beginning to affect not only the regeneration, but also their moods. Merduk discovered the missing biochemistry in certain crustaceans such as shrimp, lobster, scallops and muscles along with crab. The family began to eat flesh for the first time.


Alas, you cannot eat upon the flesh of any other kingdom without ultimately eating your own flesh or participating in slaughter, terrorism and warfare. This is exactly what occurred as a result of this decision to eat flesh to extend their lives. Sooner or later, the Anu were going to declare war, as consumption of flesh is like declaring war upon another species; and the Slaves who also participated in eating sea life themselves were drawn into the game due to the slaughter karma that they had incurred in likewise eating flesh. The end result was a battle that extended 2,000 years (in human time) and culminated in a nuclear annihilation. You see you cannot slaughter any other kingdom without slaughtering yourselves. This truly is the real spiritual lesson behind war and terrorism playing out upon the current world mirror.


Forgiving the Anu


How do we forgive our ancestors related to the Anu for consuming flesh in order to extend their lives and then out of such a dance, creating warfare, terrorism and other acts of brutality and violence within the human dream? Perhaps we can begin by forgiving ourselves for consuming flesh as it is such common practice in most regions that humans exist today that few really understand that they are committing a spiritual crime in eating a steak, piece of pork, chicken, turkey, or wild game. In forgiving ourselves for consuming flesh as a seeming biological requirement to subsist, we can also forgive the Anu for doing so to extend their lives, even though they knew that they were breaking spiritual law.


Perhaps breaking spiritual law was less to be feared than death, and we see that this sincerely was so for both Merduk and Innana who were so terrified of death that they were willing to war upon one another to the bitter end. What happened to Innana and Merduk that they became so bitter?


It is perceived by the Turquoise Mineral Kingdom that they were going insane due to biochemical imbalances from extending the life so long. The body was not designed to live beyond 2,000 years from Pleiadian scientific knowledge; Innana and Merduk extended their lives 18,000 years total, 16,000 years longer than Pleiadian scientists knew how to retain a body in health and sanity. Out of insanity, Innana, Merduk and the rest of the family fell into the insane dance of war; and their slaves danced along with them out of the belief that they were defending their “Gods”.


How many of your ancestors have gone to war believing that they were defending their country, or defending their “king”, “queen”, “god”, “religion”, or “truth”? Forgive them for believing blindly that something required defending. Perhaps if all the slaves had simply said “Merduk and Innana, you war upon yourselves”, the culmination of a nuclear annihilation would not have been the outcome. However, the slaves themselves did not have enough holographic information to know not to war; and the red nations’ peoples did not choose to participate for the simple reason that they did not perceive the Anu as their gods. God Goddess lies within and within all kingdoms from a red nation’s point of view. Therefore, there is no god or goddess in human form worth defending, as all is one in the holographic interconnectedness of all of life.


Now Merduk and Innana probably understood holographic knowledge and the interconnectedness of all of life within the Pleiades. In venturing unto Earth, they existed in a foreign creation so far from home that they lost their own truth and remembrance of the spiritual laws within which all creations exist. As such, they committed vast spiritual crimes out of their own forgetfulness; just as humans today eat flesh as if it is normal and o.k. out of their own forgetfulness; and do not understand as a result why there is war and terrorism in the world mirror.


In forgiving ourselves for our own state of forgetfulness, perhaps we can also forgive the Anu for their state of forgetfulness that was so caustic to Earth it has taken her 30,000 Earth years (120,000 years as humans measure time) to climb to the frequency that she held before she was annihilated at the end of their war. In forgiving ourselves for being self-centered and unaware, and perhaps seemingly incapable of changing world events, we can also forgive those of this nature that came before us and set in motion the cycles of falls that have followed. It is as we forgive ourselves for like patterning that forgiveness of others can then follow suit.


Asur’Ana and Per’s Experience


Asur’Ana and Per remember a time that they too were unconscious in their own life dance. Asur’Ana consumed flesh up until she turned 18 and graduated from a US high school. She became a vegetarian for about 15 years before turning vegan. At this time, she has been a vegan for about a decade and a half. Per has been a vegetarian for about 10 years before meeting Asur’Ana. Now he is taking it one step further by turning into a vegan and choosing not to consume eggs or dairy products.


For those initiates who are not yet ready for a vegan diet, consumption of butter and cheese along with milk and milk products are fine if their body requires the cholesterol associated with crystalline biology. There is also no spiritual law broken in consuming the milk of the cow or goat. In time these too may be relinquished and as the body no longer requires the associated nutrients in their continued ascent.


Being Responsible Stewards


In present time, those proceeding beyond 3,000 segments in the ascent must give up all flesh including fish; lest slaughter thoughtform be inflated as global thoughtform. Earth watches those proceeding beyond 3,000 segments carefully, and those that will not give up flesh are limited beneath this level as it causes increased warfare and slaughter in the human dream rather than movement towards peace and unity. Ascending humans inflate thoughtform that is associated with one’s field. The thoughtform then dominates over other humans that are non-ascending. This is how world thoughtform is being modified through ascension towards peace and unity amongst those embodying such a state in their own evolution.


Being responsible stewards of the thoughtform that you are inflating through ascension is an important attribute of evolution Home. The Great Central Sun Dream that Terra is entering does not allow for slaughter. Nothing that exists presently or existed within the Great Central Sun Dream in the past consumed another kingdom in the physical. Therefore, those entering the new dream cannot participate in the dance of consumption of flesh and the slaughter that it is associated with, lest the new dream become distorted leading to extinction rather than resurrection, reconstitution and continued ascension “home”. It is for this reason that the mineral kingdom invites ascending humans to transcend slaughter thoughtform now; in so doing, you have a possibility of entering the new dream in the now rather than in future generations ahead.


About Ascending Communities


The new dream has the possibility of making viable a dance of unity, unconditional love and joy in the now rather than in the future. Those studying with Asur’Ana and Per are learning to experience the joy of unity in the now at their dreamtime events. In time and through continued transformation, each in their dreamtime ascension school will weave an increasingly unity-based dream, until one day into the not too distant future, ascending unity-based communities will be born on the physical level as unity-based initiates find one another and gather together.


Then the dream that your future ancestors may not experience for 35 to 50 years into the future can become a reality now. This is important as the map of a new harmonious and unity-based civilization for humanity to ascend into must be carved; and this is the purpose that these communities are being fostered by Terra to accomplish.


The energy dynamics of slaughter thoughtform would only give birth to disease and discord in community. Each in the community will not only therefore choose to become vegetarian, but also to transcend all slaughter and consumptive based programming and thoughtform. In so doing, there is an opportunity for a new unconscious dance and energy flow to emerge that supports the life of each in the community and leads to peaceful day to day relations. It is only as peaceful relations can be sustained both consciously and unconsciously that ascension of a group that is living together becomes possible. The group will continue to ascend in vibration both individually and collective within the new dream that they have anchored.


The community will have an opportunity to anchor self sustainable living practices where everything is recycled and all is created from within and from the resources available upon the land. Self sustainable practices are not new and have been emerging the past 50 years of pre-awakening of the human species. However, most in self sustainable communities today complain of conflictive relations that often cause them to separate over time and move on. You see becoming vegetarian is not enough; one must ascend into unity biology and then unity relations become possible day to day amongst a group of individuals.


Unity Biology


Unity biology is a cellular structure that regenerates rather than ages, becomes ill and dies. Unity biology is a cellular structure that knows not viruses or bacteria that is harmful or destructive agents within the system. Unity biology is a genetic structure that the Lemurian peoples knew before the biological and biochemical warfare was unleashed upon them. Why did Atlantean humans unleash harmful agents of destruction upon Lemuria? Atlantis was becoming fearful of the power that Lemurian priests were gathering in order to ascend. And so, the Atlantean military in perceiving the psychic power that Lemuria was gathering chose to bring an end to their power out of fear by causing the Lemurian people to become ill and go insane instead.


This is how unity biology was lost in your history, beloved. This karma could repeat again, but those who are ascending and the map carvers of ascension are releasing this karma so the dance does not repeat in present time. There are already enough toxins to overcome within the biology at 2 segments of DNA in the act of ascension; you do not need any human-made problems to be added to an already difficult struggle to ascend without ascending into disease.


Those ascending can forgive the Atlantean governance and the cast of characters within one’s own ancestry for causing another fall; this occurred long before the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis. As ascending humans put the karmic cause of the fall out of unity biology behind you, you will more readily ascend into this type of biology in adult form, and it will also cause a wave of children born already with unity based biology to begin to enter the world now and into the coming quarter century of global ascension ahead.


The children entering the world with unity biology will be peaceful in nature. They will assist in calming down their parents and the other children in the schools that they participate in and as they mature due to their own peaceful nature. This is the gift of magnetic energy flow; when strong enough it creates a field that draws others into peace and unity-based relations. Strangers that meet Asur’Ana and Per and do not know who they are often comment on how peaceful they feel to be around. This is the gift of strong magnetic pulsations for those that master such a state in their ascension in this lifetime.


Children entering the world in unity biology will already exist within the new dream. Most will refuse to eat meat as a result. If they are forced to eat flesh, they may become ill and die as the slaughter thoughtform will simply revert back upon them in the new dream. It is therefore important for parents giving birth to these children to understand and choose a vegetarian lifestyle themselves so that their little ones survive and carry on in the ascent into the future. The act of choosing to become vegetarian may also allow the parents to cross into the new dream along with their newborn little ones.


Entering the new dream is a great gift. There is more to support the choice to ascend and evolve that is suspended in the new dream than in the old dreams one is leaving behind. The new dream shall also cause unity relations amongst those living within it. This then sets the stage for the birth of ascending communities as families with ascending little ones choose to pull together in the potentially difficult times ahead.


Important Intentions for Peace and the Birth of Compassion Ahead


There are many intentions that will support the release of karma that we have spoken to in the materials today. Intention is an act of will. Intention alone may not actually cause the forgiveness of the karma. The intention will bring about however a set of circumstances through which you can learn to forgive. This is the gift of the intentions offered by the mineral kingdoms; they set the stage through which ascension through forgiveness can be born. In the intent, the life is redirected in a way and through the dream that will then lead to the forgiveness one is seeking to make manifest.


Forgiveness requires the opening of the heart and an ability to love what is seemingly unlovable. As the heart opens and loves all the ancestors that committed atrocities that one is witnessing in the world mirror, then the slate is wiped clean and the karma that would have been yours or your future ancestors to experience ahead simply dissipates. It is the love that dissipates the karma; and one cannot forgive without loving oneself or others and all other ancestors, regardless of life circumstance and creation.


Not all humans are capable of loving. Those who cannot learn to love fail to master the first note of Forgiveness in the Language of Light. Such humans therefore cannot go any further in their personal evolution until they learn to love and learn to forgive. Many of indigenous origins in the mineral kingdom’s perception are failing to learn to forgive. In hanging on to the grudges of the past, they are limited in their ascent in this lifetime. This is also the same for many who have ancient red ancestry and who are white in present time lineages who are failing to open the heart to master the dance of forgiveness.


Intend to open the heart and learn to love and forgive, beloved. The intention will set up the circumstances through which the act of learning to love and forgive can be fulfilled upon, and if not in this lifetime than in your future relations. Opening the heart takes courage; as the pain and struggle of life will be felt more greatly as a result than if the heart remains shut. However, this is how the spiritual lessons of compassion and forgiveness are born in the dance of life; and there is no other means of fulfilling upon this goal without opening the heart.


1. I intend to open the heart and learn to forgive in this lifetime.


2. I intend to forgive my terrorist ancestors for having genetics that limited the ability to discern one’s behavior and who acted out of impulse and instinct; many of which enjoyed tormenting others as it gave them pleasure.


3. I intend to forgive all atrocities of war and torture as experienced in my ancestry.


4. I intend to forgive my ancestors for fall into consumptive and slaughter based thoughtform.


5. I intend to forgive my ancestors for consuming flesh of any kind throughout my personal history.


6. I intend to forgive myself for consuming flesh in this lifetime.


7. I intend to forgive Innana and Merduk for falling into consumptive thoughtform, along with all other Anu family members, to extend their lives.


8. I forgive all ancestors along with myself who fell into the belief that flesh has to be consumed in order to survive.


9. I intend to forgive my ancestors for falling so unconscious that they were unaware of how consuming flesh creates warfare, slaughter and torture in the human dream.


10. I intend to forgive the nature kingdoms for falling into consumption along with humankind.


11. I ask the forgiveness of those kingdoms that I have consumed in this lifetime outside of spiritual law and agreement.


12. I intend to choose a vegetarian diet from now on eating only what is agreed upon amongst all kingdoms.


13. I intend to transcend all slaughter and consumptive thoughtform and programming in this lifetime.


14. I intend to release all karma for ancestors who chose to go to war to defend their “gods”, “church”, “religion”, “kings or queens” or “truth”.


15. I intend to master and give birth to a unity-based life in this lifetime.


16. I forgive all ancestors that participated in a dance that caused unity biology to be lost as the common genetics of the human species.


17. I intend to master unity biology that regenerates and does not age, become ill or die.


18. I intend to forgive myself and my ancestors for polluting and harming Earth in my personal history.


19. I intend to open to receive the love and healing of Mother Earth.


Receiving the Love of Mother Earth or Terra


Earth and nature have nothing but compassion for you as a human. Earth as a collective consciousness is coming to understand her own thoughtform and how she created the destructive dilemma that she is in. In understanding her own cause, Earth is releasing the karma through forgiveness and in so doing, all shall change, all shall heat up in vibration and ascend, and all shall go Home to the Great Central Sun and the Tao. Those who are human are invited to join Terra for the ride home and through love and forgiveness enter the new dream with her.


Humility, honor, and the desire to create peace are attributes of those that Terra embraces unconditionally at this time of human evolution. For those who are arrogant and believe that they already know it all, they must transcend their arrogance before they can receive the love of Earth. How does one attune to the love of Earth? This is provided through the Tree Kingdom. Go into the woods, beloved, and take a long walk. Commune with the trees and you will receive the love of Terra through their kingdom. (Please see Dancing with Trees and Plants for many blessings from their kingdom.)


The body is in need of love. There is little that loves in your human dream. Objects strip you of your love, which is why relinquishing many possessions is necessary to ascension. Possessions are second dimensional in vibration and suck your chi and love. Possessions will suck you dry and limit your ascension. Most humans purchase too many possessions as they are trying to fill themselves with love from the outside in. The possessions will never create the love you are seeking beloved; and so, release them and the cords of attachment between you and them, and then you will have enough energetic movement to open the heart and commune receiving the love of Terra instead. People also suck you of your chi and love. Let go of those that cannot love in return and the dance of love will begin to come to balance.


The love of Terra will assist in healing many old wounds of the heart that have occurred in this lifetime as well as other lifetimes that your ancestry existed. It is in the healing of heart that then the heart can open. This cannot really occur without the support of Earth as the heart also broke as your ancestors defiled Earth. So, forgive yourself and your ancestry for defiling Earth, and then you can begin to open unto her love.


The love of Earth is infinite; the love of the Tao now flows through Earth to sustain her ascent. As you attune to the love of the Earth, you also attune to the Infinite Love of the Tao that all creations physical and nonphysical emanate from and return unto when the creational cycle is complete. It is in receiving the love of the Tao that a deeper level of healing can occur that shall carry you and your future ancestors Home with Earth to the Tao.


It is also the Turquoise Mineral Kingdom that holds the love of Terra and the Tao upon Earth. You can also attune to our kingdom to receive this love. Before this can be accomplished however, and if you are attuning unto us through a piece of jewelry, you must reconnect the mineral unto our kingdom and remove any ownership humans have placed upon us including yourself. This can be accomplished through intention. Place your turquoise in some water and out in the sun for a few hours with the intention to connect us to our kingdom and release human ownership, and so it will be. Then the love of the Earth and the Tao can flow through your jewelry and into your field.




Today the Turquoise Mineral Kingdom invites those reading this book to choose to become vegetarian. There is plenty of delicious meals that can be prepared that are devoid of flesh, fulfilling, and will provide the necessary nutrients for the continued biological ascent of the form. In so doing, you contribute to the global thoughtform of vegetarianism. (Please refer to Vegetarian Ascension Recipes for some lovely vegetarian and vegan recipes to enjoy that Asur’Ana has created with Mother Earth.)


As more ascending humans choose vegetarianism over the continued consumption of flesh, over time it will become the norm and custom to be vegetarian for all of humanity. This was so in more ancient times and in the large Lemurian civilization. Therefore, it can be again. In so doing, humanity will cease to war, as war is only a reflection of your own consumptive behavior. Then peace on Earth and a new era can sincerely begin to be born.


We also invite those reading this book to open to the love of Terra and the Tao available through our kingdom. Receiving this love requires forgiveness of self for all ancestral experiences that put you at odds with nature and Earth. As the karma is released, the love will begin to flow again, and we will all heal and go home. We leave you with these thoughts. Namaste.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Mineral Kingdoms. May Ascending Humans feel the Love and Support from their Mineral Friends, and find their own Treasures from within to assist in their continued evolution Home.



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