Image of a green gecko with red spots lying on a green leaf. The Chirp of the Gecko

10. The Chirp of the Gecko


Blessings of Regeneration and Ascension into the Crystalline Form


The Gecko and Lizard Kingdoms


The Gecko and Lizard Kingdoms greet you today. For those who are unfamiliar with Gecko’s, we are a small lizard like creature that can alter the skin color depending upon typography. We can vary from a bright green color with red triangles upon our back to match the leaves and flowers of most flora and fauna in the tropics, to the dark brown of a lava rock, to the white of a sand beach. We much like a chameleon have not lost our ability to alter the pigment of our skin to blend with the environment. However, if the environment is not of natural sources, then our color remains green generally speaking.


Altering Our Skin’s Pigment to Match Our Environment


What do we attune to in order to understand what our environment is? While residing in Kaua’i Hawaii, Asur’Ana has had many geckos make their living home her home, and has enjoyed our company. Rarely have we matched the color of the white walls of her small cottage. Why is this so? Inanimate objects give off no Language of Light tones. We attune to the Language of Light in the flora and fauna and in so doing, match the green color therein. Why do we become green in her presence? Asur’Ana runs the Language of Light herself and as we attune to this, it is like being in the garden.


More recently in the soul infusion of her ascent, Asur’Ana has begun to run gold and silver tones of creation instead; now we turn white in her presence as a result, as this is as close as we can come to the gold and silver tones she runs. One day we will have gold and silver skin, and this shall occur as gold and silver is mastered by the natural world. Our kingdom views Asur’Ana’s home as a beautiful garden. Few humans run such tones at this time in history, but those that do will be blessed with the presence of birds, bees, geckos, lizards and frogs coming into or near one’s home as such kingdoms may view one’s presence as a beautiful field to dance within.


Geckos and lizards, much like frogs, ants and bees assists with sustaining the element of fire in Earth’s grid work. We are also involved in an interconnecting web of energy flow that links continent to continent associated with our species and all small reptilian land species. In so doing, we support the overall movement of energy upon Earth by running such movement through our tiny bodies.


Although we may seem small, in our ascension in many places around the world, we are expanding, just as human fields expand to global sized and beyond in the act of becoming crystalline. Asur’Ana has been surprised as a single member of our species held a field larger than her former Hawaiian apartment complex. This is how we interlink with one another to create global energy flow upon the continents. Our global energetic interconnection also includes many aquatic species including crab, lobster and shrimp in particular.


Humanity Has Existed Separately from the Natural World


What does gecko have to say unto ascending humans today? Humanity has never been a part of the natural world of Earth. Humanity came from three other star systems primarily; Sirius, Alpha Centauri (Reptilians) and the Pleiades. As such, humans have never belonged upon Earth nor existed within the global dream. Ascension makes possible the return to belonging unto Earth through the choice to modify one’s DNA to the magnetic crystalline structure and becomes resonant with one’s planet or consensus reality. The bridge into Earth’s dream is not a short-term project for any human; it requires ascending to full consciousness in vibration before one may cross over into Nature’s dream. However, the bridge has been made for each to follow, and if not in this lifetime, then in one’s future ancestry.


Humans have existed in a separated off state for so long that it has become the norm in our observation. It is as a result of being separated off that humans have created artificial living environments separate from the natural world. For those who are ascending, one may find greater comfort and a less restrictive energy flow in the natural world than in the humanmade cities and suburbs. The reason for this is how human structures retain rigid thoughtform in which energy does not flow but rather remains trapped in time and therefore stagnant.


Have you ever visited Europe and experienced cities 600 to 800 or more years old? Asur’Ana and Per have had the opportunity to spend some time in several of these older European cities. One of the older cities was Bergen, Norway whose old town dated back 800 years A.D. that was locked in time from its original construction. The stones used to manufacture the cobble stone streets held records of every human interaction ever that stood upon such ground.


The buildings were locked in varying time periods related to the timeframe that they had been constructed or refurbished. Cities are a mosaic of time periods due to the nature of construction and refurbishing practices of the humans that reside therein. This causes ascending fields to fracture into thousands if not hundreds of thousands of time periods in entering any city. Therefore, cities are not a good place to live if one is ascending.


Per and Asur’Ana have learned to transit through cities in their travels unaffected. This however requires some real intention upon their part to not engage with the buildings or land of the city, but rather remain connected to the mountains or sea or whatever open region of domain is nearby. In so doing, they have learned not to fracture in time as they move through cities or airports in their travels. One may intend to do the same.


For a time while living in Honolulu, Asur’Ana attempted taking the entire city and resetting it in present time so that the land could begin to ascend underneath the high rises and other structures found therein. This was a massive project that took over a year to facilitate but assisted in the ascension of the heart chakra of Earth.


More recently, Asur’Ana and Per have stopped resetting time in the cities and buildings therein as it is easier to have time held by the large bodies of land and the sea nearby. For in the ongoing movement or pulsations of the natural world, human cities will eventually be pulled into present time through nature’s own energy flow anyway. We have learned how to do this from Asur’Ana’s experiments in Honolulu, as this showed us the necessary movement to assist in allowing Earth to pull herself into one continuous and contiguous flow in time global wide.


Being in Present Time


In parallel manner to Earth’s fragmentation in time, the average human is fractured in over 1,024 time periods due to the karmic trauma recorded in the ancestry and cellular structure. Ascension requires that one bring oneself increasingly into present time. As each cellular trauma is released from a particular part of the form, such a region of domain resets itself in present time. It is as cells move into present time that they can then alter the genetic encoding of the form to the crystalline structure.


One can think of trauma as a locking of the associated cellular structure in the same genetic encoding that was present at the moment that time fractured in one’s ancestry. If such encoding is diseased or deformed or scarred, then the encoding continues to reconstruct a diseased, deformed or scarred set of cells due to remaining in the past. As the trauma releases, the encoding also releases, and now the encoding can be altered to one’s present time intentions. If one’s present time intention is to ascend, then one can bring forth ancestral genetic information from an earlier time period in one’s ancestry that is crystalline, and alter the cells according to the new encoding. This is how ascension occurs; a little at a time throughout the form as varying pockets of ancestral trauma are addressed in each segment of initiation.


Global Warming and Correcting Earth’s Wobble


Earth is undergoing a parallel transition; however, Earth is a consensus reality and not a single form. As such, each species must ascend just as humans ascend, and in so doing, the overall vibration and energy flow upon Earth shall increase and increase over time. As this occurs, Earth’s kundalini ignites and she warms up and expands in size. The continued warming and expansion shall cause many global changes over time and in the coming 300-year period.


First and foremost, the Artic Circle, north and south poles along with over 1,000 other glaciers shall melt in full. This shall increase the oceans, but not as greatly as one may think, as expansion of the land shall occur concurrent to the increasing oceans. The landmasses may change with some continents or regions sinking, but gradually enough for life to relocate if need be due to rising water tables; and at the same time, new land shall be born through increasing volcanic activity.


Additionally, Earth’s wobble is due to be corrected in the coming 100 years causing an end to seasons, as you have known them. This combined with the warming will bring about different temperature zones, the warmest being that which surrounds the equator for a time. Earth’s continued ascent however shall alter this yet again, as the emergence of more lava and magma near the surface of the land shall heat the continents and oceans from the inside out.  Over time Earth will master an even temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit global wide. Although this may sound warm, as humans increase the movement of the kundalini, the outside temperature will equal the temperature of the body, allowing one to experience comfort without clothes global wide.


Combustion of Technology Non-Resonant with the Great Central Sun


From Gecko’s point of view, this is necessary as most of the technology that one knows is going to disappear over the coming cycle. Why is this so? For one, we do not know how much of humanmade devices or structures are going to make it through the Photon Belt or boundary of the Dream of the Great Central Sun as Earth transits this region of domain. This belt acts as a barrier that rejects anything that is non-resonant to the magnetic pulsations of the Great Central Sun.


Most human devices and building styles are non-resonant and may combust upon entry. In the combustion, they will catch on fire from the inside out turning to ash and cease to be present after crossing this barrier. This is how and why there is little remaining from other time periods such as Atlantis as Earth transited such a band of energy of parallel nature at other times in her history, and most human devices and buildings combust.


It is therefore important for humans to construct housing that will make it through the Photon Belt. Anything humanmade or of non-natural fibers that are not alive may not pass through. However, if one holds intention for natural carbon-based materials to be present in relation to one’s dream for life as one and one’s home passes through the Photon Belt, then perhaps one’s home and all therein will make it. We would not advise being inside of one’s dwelling however during the crossing of this barrier; it is better to be out in the natural world for this event, and to witness first hand the return into the Dream of the Great Central Sun. In so doing, one is less likely to combust along with one’s home if this is what does occur.


Soul Retraction for Species Non-Resonant with Magnetic Great Central Sun


When exactly will this event occur? Earth is now anticipating crossing sometime between 2048 and 2049 at her current rate of ascension. Many changes will come forth before entry, as the times of cleansing now begin. For each species upon Earth that is non-resonant with the magnetic carbon-based encoding of the Great Central Sun, there is a soul retraction underway. Many species will go extinct; many others will modify themselves through the freewill choice to ascend to be compatible enough to continue to exist and thrive inside the Sun.


This too is the goal for each human that chooses to ascend at this time; to modify the form enough through one’s own conscious freewill choice to ascend into the magnetic crystalline structure so that one will be compatible and not combust oneself upon entry. However, for those who do combust, one will simply transit into a nonphysical state of being and become a living ancestor to all humans that share one’s ancestry, as consciousness carries forward beyond death. Therefore, this event is not to be feared; but to be embraced. Earth is going Home, as is each and every sentient species therein.


Global warming is also not to be feared. There is nothing humanity can do to stop global warming, as humanity is not the cause; the cause is Earth’s conscious choice to ascend. One’s own internal warming through awakening and conversion to the crystalline form will offset the effects of global warming, as one will continue to resonate with Earth’s rising temperatures. The crystalline form holds a body temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. This will allow one to be comfortable even if the temperature outside rises to 120 degrees in this next cycle.


Upon the shores of Kailua-Kona of the Big Island, Asur’Ana has noticed an increasing warmth that is uncomfortable to those that have lived in this region all of their life. The temperature is indeed rising, as is the amount of the element of fire running through the land. This is due to the vibration of the islands, which can be measured at close to 16,000 segments of DNA. Asur’Ana herself found that she felt better in the heat and moisture of a tropical environment, as she better resonated with the crystalline structure, and therefore assist in maintaining the health and well-being of the form.


Scientists have further discovered under the ocean and where lava flows freely that the nature kingdoms do not die therein; the mussels, clams, fish and other underwater flora and fauna adjust to the temperature. How do they do so? They modify themselves increasingly through ascension, rising in vibration and genetic materials to the crystalline form and match the vibration and temperature of the sea. Such regions are close to 48,000 segments of DNA as we measure in global ascension. One can also see how trees and other plants and birds adjust themselves to the temperatures surrounding the Big Islands volcanic craters. This region of domain is close ranges between 18,000 and 36,000 segments of DNA and so do the plants and trees along with animals and birds match these vibrations depending upon where they live.


Soul Infusion Towards the Fourth Dimension


What happens after full consciousness or 36,000 segments is mastered? One begins the process of soul infusion towards the fourth dimension. This requires embodying 1,024,000 segments of DNA as you measure DNA at 2 segments; however, this is now how DNA is measured thereafter. Divide the 1,024,000 by 3000, as DNA is counted in tubes of information with 3,000 codes each after the first 3,000 segments is mastered. This is why full consciousness or 36,000 segments is equivalent to embodying 12 full tubes of DNA of 3,000 segments each.


The fourth dimension requires that one embody 341.3 full tubes of DNA; except that even this is not exactly accurate as DNA becomes holographic after 400,000 segments is embodied and are stored thereafter in an entirely different format. However, this gives one an idea of the endless nature of genetic information in association with ascension. Each leg of ascension embodied leads to a higher vibration and higher temperature of form.


From Crystalline to Photonic Biology


Therefore, one’s future ancestors will not cease to ascend; they will continue to embody greater and greater levels of DNA beyond the crystalline structure. The crystalline structure is only the first phase of ascension; after a certain level of soul infusion is mastered, one leaves crystalline behind and becomes “photonic” in nature.


Photonic DNA creates another new form of biology that is energized by photon particles rather than sugar. It is as a photonic form is mastered that all species upon Earth will give up the requirement to consume anything including vegetation; as all energy that sustains life shall come from the Great Central Sun in the form of photon particles. The photonic structure is geared towards absorbing photon particles through the skin and breath allowing one to be energized in the exposure to light or in inhaling an atmosphere filled with such particles.


Those humans and nature kingdoms inside the Inner Earth are beginning the momentum towards a photonic state of being; Per and Asur’Ana also in their soul infusion are choosing to embody this now and in this lifetime. This paves the way for future generations of outer Earth people to do the same; someone has to go first and create the first map; this is Asur’Ana and Per’s role, and it is not an easy role as there have been many difficulties both in their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) and with their own physicality in order to continue to ascend. They have become ill many times; there is also no guarantee that this will not be so in the journey from a crystalline to photonic structure. One confronts death again and again in the choice to ascend, and perhaps this speaks to this truth.


From Regeneration to Self-Sustenance


What is a photonic state of being? One enters a state of self-sustenance. First one must become crystalline in biology. The crystalline blueprint allows for a state of regeneration to be mastered. In a state of regeneration, the body ceases to die or age, and learns to regenerate and repair cells that have become impaired or ill. Regeneration still requires vegetation to be consumed as there may not be all nutrients necessary to repair all cells from within; and so, one continues with a vegetarian diet after mastery of this state of being.


As all nature kingdoms become crystalline, they will cease to consume flesh, as flesh will no longer be the required substance to sustain the form; instead, vegetation and algae shall be the primary food source for all kingdoms upon Earth. This is anticipated to become to be so by 2053. In so doing, the lion will lay with the lamb.


In the next phase of ascension beyond this, one moves from regeneration to self-sustenance in which the biology learns to manufacture all nutrients necessary to repair each and every part of the form; furthermore, the body learns to energize itself not from sugar but rather from photon particles. In so doing, the particles as they are absorbed into the blood and cellular structure act as a small battery to provide all fuel for the body to exist and maintain its health and well-being. As this occurs, all species shall cease to consume anything ever again. This is anticipated to occur by 2130 at Earth’s current pace of ascension.


Humans Residing Within and Outside the Aurora


Some kingdoms will become photonic in the Inner Earth long before this occurs upon the outer Earth. Those that exist within the Aurora (the sun within Earth’s core) already have mastered the fourth dimensional photonic form and continue to exist upon a fourth dimensional Earth. This includes small population of humans of about 22,000 in total. There are also third dimensional humans that live outside of the Aurora in the Inner Earth along with nature kingdoms; humans and nature within Earth are much further along in the process of soul infusion than most upon the surface of the Earth. In a deep sense, the Inner Earth is leading the way in the journey home.


Constructing A Bridge between 2 to 3,000 DNA Segments


Surface Earth species including humanity have fallen much farther in genetic materials than those that have survived within the Inner Earth. The Inner Earth peoples and nature in the third dimension began the ascent at 3,000-5,000 segments of DNA; this process began well over 50 years ago. On the surface of the Earth, a bridge had to be constructed between 2 and 3,000 segments; this is what Asur’Ana and Per’s dreamtime Group Mastery Program has focused upon; creating a bridge for humanity to ascend upon the surface of the Earth from 2 to 3,000 DNA segments.


If this path had not been carved, all surface Earth peoples would go extinct in the times of cleansing. Alas there is karma and records that must be understood upon the surface of Earth, and this would not serve. Therefore, the attempt to ascend a small number of humans became the focus of the natural world over two decades ago.


Asur’Ana is one who attuned to the natural world and began to ascend in 2000. It was not until 2008 that enough of her ascent had taken hold that she could begin to write about her process so that the others that the natural world was also focusing upon to awaken could understand what was happening. However, it was not until 2018 that she was allowed to publish the ascension writings. Asur’Ana is what we would call a clear channel; she has a natural ability to attune to dreamtime and exist within it, and in so doing, can more clearly communicate with us and about the process of ascension without the interference of dark forces. And so, she has become a wonderful asset to the ascension movement by being able to give clear voice to the path and what it takes both upon a biological as well as emotional level to master.


There are many more to awaken in the decade ahead. Many will exit the physical plane, as they have no path or map to ascend into. This is no human’s fault; not all inherit the genealogical information necessary to ascend the biology. But those that do have such information and are awakening are spawning a new era, as the entire dream for the human species is changing at this time.


A New Age of Peace, Unity and Abundance


The dream is changing towards unity; and in time you will see magnificent leaders step out in positions of power and authority that hold a different dream for the human future, and one that will lead to negotiation instead of warfare, and a sharing of abundance and resources rather than the perpetuation of hunger, starvation and homelessness. There is a new dream underfoot; and each who is ascending is contributing to the collective human dream by intending a new future for your own species.


Regenerative biology leads to a new type of relations in the human dance. Why is this so? The outer is a mirror of the inner. For so long, humans have known only abusiveness towards one another; this was a reflection of the abuse within the biology that leads to aging, deformity, disease and death. There are biological agents known as viruses and bacteria and other destructive anomalies within the form; humans that are terrorists or warmongers or abusive in any manner are much like a virus or bacteria in human civilization for they destroy life. Through ascension to the crystalline structure, gradually all viruses and bacteria are transmuted into a new format that supports the health and well-being of the form. As all humans hold such biology, those that are a reflection of them within human civilization shall also cease to exist.


There is also disparity within the current form; some cells starve and yet others are overfed. This leads to a civilization where starvation, hunger and homelessness along with excessive hoarding and greed are expressed to an extreme. Ascension into the crystalline form brings about a gradual shift in which all cells are properly nourished, detoxified and repaired. As all humans hold such biology, the global resources shall be redistributed planet wide and bring an end to starvation; this shall be a reflection of the internal mirror that the collective human biological state of being creates. The time ahead is coming for this to come to be so and we perceive that by 2043, a new age of peace, unity and abundance shall unfold for all kingdoms including humankind.


Transmutative Agents


What do we wish to close with? Gecko and lizard are gifted at the act of transmutation. Gecko like a chameleon can blend with any environment to hide or be invisible. Call upon us to learn how to hide from dark forces that desire to lead one astray in one’s evolutionary journey. Lizards are gifted at shedding their skin, or in other terms letting go of that which is no longer required to continue to live and evolve. Call upon us to assist in understanding what patterns within one may require to release to complete with the past or complete with a difficult circumstance that does not bring one joy.


Asur’Ana has had many experiences with geckos and lizards over time. Early in her ascent, she would enjoy the presence of small lizards in her long walks through the California foothills. Sometimes lizards would cross her path or run up her feet; at such times, she would ask of our kingdom what she required to let go of in order to continue to ascend? For Asur’Ana thought of lizards as a transmutative agent, and indeed we are. Over the years, she has let go of everything. Asur’Ana saw that her evolution and spiritual purpose are what will fulfill her and nothing else will do. And so, focusing upon her spiritual path has been her primary goal.


Geckos have crossed the path of Asur’Ana recurrently in her former life on the Hawaiian Islands. She has come to enjoy our chirps towards one another that occur primarily at night, as this is how our species finds one another to mate and lay eggs. She took our presence in joy and as a mirror; a dead gecko in her home or upon her path may be death karma or accident karma that require returning or transcending within; a fat gecko crossing her path means the fulfillment of her dream. Chirps at night that awaken Asur’Ana might be a warning about a nonphysical force or serpent about to attack that she requires paying attention to, or some other pattern requiring transcendence.


In several places that Asur’Ana has lived for a time on the islands, the lights at night around the complex would produce an abundance of small insects. Geckos would gather in such places in large numbers to gorge ourselves; such geckos were often quite round if not outright fat in size. Asur’Ana would laugh at our abundance and “fat and happy” presence, taking it as a mirror for the joy and fulfillment of her own goals that was about to unfold.


Within her last apartment in Kaua’i, a gecko crawled into the toaster one morning without Asur’Ana’s awareness and jumped out as she began to toast her bagel. Alas, this gecko lost its tail in the fright of the experience! This caused Asur’Ana to look at what was trying to take out her tail (shatter her legs) through her grounding upon this day.


This gecko was with her for a long time and she witnessed the re-growth of the tail over the course of the months that followed. Geckos can regrow their tails you know, and Asur’Ana used the mirror at this time to retrieve information on the re-growth of limbs or other body parts that was a part of her ancestral knowledge. So, can ascending initiates not only re-grow limbs, but correct other anomalies in the body through ascension into the crystalline form. Call upon us for assistance on your own path of ascension. Namaste.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mysteries of the Little Creatures. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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