Image of stunning blue flowers. Shakti Relationship Lore #3

Shakti Relationship Lore #3


The Dreamer Within


The Lore of the Father and Beloved of the Yacht


The Dreamer Within


The dreamer of the dreams

Is a beautiful journey

Of the Tao within

That directs the life

In syncopation with the Dao

Causing the Beloved Within

To ignite a flame

Of a union Divine

In harmony with the truth

In a momentous occasion

Of an accolade of joy

In a beautiful forensic reaction

Of Love


Mother and Father Attributes of Self


The mother is an accolade of the feminine or the Dao within. The father is an accolade of the masculine or Tao within. In a state of divine union, the Dao and Tao ignite a flame within the heart. Dao and Tao seek divine partnership within or between the two as an archetypal foray of achievement. Divine partnership occurs only as a state of divine union is mastered within each in the relationship. Divine relationship of the two lies beyond the principles of the mother and father attributes of self as an expression of the beloved.


Mother and father attributes of self represent the beloved of naught. Neither the mother nor father role in relationship lore can forensically administer a synergy of the heart accolade of self between the two, demonstrating a state of love in the partnership. Divine partnership requires synergy between the two hearts in order to be fostered. Mother and father fables each create a state of care or false love founded upon superiority or inferiority as a predisposition of self. In a state of superiority, one partner is dis-synergized assuming the inferior role of two.


Superiority is an act of ego founded upon competition and ill will. In competition or ill will, one diminishes the other into an inferior role. Out of an inferior role, one partner feels dejected rather than embraced while the other feels cared for. In partnership, father expressions of ego suppress the feminine or Dao within. The female feels inferior as a result. Expressions of negative ego suppress the masculine or Tao within. The male feels disrespected as a result. Accolades of either ego or negative ego forensically repose dis-synergy upon the other. Love fails in the partnership as a happenstance as dis-synergy occurs due to imbalance of self.


Male and female genders are not necessarily scripts as mother or father conditions of self. There are males who can play the role of the mother, and there are females that can play the role of the father. Each hosts a masculine and feminine within. Females and males who play the father role host a masculine side that inflates within. Females and males who play the mother role inflate the feminine side of self within. In either case, the opposing gender is oscillated into a loss of self diminishing the will of the life. As the will of life is lost, a state of confusion, insincerity, loss of dream along with loss of truth within unfolds.


Dis-synergy causes the flame of union in the heart accolade to diminish within or in another. The flame of union is a required ignition of spark that is easily extinguished leading to the sensations of non-love. Mother and father type unions spark many patterns in union that dis-synergize the heart of another leading to the experience of non-love. Non-love can be experienced in many happenstances including loss of the feeling of being cared for, abusive behavior, loss of sexual desire, loss of the will to live and loss of dream leading to the experience of lack.


Mother Lore Unions


Mother lore unions tend to deject the male due to a lack of forensic action of sensual tantric nature in the union. The male does not repose sensuality towards the mother lore self over time. The male requires the beloved in equality to sustain intimacy of a sensual nature. Over time the superiority of the mother lore script extinguishes the possibility of sensual flavor. The loss of sensual delight causes the male to retract and potentially find another.


In the beginning, the mother lore union may accolade a dance of equality until the script takes hold in the dream for the partnership. Partnership scripts generally begin after the first year of marriage or in a live-in happenstance of commitment to the union without marriage. The longer the mother lore script syncopates in the dreams of the two, the less likely a sensual union will recur. In time the one feeling dejected may make a choice for an affair with another to spawn his or her sexual interests. Often the dejected one sublimates their sexuality into inner difficulties that can manifest as strife in the union such as verbal abuse and arguments over simple conditions of life.


The mother lore role tends to find interest in union behavior of nurturing of offspring and not necessarily the love of the beloved within. Nurturing causes a homey feeling of acceptance that spawns a delight of caring for a time. The caring of the mother repose is devoid of sexual or sensual systems of self due to happenstance of lore of offspring nature. Love of the mother for offspring is generally devoid of sexual interests on either side.


The partner of the mother lore becomes like a son rather than a beloved. Sometimes the son will play a non-responsible or difficult role in many happenstances of circumstance in a partnership. If the one in the son role is more mature, the partnership works better but fails to satisfy either in the union in the long haul. As a result, most depart unions of mother lore accolades of self after the lore cycle concludes. Lore cycles rendition every seven years of continued marriage or long-term partnership commitment. As the lore cycle concludes and fails to renew for another seven-year cycle, the union dissipates.


Father Lore Unions


The father role is a happenstance of sensual pleasure for a daughter who needs someone mature or older in the dream of partnership. For a time, the father role administers healing of the heart that the one in the daughter role requires to synergize more deeply within. The father role is more adroit in its assertion of self and can foster a nice partnership for a time. The inferiority of the role of the daughter generally reposes insincerity over time. The lack of sincerity pushes the one in the daughter role out of the union over time due to desperation or dejection of their dream. The insincerity is fostered due to lack of respect for the emerging power of the one in the daughter role as they heal of their wounds within.


Father-daughter and mother-son unions are complex. Sometimes females catch the lore of the father with a male partner playing the role of the daughter. Sometimes males catch the lore of the mother with a female partner playing the role of the son. Gender reversal of energetic signatures is commonplace today. Many women in the west accolade to male vibrations of self. Many men also accolade to female vibrations of self. If a female spins male energy, she can become the dominant partner playing the father role with a male who spins feminine energy catching the role of the daughter. If a male spins feminine energy, he can become the dominant partner playing the mother role with a female who spins male energy and catches the role of the son in the partnership lore dream.


Mother-Son and Father-Daughter Partnerships Fail to Synergize


Most unions today flourish in mother-son or father-daughter repose of self. The lore of the mother and father is unusual and varies between themes and scripts of lore happenstance. The chapters to follow will discuss the various scripts of mother and father lore partnership. Mother-son and father-daughter lore roles are a bipartisan happenstance of archaeology of self. The archaeology of self is an attribute of holographic nature. Mother-son and father-daughter archaeology are cross archetype in nature. Cross archetypes share variant archaeological scripts that fail to accolade a heart synergy of self. The result of failing to synergize the heart mind interconnection of the two leads to the happenstance of mother-son and father-daughter lore unions.


Counterparts and twin flame unions are not mother-son or father-daughter in lore in nature. Counterparts and twins host heart systems of self that are of parallel archaeology of anthology of lineage. Counterpart and twin systems of self host a wheel of possibility of union that is founded upon the synergy of the two within the heart. Synergy of the two catches an entirely different lore of union allowing a partnership divine to be accoladed unto in the life. Most experiencing union today will happenstance at least one long term partnership founded upon mother-son and father-daughter lore of partnership. The underlying cause is happenstance of cross archeological karma that requires completing before twin or counterpart lore unions can be made manifest in the happenstance of life.


The mother father repose of self is worthy of examination in life happenstance of lore unions. Mother father repose of self is an internal vestibule of existence. The mother role is an internal exhibition of self in which the Dao inflates into larger proportions than the Tao within. The father role is the opposite in which the Tao within inflates beyond the proportions of the Dao. Daughter and son roles are devoid of either Dao or Tao levels of self. Lack of development of the Dao or Tao within leads to inferiority complex of self. As Dao or Tao develops, the inferiority of self ceases through self-realization mastery levels of opening to the love of the love within. The following four stories exhibit the nature of mother-son and father-daughter unions in cross gender lore scripts.


The Beloved of the Father Lore of Self    


The man that Madelyn met was older. His name was Wilder. Wilder was mature and a good twenty years older but danced as one of her own age. Wilder courted Madelyn in beautiful ways with fresh posies in hand, an open car door, a chair at the restaurant nestling her in, and he always paid for everything. Madelyn felt well treated and nourished for the first time in her life. Her father had been physically abusive and Wilder was the perfect match for healing her heart.


The union took time as Wilder was not in a hurry, and Madelyn sometimes was evasive in her sensual flavor of self. She shied away from lingerie or candlelit nights, but Wilder lured her into himself over time. The closer Madelyn befell the love within Wilder’s heart, the safer she felt to express her sensual nature. The sensuality was limited but Wilder adored Madelyn and found her expression pleasurable due to her sensitive and caring nature.


The marriage was a heavenly repose of a sanctimonial union in a Catholic church of his life. The Priest was present and so were all the guests, and they accoladed a sincere union of lore dream for the two in a father daughter repose of self. Although Wilder was older and near retirement, Madelyn’s family was delighted with the union. Suddenly the two were off on a jet for the honeymoon of their lives.


The honeymoon was in a beautiful island scene of romantic moonlit walks along intimate beach shores and dining by candlelight in exotic bouquets of self. The two were romantic much as in the many novels that Madelyn had read of femme-fatale nature. The two desired never to depart the delicious happenstance of the honeymoon but needed to return to life. The honeymoon conceived a child unexpectedly of the two.


The child was born as a beautiful girl with sparkling green eyes and red hair not unlike Madelyn. Wilder adored his little girl more greatly than the mother. Madelyn found herself feeling dejected within. Her spouse failed to adore her as before, the child kept her up all night in the nursing, and she began to feel less than lovely in herself. Madelyn stifled her concerns and carried on in the marriage.


The daughter Naomi turned thirteen and began to blossom into a beautiful young woman. Wilder spent many moons of time pondering and educating his delightful Naomi. Madelyn had become a powerful real estate agent making a small fortune of her own. Wilder and Madelyn rarely spent time together as she was so busy with her many clients.


Naomi graduates from high school and goes off to a quaint college of Wilder’s choice. He wishes the best for his daughter and misses her between holidays and visits. There is less and less to attract Wilder to remain in the union with his wife. Madelyn’s days and nights are kept busy with her clients.



Wilder begins to court a younger maiden yet that is of foreign culture in his home town. Ramona is from Spain and works at a local sundry store of her extended family. They are unaware of Wilder’s marital status but hope for a good marriage of their niece and into a family of greater wealth and possibility of self. Wilder has an affair with Ramona who reminds him of his early union with Madelyn. He ponders divorce but is unsure of the effect upon the local community of friends and business relationships of his wife along with his daughter.


Madelyn chooses for divorce on her own a year and a half later. Wilder is relieved and soon moves in with Ramona leaving the house and all of its accoutrements to Madelyn. Naomi finds herself enchanted with Wilder’s new beloved and more distant from her mother. Wilder finds a small house through another real estate agent creating a cozy home for himself with his new wife. Soon another child is on the way with Wilder near the age of a grandfather.


The child is a beautiful boy and the nature of Ramona never changes. He happily raises the boy Trenton until the age of sixteen but eclipses into a fatal heart attack in the end. Although Trenton misses his father, he and his mother Ramona carry on in the beautiful foray of a dream of the romantic father lore self of himself. Naomi spends time with the two of them feeling more at home than with her biological mother.


Madelyn wins the real estate agent of the year award shortly after Wilder departs. She feels gratified at the success she has caused within her life happenstance. Friends abound but they are mostly client oriented and not necessarily sincere to her heart. Over time she recognizes that she has lost something dear to her. She proceeds as a middle-aged female to enter the dance of dating once again.


Madelyn has a difficult time finding someone suited unto her as Wilder. Men came and go and sometimes rely upon her financial success to sweeten their lifestyle. Naomi accolades unto her mother to cease to be so dominant and allow the love to flow again in her heart. Madelyn fails to manifest another union of any length of time. She has polarized into the widow of self of the abandoned daughter of the father lore dream.


Naomi carries on and marries a man similar to her father Wilder. Her union is only of a few years as she feels herself imprisoned. Out of strife, she searches inward and begins to open a chalice divine in the heart fostering the return journey to the love of the love within. Over time she meets a counterpart lore beloved, and the two marry for life bearing a child that is beautiful in the synergy of the trinity of the three.


The Beloved of the Mother Lore of Self


Elsie is a powerful personal person of her own. In high school, she was head cheerleader with a defined body archetype with larger breasts than most. The boys flocked to her for sensual exposure and hopeful exploitation. Elsie took advantage of her early relationships having a boyfriend a month until she settled upon one who felt the safest unto her heart. Finn was a difficult character, never really doing well at school. His use of drugs was a difficult happenstance that Elsie overlooked.


The two went off to separate colleges of choice but rendezvoused on break. Elsie failed to meet another that felt as good to her as Finn. Finn was such a distinguished name he was sure to happenstance his big dreams ahead. Finn desired to be a politician. In his mind, Finn was great, but in personal personhood, he was devoid of much charm. Elsie married Finn hoping to help him achieve his goals nonetheless.


The wedding was small in their home town. Some ventured to attend and some did not. The marital vows accoladed a dis-synergy of Finn in his life dream. Elsie became a nurse who was well paid while Finn went from job to job rarely retaining anything for more than a year. An economic downturn occurred, and Finn found himself unable to find another job for over three years. Elsie supported him like the trooper that she was.


While Finn was off work, he found himself attracted to another due to loss of sensual flavor with Elsie. Although she was bright and beautiful and took care of him, Finn felt a loss of synergy within. The loss of synergy spilled over into his inability to manifest another job happenstance. The affair was with a previous co-worker who was also married to a CEO of another company. Olive would never depart her spouse as he provided for her so nicely. The affair was a brief but beautiful union of the two as counterpart lore began to unfold. Olive doubted Finn could ever fulfill upon much and ended the union short of getting caught by her spouse.


Finn felt heartbroken in the dis-synergy of heart accolades once sustained by Olive. He entered another union with Jewel, someone else less in the happenstance of wealth. The new union took flight, and he found himself spending more and more time away from Elsie. Elsie worked double shifts to make the added income for the two. Finn liberally spent the extra funds upon his new beloved who hoped that he would take care of her financial needs.


Jewel was a waitress at a local bar who was beautiful and younger in age. She was really just playing around and not interested in anything serious. She had her eyes upon meeting someone wealthier that would take her away from the struggles of a low income in life. Jewel was beautiful enough and Finn a temporary plaything. As another happenstance of greater capacity to manifest entered Jewel’s life, she broke off the union with Finn. Once again Finn found himself dis-synergized in his heart accolade of self.


Finn still fails to find work. He focuses again upon a third beloved that is wealthier than all the rest. Raquel is not beautiful and larger in physical happenstance of size. She is kind to Finn and gives him added spending money as a gift of her heart. She appreciates Finn for his divine appearance and loving nature. The heart accolade expands between the two for a time. Finn suddenly departs the home moving in with Raquel who has a large and beautiful mansion overlooking a lake and golf course in a prime area of real estate values in town.


Elsie is devastated having worked so hard to support Finn. How can he do this to me, she ponders, after all I have given? She finds herself broken hearted in the conclusion of the union. The two divorce and Finn continues to live with Raquel allowing her to support him much as with his first wife. The two marry but the union becomes one of strife. Raquel is less than palatable in nature than Elsie, and Finn finds himself in large arguments with an unstable, alcoholic wife.


Finn finds himself taking care of Raquel who becomes increasingly incapable of holding her life together while drunk. He pays the bills and makes sure the house is cleaned and the garden is tended unto. Although there is plenty of money, Finn finds his life going into the sensation of living in a prison of his own making. Money is not everything he recognizes, but the pre-marital agreement of twenty years in order to receive half of her happenstance of value in alimony retains him in the union longer than he might have remained otherwise.


Elsie seeks inward through spiritual foray of mastery as to why her union failed. She recognizes the need to give too much and the failure to be loved in return. Elsie opens to her divinity within and chooses for another type of partnership ahead. She meets a beautiful counterpart lore female and chooses for a gay partnership. Bonnie is sensual and gifted at the pleasure of the bedroom in tantric delight of self. Elsie is surprised at the beauty of their union and the two choose to live together after a time. The two make a choice to marry and carry on in a lifelong commitment of union mastering the joy of divine partnership within and without.


The Male Lore Mother of Self         


Cooper is an effeminate male in appearance and behavior. His beauty accolades with his mother who adores her son through adulthood. The family has not much but they save to send Cooper off to architectural school. Cooper knew he was gay by age twelve. He confides in his mother who understands. His father would never know until he was older for he might not pay for his college course otherwise. Cooper went off to a university nearby while living at home to save expenses.


Cooper discovered the delights of many gay happenstances of union. Often, he was out all night and claimed to his father that he was studying in the library on campus that was open for those preparing for exams. Cooper was gifted at school and in spite of little sleep succeeded at an A- average. He graduates successfully from college and lands a job in an architecture company in another city departing his parents’ trilogy of union.


Cooper carries on in the gay nightlife and meets many men due to his effeminate character. Men know instantly that he is gay as soon as he opens his mouth. Cooper has many sexual encounters, so many that the memory of each soon fades. Cooper meets an older and wealthier man and soon the two contemplate a long-term union. Cooper moves in and delights in the beautiful happenstance of a mansion in the nearby countryside and vineyards.


Cooper takes a leave of absence to travel the world with his partner Vincent. Vincent provides and takes care of Cooper in a nurturing and caring manner. Cooper enjoys the sights of the world for many years. He chooses not to return to work. Vincent puts aside a large sum of money and transfers the title of a few properties into his name to make sure he is well taken care of beyond his life.


Vincent finds himself losing weight and contemplates if perhaps he has contracted AIDs. Sure enough, the doctor’s tests turn out positive. Cooper also worries that he too may have contracted the problematic disease. His tests turn out negative however, and Cooper feels a wave of relief. Vincent becomes increasingly ill, and Cooper takes care of him until his death. Death is a prolonged experience of deep sadness for the two that takes many years to unfold. Following his death, Cooper takes time to contemplate the nature of the loss of his union with Vincent.


Cooper goes on to develop a unique style of décor due to his capacity to create beautiful environments for the wealthy to accolade unto. The environments Cooper creates are of architectural nature of in-door out-door flavor with plants and waterfalls and trees under glass roofs with ample light. The wealthier clients he caters to delight in all that he creates for a large fee. Although Cooper is successful, he longs for another union and seeks this out for himself in the gay happenstance of the local village.


Cooper’s wealth attracts a younger man who is very straightforward and beautiful. The two accolade a union that is a delight to Cooper’s senses. Cooper trusts Ivan a little too much and he steals a few credit cards causing them to max out in a short time period. Cooper overlooks the happenstance as the sexual foray is too good to fail to forgive him. Ivan is not faithful and happenstances a bad circumstance that catches him in a bar brawl amongst those who choose to abuse those who are gay in the region. The fight causes Ivan to end up in the hospital with broken bones and a smashed face requiring plastic surgery to recover his beautiful nature.


Cooper takes care of Ivan allowing the surgery to unfold. There are eight operations required to restore his right eye which was punched out. The sight may never recover and a glass eye is required. Cooper weeps over the sad happenstance of his beautiful lover; and knows in his heart that he really longs for another long-term union again after the loss of his first partner. Ivan is far less assured of himself after all the surgeries are completed. He knows that his beauty is somehow marred and out of this cause chooses to remain with Cooper but not out of love.


Cooper finds over time that the sensual pleasure and foray of dream with Ivan fades. He chooses to provide a little for Ivan and move him out of his life for good. Ivan finds his way into another gay relationship, but continuously calls upon Cooper when funds run tight in his happenstance of life. Cooper feels obligated and continues to provide for Ivan for many years to follow.


Cooper finds himself in another partnership. The new partner is successful as a decorator of interiors that delights the senses; the two happenstance a business that flourishes together far better than either alone. George is an older man who was once a model. The two weave a beautiful foray of happenstance winning awards for adroit house décor and design in Homes and Garden and Architectural Design in the years to follow. The two emulate counterpart lore in which the dreams expand into deeper fulfillment for the two.


The Female Lore of the Father of Self     


Bethany is a beautiful model that forays for a dream to be on the front of Cosmopolitan. She is adroit and thin but beautiful and angular in the face. A little make up and push up bra take care of her boyish figure. Bethany is free and easy in her relationships and often happenstances brief sexual and sensual encounters. The limelight of the model industry calls many men into her circumstance of self. Although causing a brief sexual encounter is easy, finding a long-term union is very difficult for Bethany. She ponders why those that she dates for a few months suddenly fade taking interest elsewhere.


Bethany chooses a gay partnership for a time with a photographer who is very effeminate in her presence. The two dances together for a time and soon this union also fades. Bethany inquires with Zola as to why the partnership is fading? Bethany enjoys her time with Zola and desires to understand why each union fades and what may be the problem within herself. Zola shares that Bethany is evasive and insensitive and appears not to care. The lack of love may be the problem and is an issue to work upon within yourself, Zola accolades. Zola is on the spiritual path and looking inward at herself.


Bethany contemplates the issues that Zola presents, and seeks out a special healer and therapist to explore her struggles from a more internal perspective of self. The healer points out that Bethany is only in her male vibrations which pushes others away that desire to be with her in the heart. Bethany takes time to contemplate why this is so and ventures back to her early life when her father abandoned her mother, departing at a difficult time in her life. Bethany took on the role of the male of the household holding down two jobs at age sixteen to help make ends meet.


The fame and monetary gain of modeling has allowed Bethany to support her mother Joyce in a very nice style. She bought her mother a lovely town home in a sweet region recently, allowing her to retire. Joyce is grateful to her daughter’s success and desires her to feel fulfilled in partnership in this life. The two take a nice holiday together and explore the issues of each of their lives. Joyce is also interested in dreaming within and allowing herself to heal of her difficult happenstance of raising a daughter alone and with so little due to an abandonment of the heart.


Bethany realizes that she is frightened of the male who is powerful and certain of himself. She competes with any male of any success to be more beautiful and happenstanced than he. The competition renders the dream of the two into a cessation of union. Bethany chooses to delve deeper as to why she is so frightened of intimacy and the love of the two. She realizes that she is her own man within and chooses to recover the feminine of herself within. Her quest takes her to many places including India to understand herself and to a tantric teacher of deep understanding of the nature of union. The teacher aids in the opening of Bethany’s heart although there is also a deep heartbreak with another tantric union that fails in the Ashram.


Bethany returns home and finds her center again. Her work flourishes as a model and soon she is to introduce her own line of lingerie. The lingerie creates a moderate business as she puts more attention into causing union for herself in her dream weaving than success in her business affairs. She dates many and a beautiful man shows up via a wealthy only exclusive dating service that she has joined. Ashton is older and comfortable in himself but seeking someone younger and beautiful for the love affair of his life. Bethany fits his vision of beauty within and the two soon marry taking their honeymoon in adroit parts of Europe.


Bethany finds the marriage conflictive unto herself. Yes, he is wealthy but his age really daunts her as she sees beyond the veils of illusion that he caused as they courted. Ashton is not necessarily well and soon Bethany discovers herself needing to nurse an ill partner. Ashton has developed cancer and she is unhappy in the happenstance of the circumstance. She opens her heart and finds deep compassion for his creation and the pain that it has caused. They seek out many treatments, and a remission occurs. Now and for the first time Bethany appreciates the union perhaps even more greatly than before.


The two spend time in many places taking long holidays to mansions that Ashton owns. Bethany finds within herself the capacity to love her own Tao within. Her heart ignites although Ashton cannot really experience the love she feels within so deeply. Ashton becomes ill again a year later and dies in the hospital Christmas day. Bethany weeps deeply at the loss of her partner that she loved so greatly. She spends time introspecting and recovers from her grief in a few years of continued self-development through forgiveness of self.


In time the love returns, and she is able to enjoy the bloom of the flowers in spring, the beautiful clouds drifting by in the blue sky, and the lovely glow of the ocean at sunset at the beach. Bethany discovers in her path a union divine within. She chooses not for another partnership for a long time. She hears her beloved who passed speak into her heart from across the veils through time. She knows she has a deeper purpose to fulfill upon. One day she too will pass and join him in his arms again as a nonphysical foray of self.




The mother-son and father-daughter systems of self happenstance of union, are only fulfilled upon when dominance and subordination are at play. The one in dominance causes a forensic repose that subordinates the other. The nervous systems respond by causing ego reaction of behavior in one, and negative ego in the other. Ego dominates and negative ego subordinates in all human behavior. Ego likes and trusts and negative ego flourishes in the non-repose of self. The non-repose of self leads to distrust and dislike along with subversive behavior such as lying, cheating or stealing.


Ego based behavior forensics a motion that causes a dis-synergy of self in another. The other reposes into motions of non-self of the non-self within that collapses the heart accolade of self. The loss of heart disheartens the one dis-synergized into grievous action of self. Those in negative ego repose of self often cry a lot or are in deep sentiment of grief sometimes for no apparent cause. The life may appear okay; there may be enough food and a beautiful place to live, and yet the heart is heavy due to the dis-synergy of a partnership of mother or father lore forensics upon the nervous repose of self. Sometimes the nervous repose of dis-synergy causes a physical accident or ailments leading to disease or death in extreme dis-synergistic cause. The entire body and field along with mindset can be dis-synergized leading to major illness of self.


The ego habitat forensics a notion to depress the will of self to perish or experience difficult happenstances upon those in negative ego repose of self. Those in negative ego repose of self, take on the dark dreams of others in ego habitat. Ego habitat is a happenstance not only of relationship lore but also life lore and scripts for work circumstance and family dynamics of self. The lore of other happenstances parallels relationship lore in configurations of self. Negative ego repose of self is a condition to master through self realization in order to rise beyond.


Shakti lore is a union-based fable series of dreams that are received by each that demonstrate the desire to cause union in the life happenstance. Fables ignite within the self of the self within to impose a forensic repose of action that administers the dream unto the field. Dreams are a fluid that pours over the motion of the rotation of field and catches as a life experience. Fables determine the lore and partnership patterning experienced in all jurisdictions of self.


Those mastering self can choose to forgive the fables of the current happenstances of life and alter the outcome to one that is more favorable. Many fables end in death or destruction or some other difficult happenstance. Fables are subject to forensics of self. Forgiveness alters the forensics of self causing the dream to repose into a different outcome that is more positive in stature. Positive outcome of life happenstance of dream is a measure of self-realization in the life.


Positive outcome relationship lore occurs only in habitat of the forensics of counterpart and twin lore of self in union. Although counterpart and twin lore can be positive, there are also many negative or ego based patterns within the behavior of those seeking union of archetypal repose of parallel self. Ego and negative ego repose of self require transformation within counterpart and twin lore union to accolade synergistic repose of self. Many in counterpart and twin lore will strive to master an on-going state of synergy together and may happenstance upon difficult moments of ego and negative ego-based experiences to be transcended together.


The spiritual path is a journey of the unfolding of self. Self has happenstanced many experiences through time and in variant ancestral ley lines of expression. The ley lines of self return to the same archaeology habitually to repose healing of the sad forensics through time. As the life heals of sad happenstance of self, so does self and spirit also heal of parallel cause.


The Dreamer Within


The dreamer of the dreams

Is a beautiful journey

Of the Tao within

That directs the life

In syncopation with the Dao

Causing the Beloved Within

To ignite a flame

Of a union Divine

In harmony with the truth

In a momentous occasion

Of an accolade of joy

In a beautiful forensic reaction

Of Love


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For Per, the Love of My Life.

Pure Love


My dream became a reality because of your unconditional love.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 4: Divine Partnership. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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