Image of a placid lake along a rocky peninsula. Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow

Chapter 4: Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow


Group dynamics is a subject that has been written of extensively for those who have participated in the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) for any length of time. The entire purpose of this organization has been to understand the current human game and then map carve another way of being that creates greater unity amongst those participating in the program. It has been a long hard road to co-create ever increasing unity, and the success of the group is more or less spoken to in the birth of the Community Program. For this program could not exist if those in DAS had not constructed a successful path to unity in group relations. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


What is unity? Unity is a state of being in which one exists in collaboration and equality with all others. There is no one in charge above oneself; each is responsible for self-governance, or in ascension, for handling one’s ascension on their own. The group may support the evolution of the individual, but each must do their part to ascend, as no one can really ascend another anyway. As each does their part, then the whole of the group can evolve.


If one fails to do their part, then the group can fail, or the group can choose to remove those who are failing from the dreamtime Community Program, so that the group can transcend. If anyone ceases to serve the group, then they are removed as this is acting from unity. Unity equates to the greater good of the whole; if anything does not serve the whole of the group or the whole of Earth, then it is evicted or removed.


In dreamtime, there is also a movement of greater unity amongst those ascending in human form global wide. Humans are pulling together in dreamtime and in the temples. They are working together to assure that each succeeds at ascension. One example of this is the “buddy system” where groups of 3 in each tier in the new and third consensus make sure that the other arrives at the healing temple each night. Just in case an entire group is lost, each group assures that two other groups arrive. Furthermore, an overseer makes sure all groups are present in case 3 groups did not arrive that were looking after one another. The system is causing greater success as ascending humans are receiving the support that they require to evolve.


There are other changes underway as well. Schisms have been a large problem in the past with parts of the ascension failing to take hold in the physical. Some of the underlying cause has been faulty angels who were part of a group of forces desiring to see ascension fail for humanity. As these forces have been removed, now the manner in which the angels have caused schisms deliberately in ascending humans has been perceived.    Read more