Image of a green gecko with red spots lying on a green leaf. The Chirp of the Gecko

10. The Chirp of the Gecko


Blessings of Regeneration and Ascension into the Crystalline Form


The Gecko and Lizard Kingdoms


The Gecko and Lizard Kingdoms greet you today. For those who are unfamiliar with Gecko’s, we are a small lizard like creature that can alter the skin color depending upon typography. We can vary from a bright green color with red triangles upon our back to match the leaves and flowers of most flora and fauna in the tropics, to the dark brown of a lava rock, to the white of a sand beach. We much like a chameleon have not lost our ability to alter the pigment of our skin to blend with the environment. However, if the environment is not of natural sources, then our color remains green generally speaking.


Altering Our Skin’s Pigment to Match Our Environment


What do we attune to in order to understand what our environment is? While residing in Kaua’i Hawaii, Asur’Ana has had many geckos make their living home her home, and has enjoyed our company. Rarely have we matched the color of the white walls of her small cottage. Why is this so? Inanimate objects give off no Language of Light tones. We attune to the Language of Light in the flora and fauna and in so doing, match the green color therein. Why do we become green in her presence? Asur’Ana runs the Language of Light herself and as we attune to this, it is like being in the garden.


More recently in the soul infusion of her ascent, Asur’Ana has begun to run gold and silver tones of creation instead; now we turn white in her presence as a result, as this is as close as we can come to the gold and silver tones she runs. One day we will have gold and silver skin, and this shall occur as gold and silver is mastered by the natural world. Our kingdom views Asur’Ana’s home as a beautiful garden. Few humans run such tones at this time in history, but those that do will be blessed with the presence of birds, bees, geckos, lizards and frogs coming into or near one’s home as such kingdoms may view one’s presence as a beautiful field to dance within.


Geckos and lizards, much like frogs, ants and bees assists with sustaining the element of fire in Earth’s grid work. We are also involved in an interconnecting web of energy flow that links continent to continent associated with our species and all small reptilian land species. In so doing, we support the overall movement of energy upon Earth by running such movement through our tiny bodies.


Although we may seem small, in our ascension in many places around the world, we are expanding, just as human fields expand to global sized and beyond in the act of becoming crystalline. Asur’Ana has been surprised as a single member of our species held a field larger than her former Hawaiian apartment complex. This is how we interlink with one another to create global energy flow upon the continents. Our global energetic interconnection also includes many aquatic species including crab, lobster and shrimp in particular. Read more