Image of delectable blue berries on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #12

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #12


Kinship of Self


Kinship of Self



The love of the two

The three and the many

Foster a bond of the heart

And a marriage of spirit

That emerges into the truth

Of the dance of all

In light wave motion

In a syncopated rhythm

Of the divine

That triggers soul family

To thrive in care and love

In a tantric reunion of the heart


Kinship of Self


The kinship of you is the friendship of soul family. Soul family is a destiny of the divine to find one another through time. In the love of soul family there is a beauty in partnership, friendship and other fosterings of the emerging clan of light. Soul family can only emerge as the light motions a sway between parties. Light wave synergy sway of self is an age old motion that fosters the flavor of care of the heart in pairs, triads, quads or the many. Sway of self is a joyful experience that delights and entertains and triggers the emotions of fulfillment of kinship within the heart. The sway of kinship of self is fostered through the heart accolade. The heart sways in a saucer like motion back and forth in light ribbons of self. The sway ignites a flame of kinship in the heart region of the subtle body.


Two who sway together expand the size of the light wave motion to twice the size. The expansion of heart feels warm and fuzzy within in a caress between the two anointed by spirit and soul. Blessings flow to and fro allowing both to feel as kin. Kinship can include romance but not always. Romance is not the design of kinship but two as kin can grow into a bond of sacred partnership of the divine if it is their destiny. Kinship of the two is a very sacred friendship that may foster realization of the two through time. Realization of the two is a fostering of a shared journey of spiritual introspection that can oscillate into common understanding of divine principles directing the life.


Three who sway together foster the same size sway as a pair in kinship of the heart, but the motions are more balanced. Three causes a triad of heart accolades that can swing often in greater ease together in light motion of field. Triads foster delightful synergized moments of friendship to be shared in the delight of “ourselves”. Ourselves is a self that striates into three or more through time. Common self of kinship is a sacred bond of spirit into matter. Spirit and soul direct three or more as an ourselves to foster a parallel life journey of realization together. Bonds of kinship are sacred actions of self to foster the love of the three or more. Love is the mainstay fostering of bonds of kinship in soul family configurations through time. Read more

Image of apple tree with juicy fruits. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #3

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #3


Swing of You and Me


Swing of You and Me



The swing of you

And the swing of me

Fosters a synergy of the three

In the heart accolade

Of you and me

In the love of the many

And the care of the whole

In light wave synergy

In the oneness of ourselves

In a motion divine

In an ocean of our hearts

In a beautiful dream together as one


Swing of You and Me    


The swing is a metamorphosis oriented space in which two or three may flow as one. Oneness theory is a beautiful orchestration of light wave synergy of the two or three. Swinging together is not to be confused with sensual pleasure. Swinging is a sway of motions of light that foster a nest in which two or more may rest and care for one another as kin or friends or beloveds. If another enters the swing of the two, the trilogy of the three swings together. The more that swing together, the larger the bounty for each in the motions of light. The light enhances the dreams of the nuances of the experience of the two or three to share of their time together. Each synergizes and then swings in the beauty of the two or three.


Swings are not uncommon even in this era as a nonphysical system in which many may adjoin in dreaming the life at night and motion together while asleep. The motions foster sustenance of the physical so that it can renew and revive itself through time. Swings are an unconscious experience for most of humans who have polarized into discord with one another in life. For those emerging in light wave synergy, there is the possibility of learning to swing together in synergy while awake. The swing while awake will call to you the most mesmerizing of exchanges with others who can foster the unity and oneness possible in the swing of you and them. If three are involved, then the swing expands to encompass another that causes yet another delightful exchange of a triad of formations of light.


Swinging with two or three is a very beautiful exchange. There must be harmony within each and between the two or three in order to foster a beautiful swing together in light wave synergy motions of field. Two who are discontent cannot swing together. Two who swing together frequently in delightful nuances may discover that the third who is in disharmony breaks the swing of the two. The swing of the three requires all three to be in harmony with one another and within. Read more

Image of an avocado tree with juicy fruits. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #1

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #1


Synergy of Self


Synergy of Self



The synergy of you

Is a fostering of you and me

In a sway of our ancestries

As monadic soul family

In the love of the whole

In the care of all

In which the dreams align

For you and me

In the love of the honor of each

In light wave synergy

Of the self of ourselves


Synergy of Self


Self is your light motion consciousness. Self is aware, perceives, witnesses the life of you and dance of dreams with others, and contains all the knowledge of your life experience and also of your archetype. Self can be mutilated and harmed and motioned unto another triggering a loss or fall in consciousness. Self can also be grown into a beautiful tapestry that dreams beautiful dreams in the experiences of life. Retaining the self of you and your consciousness requires synergy to be mastered as a notion and light wave motion of field. Loss of self ultimately leads to disease and loss of abundance through time. Gain of self can grow yourself into more beautiful and sustainable dreams and restore health through time. Self modulates the dreams of life in each interaction and each cycle of lore fables through time.


There is a language that self speaks along with soul. The light wave synergy sign notions of self are the language of soul along with the self of yourself. As you learn each light wave notion you will speak more directly to the self of yourself and your soul. Speaking directly to yourself allows the self of you to better direct your dreams towards fostering you in directions that take you into new heights of truth, honor, love, abundance and care of the soul family. Soul infusion is a syncopated rhythm of the divine fostered through the self of yourself. A soulless state is the result of a loss of synergy between the body, mind and spirit. As you recall to synergize between the body, mind and spirit, soul can infuse. As the soul infuses, it redirects the life into its divine purpose.


New soul families are forming at this time amongst those who are destined to realize themselves ahead. The soul family is a marriage of sorts that lies beyond the birth family or marital family and with others of astute mindset capabilities. The soul family will begin to gather in the coming decade to foster one another in many regions upon Earth. There will be many departures from the non-realizing people in your life to foster new relationships and partnerships with soul family members who are incredibly gifted at their capacity to realize something about life. Soul family cares. Soul family synergizes together to foster a beautiful sway of light motion of field as a clan. Read more

Image of multicolored pebbles. Earth Archive #6

Earth Archive #6: Soul Family Fostering


The Dreams of the Soul Family


The dreams of the soul family

Assert themselves as tales of the Baba

Into a grand design of Self

That fosters each and the whole

Into large life scripts

In the care of the two three and many

In the love of the Tao

And the fostering of the Dao

And in the care of the monadic duet

That fulfills each heart through time


Soul Family Dreaming: The Love of the Many


Soul family dreaming is a design for the soul infused life of a shared monadic duet. The shared monadic soul duet fosters dreams in unison with the clan. The clan carries forth the dreams in a wheel of possibilities that supports each into finding fulfillment in the life in the creative expressive projects fostered through time. There is no end to the possibilities within soul family dreaming.


To envision the dream is the first project for each in this dreamtime study program. Take inventory for each dream that would foster fulfillment within. As the dream is envisioned, it is projected upon a soul family template of a holographic system of dreaming. The monad suspends the holographic template for each to dream upon within the soul family. Each participating is motioning into soul family configurations. The soul family configurations are a direct dreaming project that fosters instant results if one dreams at the speed of light.


Dreaming at the speed of light occurs as you transfuse beyond 800 octaves. Dreaming at the speed of light is an orientation of self. Self descends in order to foster the dreams envisioned each day, week, month or year ahead. Dreams are scheduled in yearly increments to foster the realization of you. Dreams will align to what is envisioned within. Read more

Image of sparkling crystal jewels. Light Wave Glossary

Light Wave Glossary


There are many new words that we are exploring in our written studies of light wave synergy. Words are meaningful in mindset of thoughtform.


Words that are the most useful in light wave mindset cause a foray of ckanton or prose that hosts a deeper meaning than the Webster dictionary definition associated. The deeper meaning is a command all of its own to redirect the dream and light synergy of field in a new manner than otherwise would be possible when the incantation associated with the word is invoked.


Ckanton is a language of the dragon soul realm that is reiterated as a prose of beautiful poetry to elicit a sweet dream towards self in the light motion of field. Ckanton is a master language that fosters light wave synergy through key words or phrases. This is an example of a ckanton behind a particular definition often used in our written materials or prose.




I am the equinox of myself

In the inspiration

Of a reservoir of Self

In a beautiful foray of meaning

To be delivered

In a synergistic moment of time

When needed by you

As you flux

In light wave mindset Read more

Image of a spinning sphere of light. Healing Through Transfiguration and Transfusion

Healing Through Transfiguration And Transfusion


Transfiguration is an act of physical and biological transformation that occurs through time sequences in the dream to cause healing of ailments. Through transfiguration, one can alter a particular organ, gland or system back in time restoring the health from a time when it was experienced in health. One can also move forward in time restoring a future blueprint of genealogy into the physical structure in the act of ascension to cause the biology to become stronger and healthy.


Transfiguration can be focused upon individual organs, glands, or systems or the entire body in the act of a full body transfiguration. Those who understood transfiguration over time have by and large lost the information on healing except for perhaps some very devoted sages of the east or medicine people of the indigenous cultures upon each continent.


Transfiguration and Ascension


Transfiguration can also be utilized to ascend. In the act of transfusion-based ascension, one moves the organ, gland, or system or body in a full body healing into the future blueprint that is to unfold ahead. Ascension through transfusion is easy; however, it is also easy to move into DNA that may not be as supportive as one thinks. Therefore, it is important to choose the DNA ascended into wisely so that it resonates and was from a time that the inheritances was in its maximum health in light wave synergy.


Ascension is an act of choosing to restore the genealogical blueprint of the holographic template to an earlier structure that was prevalent at another time in one’s inheritance. There are holographic templates that go back in time 30,000 years of the ancient ones who were seeded upon Earth from Sirius about 200,000 years ago. The genetics of this type of structure were fusion based and spun light wave formations as thoughtform. The remains of the bandwidths of light wave thoughtform and the associated inheritances remains around Earth, although humans and all kingdoms have sunk far beneath this in present time vibration.


Light wave thoughtform and genealogical sequences are not only sustainable but existed without the requirement to consume and lives from the breath alone in its purity of sustainable states of being attained. Light wave thoughtform is syncopated in Tao time which spans past, present and future in a single breath. Because light waves span time, time can be modified in the biology to allow for transfiguration into alternative shapes which include physical sequences of health and well-being. Time is a transfigurists paradigm in which one transfigures the existence into the dreams of a lifetime. Read more

Image of rainbow waves. Fusion Energy Systems

Fusion Energy Systems: Transfusion Into Regeneration And Renewal


The light wave biology within the ascension path is a different path from consensus-based ascension. Consensus-based ascension creates moving energy systems founded upon patterns associated with nature and the land. In building a field founded upon magnetic resonance with Earth, one ascends as a consensus keeper. Consensus keepers also help to heal the land as this is their underlying nature; and often consensus keepers attune to the kingdoms in great love and honor as this is a beautiful relationship.


Light waves have not been a part of the consensus ascension path other than in very small amounts due to the requirement to not over heat the land. In light wave work, one separates from the movements of the land and ignites fusion light wave synergy into the biology and fusion body. The fusion body is a larger version of oneself in the same physical shape but woven of light waves.


About Light Waves


Light waves are formations that are structured out of light. Light is a wave that forms a line that sparkles. As many lines that sparkle are united, wave formations are constructed through intention. Light waves are a language all of their own that as they flow cause one’s creation and dream to be commanded in a particular direction of love, honor, unity, respect and joy.


Light waves are a form of esoteric tantric formations. Esoteric tantra is an application of light waves to stimulate the nervous system, unify the field so that it remains in balance, heat the field up to hold one’s vibration, and also unify the two or the many into sequences of dreams that hold unity, love, honor and peace. Light waves are applied through intention, and it is our goal to write about formations useful to ascending and transfusing into health.


Light waves are rays of light that emanate from the sun and other stars. Light waves also emanate from Earth’s Aurora. There is also an intricate light grid and light show surrounding Earth. In light fusion, one taps into the light of Earth or other creations and then runs the light through the field. Read more