Image of a closeup of a bright orange dahlia. Partnership Archive #1

Partnership Archive #1


Introduction to Transfusion Lore of the Two


Twin and Counterpart Theory of Self


The partnership archives are for each in relationship or those in search of causing a divine partnership in life. The materials are also useful for introspection over the Dao (feminine) and Tao (masculine) union within and for those who may not choose for partnership. All partnership issues without are a reflection of struggles to cause union of the Dao and Tao within in a fusion of the chalice of the divine.


18 Groups of Twin Incarnations


Dao and Tao are precepts of existence that cause the masculine and feminine genealogical sequences of dreams for the biology. Twins are exact duplicates of genealogical series of records that form a male and female biology in eighteen groups of incarnations born in the same cycle. There are many types of twins. Most twins vary in focuses of dream and are born within five years of one another in time. Birth dates and astrological charts will vary depending upon the focus of the life of each twin. The divine relationship foray of dream of twins are an exact duplicate of genealogy and a birth date within five years and seven days or less of one another. Birth time and date may vary to augment a polarity between all other twins to balance the lives in each experience.


Most Twin Relationships Manifest in Dreamtime


Some twins foray for shared systems of self for realization purposes in life. Others live their lives more or less without much awareness or self-development. Polarity is so extreme at this time that the possibility of all twins of inheritances associated with realization cannot self-develop in the same incarnation cycle. This is a sad epitome of self not that resides upon Earth in the current happenstance of this cycle. Those choosing for realization as twins are a special foray of a partnership that manifests generally in dream time and not in the physical. Occasionally, divine twins will manifest a union in the physical. Some cross twins of variant age brackets do meet and sustain friendships over time.


Some twins unite as divine partners within the same five-year cycle of birth. Twin unions of this nature are rare physical plane happenstance of self. Twins are also born of many layers of archetypal sequences of transfusion lore of self. Some who meet and marry as counterpart lore may rendition into twin lore as light synthesis achieves certain decibels of wave lengths of mastery. Archetypes layer around each transfusion body causing patterns to foray between the two of counterpart and/or twin nature through time of continued realization. Twin union of this nature is developmental and not necessarily founded upon divine partnership twin lore, although the accolades of achievement through the struggles of twins still require surmounting in the partnership for synergy to become more sustainable.


Twin lore is dream time oriented and twins by and large support one another by sharing of self and information to sustain each life. One to three twins manifest life dreams in extremes of little will or good fortune due to another twin manifesting a guru foray of existence. The guru foray damages the possibility of one to three twins to realize and sometimes to sustain their existence much beyond 20 years of life. As the guru-ship takes flight, often one to three twins die in some collision of karmic systems of debt unto the guru twin.


Guru twins do not develop every cycle of twins born. Gurus form within a cross age twin foray every fifty years or ten cycles of lore agreements. Twins of cross age rarely sacrifice life unto the guru but may happenstance little dream leading to life strife of poverty level experience of self. Poverty level of self leads to disease and loss of manifestation of self in all happenstance upon Earth. Twin lore is complex and we shall seek to develop an anthology of understanding in the essays offered in the Partnership Archives ahead.


36 Groups of Counterpart Incarnations


Counterpart lore is more flexible in choice of birth year and date or time. Counterparts number thirty-six in any incarnation cycle of eight years. Each of the wheels of counterparts foray for a dream associated with counterpart lore of self is encrypted upon birth. In present time foray of counterpart lore theory, polarities are born each eight-cycle demonstrating the prince and princess or dragon and sorcerer or demon theories of self.


Twin lore theory is less happenstanced in extreme polarities due to polarity between twin and counterpart lore theory as a whole. Twins are little polarized amongst one another in any cycle and support existence in the physical. Counterparts are polarity based in positive and negative pursuits of self in life. Sorcerer theory are counterparts that utilize a black magic tantric foray of demon dreaming accolades to rendition self for themselves. Demon lore is sorcerer based and counterparts playing the auspicious role of a sorcerer can and often are demon in nature. There are dragons who can play sorcerer roles for a time in light synthesis karmic review.


Positive and Negative Twins and Counterparts Lore of Self


Layers of counterpart and twin lore theory of self host positive and negative lore expressed with other twins and counterparts in life dance. The sorcerer layers trigger demonic interplay even if the self of the self is of dragon nature. As the sorcerer counterpart theory of self shifts, the demon lore changes and the counterpart reverts to the prince or princess or dragon lore of truth. Karma is complex between counterparts and is in some cases just as uncomfortable as condrian lore of self. All that is required is that one transfuse through all demon interplay issues and the lore shifts of all patterns of sorcery nature of self. (Please refer to “Light Wave Archive #7” of Light Wave 1: Transfusion for more information on condrian DNA and condrian lore theory of self.)


Sorcery is not condrian lore of self. Condrian lore of self is also demonic and often in alpha and beta or love and hate attributes of mindset. Sorcerers of counterpart lore can be confusing as they exhibit unity-based precepts of self due to thessa and thulsa or above mindset development. Dragon dreaming is for the positive foray of counterpart lore fables along with twin lore except for a few nemesis twins systems of self born in each cycle. Nemesis twins repose in demonic interplay until the karma is transfused through. Condrian lore issues are also renditioned as they are transfused through in each cycle of octaves mastered in light synthesis.


Twins Provide Support for One Another in Dreamtime


Twin lore that is transfusion based has four systems of self associated within. The four systems vary founded upon genetics derived at birth. The systems of self are defined as trust, faith, hope and rendition of self. Trust are those twins that foster trust that the world will not cave in during moments of strife. Faith are those twins that allow Spirit to manifest for one or the other when dreams fail.


Hope are those twins born to foster a symposium of self to birth the continued existence until death lore is forayed for due to failing biological sequences of dream. Rendition of self are those twins that are present to master and foster the mastery of other counterparts or twins in a multi-layered level of multi-age twin and counterpart lore theory. Twins support one another in a variety of relays of dreams that express gratitude, love, peace, honor and unity of one another throughout the life.


Twins meet prior to birth to rendition the archetype and foray for the genetics to repose the varying roles of self that each is to play throughout the life. Twins meet every five years to summarize life experiences and share with one another in a dream time symposium of self. Some twins of mastery level gather more frequently to share in the realization of self. Most twins of mastery meet every year if not more frequently to sustain the path of realization within.


Twins of Mastery Theory


Mastery twins span fifty years of incarnation. Generally, mastery twins number seven of various male and female genealogies gifted at rendition of self. Rendition of self is not a foray of twin dream for many to exhibit. Those mastering upper mindset development generally rise to the forefront of mastery level twins in any given cycle, aiding each self-realizing in dream time. Twins of larger mastery happenstance will cross into other twin and counterpart lore incarnations of other archetypes capable of mastery theory of self.


Mastery theory is case specific to the habitat and issues of the life, the nutritional foray of biology and the health condition of self in association with the possibility of self-realization. Self is particular as to what biology is mastered as health is a prerequisite for each mindset level to be fostered. Levels of mastery are sustained in the life through self-development of field and mindset. Self-development that concludes at one level can carry on through repose of self following death. Repose of self is a counterpart and twin lore theory of post life self-development. Post life review can carry forward into each twin and counterpart lore life in the cycle of incarnation of self. Repose of self is a mastery in and of itself. Repose of self can allow those mastering to work their way off the wheel of reincarnation upon Earth.


Transfusion Lore


Self-development is a twin foray of partnership dream primarily. Counterpart lore can self develop in unions if twin layers are present between the two archetypal natures of self. Pole reversals can happenstance archetypal sequence changes in unions to foster self-development of the two. Self-development of the two is a transfusion lore of dream all of its own. Shakti lore is a more general lore of union that couples around the world foster in the dreams of life. Transfusion lore is case specific to the choice to master together in a foray of divine union realizing divinity within.


Transfusion lore is a sequence of dreams that fosters specific unions that foray for a system of synergy of self between the two leading to divine expression. Synergy of self is a case specific issue and many twins struggle with happenstances of adroit equations of self that fail to sustain a state of synergy. Transfusion lore is fostered to forgive and heal those equations that fail to sustain synergy within and between the two. Karma includes forays of dreams in which sorcerer or condrian lore humans interfere with the heart mind accolade within or between the two. As the karma is transfused through in each layer within the two, a deeper level of synergy is mastered within and without.


This is the first introductory level archive to describe the basics of twin and counterpart transfusion lore variations upon a theme. There are eighteen levels of transfusion lore to be discussed to follow. The order of the materials will foray for a parallel with the Shakti Relationship Lore that will be written in Light Wave 4: Divine Partnership. Transfusion lore parallels in many sequences of difficult twin and counterpart lore theory of self. The first few essays will be the darker accolades of self dis-enfranchisement associated with difficult transfusion lore of the two. All transfusion lore is commanded by the Dao within.


Please be at peace. In the lore of the transfusion of the two. The Dao


Transfusion Lore of the Two


I am the accolade of achievement

Of myself

In a repose of sincerity

In a theory of Divine Partnership

Of the Twins

In a foray of synergy

In a state of a Union Divine

In a lore of beautification

Of the truth within

In the caress of the Dao

And the infinite possibility of the Tao

In the Love of the Love within


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For My Beloveds throughout Time and Space



The Inspiration for this treatise on the Forever Love between Twin Flames and Divine Counterparts.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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