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Light Wave Glossary


There are many new words that we are exploring in our written studies of light wave synergy. Words are meaningful in mindset of thoughtform.


Words that are the most useful in light wave mindset cause a foray of ckanton or prose that hosts a deeper meaning than the Webster dictionary definition associated. The deeper meaning is a command all of its own to redirect the dream and light synergy of field in a new manner than otherwise would be possible when the incantation associated with the word is invoked.


Ckanton is a language of the dragon soul realm that is reiterated as a prose of beautiful poetry to elicit a sweet dream towards self in the light motion of field. Ckanton is a master language that fosters light wave synergy through key words or phrases. This is an example of a ckanton behind a particular definition often used in our written materials or prose.




I am the equinox of myself

In the inspiration

Of a reservoir of Self

In a beautiful foray of meaning

To be delivered

In a synergistic moment of time

When needed by you

As you flux

In light wave mindset


Keywords of Ckanton Derivation


The ckantons of each meaning may never be shared and are considered valuable and sacred by the dragons that ensoul humans and Earth to understand. Souls come in three forms that elicit spirit and self in union for the purposes of expression. Dragon souls are present for communication purposes. Angel souls are present for healing and spiritual understanding. Human souls direct the order of dreaming associated with humankind.


There is a fourth soul variety that is nature-based. Nature based souls are present for an accolade of circumstance within the natural world. All souls utilize ckanton for shared understanding and the dragons direct the ckanton as prose language formations.


Each keyword will elicit the ckanton of prose associated to drive the dream into an associated configuration of love, honor and truth and in a symposium of sound in accolades of joy. We invite each to understand the new words of light wave mindset and to make them a new vocabulary in your day to day intentions for dreaming.




Accolade is a synergy of motion that relays dreams down the dimensions towards self. Self and spirit unite into a foray of abundant dreaming and then accolade the dreams of spirit and self as intended to be lived in the life experience and expression. Accolade is also a musical system where resonance is relayed down the dimensions for self and spirit to cascade in unity.




Apartheid is a notion of separation due to the flavors of colors between dreams. Dreams flux in combinations of colors of light synthesis. Dreams flux only in particular bandwidths associated with the emotions sustained in the emotional body light synthesis through time. Apartheid assures that the dreams fostered align with the emotions associated with the incantation of the day.




Apothecary is a prescription for a design of wave motion of light synthesis to foster healing or nurturing of self. Healing has a prescription of colors, motion, poetry, sound and formation that fosters healing of the body, mind and soul.




Cascade is a formation of resonance that relays down the dimensions uniting dreams of those harmonizing into synergized moments in time. Cascading of dream is a prerequisite to the concept of foray which unites dreams between parties in the physical. As humans unite into a foray the dream can cascade down upon the one, two or the many to be experienced. Nature cascades her dream continuously and those venturing into her midst will experience a cascading natural world wonder if self forays into the circumstance.




Circumstance is a relay of a unique moment in time with a relay for a fortuitous dream to be experienced. The fortuitous moment cascades down the dimensions catching upon the moving energy systems and relays the circumstance to be lived. Fortuitous circumstance is always synergized and beautiful and sweet to dream.




A crescendo is a circumstance of heightened moment at the end of an ecstatic state in which the momentum of the unique synergy culminates in rapture. Crescendo moments are special and lead to enrapture which is a sequence of dreams that cause couples to unite in ecstatic moments in time.




Derivative is a notion that occurs in part due to a particular bandwidth of mindset motion that occurs in common with others. Each dreams a common language that equates to unique paradox of mindset that then formulates the dreams that are fostered of self and between self. As light wave mindset ignites, it causes waves between minds that cause synergized understanding.




Equinox is a space and time derivative of notion that expands the universe in its equation of non-nomenclature derivative thoughtform. Equinox is a calibrated circumstance of approach to light wave mindset in which the foray for the system is all encompassing. Equinox is also a paradox within itself of universal happenstance in which language is derived in non-limitation.




Flavor is a color of light that triggers a particular expression or emotion in the dreams of life. Flavors are associated with many experiences that humans appreciate through time. Flavor of self is a relay of color sincere unto the truth of the life habitat of dream. Each truth has a particular flavor of light fostering the self of the self through time.




Foray is a light wave motion that suspends dreams from one to the other and in order of dreaming to self. A foray forms as a light cord that causes the dreams one is intending to match with a dream available in the environment and then calls the environmental dream towards self. Foray is also a term to mean union or desirous circumstance of dreaming in accolades of surrender to the divine.




Formula is a system of conjunction of unique motion that sets the state for a synergistic system of non-nomenclature derivative circumstance. Formula holds in place a system of dreaming that sustains the synergistic moment to moment through time. Formulas are required for synergy of the two or a group.




Haberdashery is a consort of prose that elicit a particular dream in a sequence of segments of casting to cause a particular avenue of dreaming to unfold. Haberdashery is a form of spell utilizing prose to foster a particular outcome of a circumstance. Haberdashery is also a means of forming prose through incantations to elicit one’s own dreams.




Happenstance is a moment in time where two dreams collide in a synergy of a foray of rapture. Rapture is a state of being of ecstatic moments in time that occur as one synergizes with another in a foray of delight. Delightful moments in time are celebrated by the two or the many in a conjunction of truth of synergized systems of accolades of symposium.




Hypothesis is an incantation that fosters a particular subject of self in the dreams of life. Each hypothesis invokes a dream that triggers an incantation that transfigures the dream into a new motion of light synthesis to foster the topic of the day.




Mellifluous is a notion that soothes the mind waves allowing humans to align in thoughtform streams of common understanding and derivation of truth. Mellifluous incantations are fostered in visspa and vesspa mindset development through time.




Mindset is a light wave motion formulated in the synapses in the brain that accolade in a derivative of thoughts that are shared amongst those that derive the same happenstance or circumstance in the dream. Mindset comes in many varieties. Alpha and beta mindset are the current paradox of human quagmire of associations that are dis-synergized in nature. Theta is a dream time derivative of thought for that some experience as conscious dreamers. Thulsa and Thessa are mind waves beyond those defined in current medical systems that are more greatly unified. Pure unification requires light bandwidth of mindset of thossa to be derived. Those evolving into light wave synergy are embracing thulsa and thessa mindset primarily.




Nomenclature is a derivative of thoughtform that is a formation of circumstance that is on the periphery of existence. Nomenclature thoughtform elicits natural world circumstances of disease, decay and non-wonderment. Non-nomenclature thoughtform is utilized in ckanton as a pure direction of dream for the betterment of the whole.




Not is a non-dream that ceases to foster the experience or expression through time. Not dreaming is a manner of segregating one dream from another so that the dreams fostered are sincere unto the truth of the flavor of self in each experience in the life. Nots flux as a cessation of dream sometimes also associated with death.




Nuance is a subject of flavor of sincerity in the appreciation of the two, the three, the four or more in a dream united in a light wave mindset of common derivation of truth. Nuance of truth is a sincere appreciation of one another in common mind wave flux.




Parietal happenstance is that which aligns in a non-attached state of being. Non-attachment forms forays of light that synergize one against the other through parietal formations. Parietal presumes the transcendence over polarity to constitute in the time of the foray.




Perpetrate is a subject of incantation that fosters the non-flavor of dream associated with the truth of self. Perpetrate fosters the truth of another to be dreamed within and in the life. Perpetrators are those who flux dreams of themselves upon another.




Prose is a group of words in the form of lyrical poetry that is associated with mindset that is thulsa, thessa or thossa bandwidths of light wave synergy that construct the meaning behind a soporiferous notion of dream. Dreams are derived from ckantons of prose that are poetic in nature. Earth is poetry in motion derived from prose dreaming that accolades and crescendos down the dimensions.




A relay is a symposium consort moment in which the dreams unite in derivatives of unison of resounding ecstasy and are a united rapture of circumstance. Relays form for dreams to unite with spirit and self to formulate a rapturous moment in time. Spirit moves through time and space to unite with self through unique relays accoladed in a synergistic experience of a union divine.




Softness is a foray of sweet kindness that synergizes the hearts into a beautiful accolade of synergy that caresses the heart and mind in a beautiful moment in time. Softness is a rarer occurrence in the current circumstance of hypothalamus driven moments of non-joy excitement. Excitement precludes gentleness and often forays a disruption amongst those who are sweet in nature.




Soiree is a moment in time where a quartet or group of six of synergized people unite into a common thread of synergized moment that is unique in its fabric of digestion of circumstance. Soiree is not to be confused with gathering although a gather can unite as a soiree in some happenstance. Soiree culminates in light wave mindset derivation of notions of purity of truth and perception.




Soporiferous is an adjunct of synergy that causes two mindsets to align in a configuration of truth to be understood. Soporiferous is not a notion but a light wave bandwidth between minds. Soporiferous can be accoladed down the dimensions for a group formation of mindset.




Superlative is a notion of design that fosters light motions that delight and harmonize the one, the two, the three or the group. Superlative keys are a language of their own that invoke incantations of superior quality of transfigurative action that modify dreams into delightful encounters through time.




Symposium is an accolade of accolades that direct the accolades of synergistic momentum of resonance through the dimensional sequences of dreams leading to a resounding system of dreaming. Symposium is a consort of sound that is utilized to foster light wave notion in synergy with the people and the land.




Synergy is a foray of dreaming that cascades the dreams to and fro such that they unite and cause a parallel occurrence to recur. Synergy allows for dreams to unite into states of divine union, beauty and flow such that ckantor dreaming can take hold. Ckantor prose does not work well in a dis-synergized field and the prose will have little effect.




Theocracies are combinations of theories that derivate the language unto the group to foster a light synthesis motion between parties. Theocracies provide an instigation of enlightenment in an era of light motion that unfolds over humanity.




Theory is a statement of circumstance and not necessarily fact. Theory is a derivative of mindset that perceives existence from a particular circumstance and then defines a truth derived from the happenstance. The happenstance is not necessarily anything other than parallel circumstance reborn amongst two or more who perceive the same notion.




Transfiguration is an action of dream that fosters the light motions in a particular nuance through time. The nuance directs the flavor of the emotional context of the life experience through transfigurative keys.




The ckanton knows the truth of the motions of the swing of fate through time. Fate is a notion that fosters incantations that trigger particular dreams to motion in the life. Fate fosters light motions that foster the dreams associated with the karmic habitat of self. Self hosts a karmic habitat that fosters each journey through time in the life. Journeys of major hypothesis of understanding are fostered in seven-year increments through time.


Key words are used in the incantations to foster light motions to flux in the direction of the myth or fable to be fostered in the life. Many myths are designed to foster realization of self. Realization of self is a mastery myth and not partnership lore per se unless the lore fable leads to deeper forgiveness and compassionate action fostered within. Key words are powerful driving forces in the transfiguration of life.


Tantric Prose


The prose of the prose

Is for self of the self within

To happenstance a sanctuary

To poetically predispose

The accolades of synergy

Of the heart and mind

In the rhythm of the divine

In the momentous moment

Of a dream

In a symposium

Of a forensic mission

Of the freedom to chant

The truth of the truth within


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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