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Light Wave Archive #22


Karmic Fate Happenstance of Self


14-14 and 16-16 levels of mastery are adroit equations to foster compassion as an action leading to divine interludes of self. Compassion is a notion that one forgives and then makes peace with the other to a truth of care even in difficult happenstances in life. Divine interludes are compassionate action in command over the dream that foster self. Divine interludes are not necessarily easy systems to master in today’s marketplace of greed.


Greed fosters non-care of one over some. Greed interferes with divine interludes of self in mastery. Many developing self today lead simple lives with less than most to foster divine interludes of self dreaming through time. Poverty is sometimes also an issue if the karmic habitat annotates a need to foster the dreams of others amongst those mastering self. Greed is not a cause of self. Self chooses to find the divine. Greed is not divine but a marketplace of self of not. Self of not is not self-development. Self of not fosters the appearances of development that is not.


Development that is not is renderous in notion. Not is a state of being in which nothing exists. False development renders real development to exist or dream the life. False development is at an all-time high in the developments of the planetary sequences of dreams. Over one third of the current developments are developments of not. At this time, self-developments of not are to be un-developed to foster real developments in higher octaves of continued realization. Higher octaves of self rise far above the 14-16-18 and 20 binary equations through time. Most developments of self of not rests beneath the 20-20 in this era. Those rising above the 20-20 will recover what is lost to the development of not of karmic happenstance of fate.


20-28 binary equations foster realization through the hypothesis of Mother Earth lore of self. 30-38 binary equations foster realization in triads of creator and creation theory of existence. 40-48 binary equations foster realization through life forms of self fostering understanding of ancestral karma and reincarnation habitat of life. 50-58 binary equations foster conscious dreaming into astute systems of Tao information in service unto the Dao.


60-68 binary equations foster a fostering of care flowering the Heart of the Tao development within. 70-78 binary equations foster prose incantation realization of self-understanding itself in wave formations of language. 80-100 and above binary equations trigger transfusion lore of self-realization itself through the hypothesis of lore fables of life in mastery dreams of fate.


Those rising above the 30-30 binary equation must form a group of others (students) to foster realization in a lore fable of tribal or ohana based associations. Those who do not foster a group sometimes rise above the 30-30 octave but rarely in other eras. The group is necessary to realize the lore of self within. All lore is a reflection of the fables within the archetype suspended in the field in the karmic habitat of fate. Above the 20-20 level of encoding, the karmic habitat moves from the archetype into the subtle bodies to draw the fable dreams into the life. Fables are incantated in each lore cycle into the karmic habitat of fate to foster realization of self in life.


Karmic happenstance of fate is a series of equations to balance the scales of false developments in the inheritance through time. False developments rise in many eras including Atlantis to render the sincere development of self. Sincere development of self is a state of awareness that perceives beyond the illusion of greed and the fostering of rendering activities to cause larger dreams than the karmic habitat allows for. Those of renderous nature often render the karmic habitat and motion outside the archetypes to foster dreams larger than allowed for in the life given the karma to be settled through time. Those rising into renderous notions often cause more karma than born with to settle fostering difficult lifetimes of untouchables ahead.


False Development      


The two thirds of the developments fostering self today have become rendered in recent months of difficult happenstance of false development fostering the rendering of the planet. Those rendered may lose dream or circumference of affluence through time if not renditioned into further development into octaves above. Those mastering in the sincerity of heart will be fostered in octaves above where one resides today. Those failing to demonstrate care of the heart are to be un-developed. False developments do not demonstrate care of the heart through time. Care of the heart is both conscious and dream time occurrences of life. Many 18-18 levels of development that demonstrate care of the heart are now to be fostered into the 20-30 ranges of octaves through light infusion of self.


Light infusion increases toxins arising to be burnt into gas. Toxins can accumulate leading to disease rather than sustainable health in increasing light infusion. Those mastering into the 20-20 must purify the body to cease to become ill into the future. As the etheric body attains a fifty percent status of light infusion, the diet must be renditioned to be primarily of organic nuts, fruits, vegetables and vegetarian resources of non-dairy protein to retain health and prevent false development happenstance through time.


Health is best sustained through liquid diets of fresh juices and soups or pureed organic vegetables through time. The intestines require digestion in the upper tract to cease to produce flatulence, decay or gangrene that can form if the bowels do not motion enough. Taking herbal laxatives if the bowels do not motion in a 24-hour period can aid the body in retaining its health through time in the 20-20 octave or above levels of development.


False development often occurs as the body becomes ill through time following a successful development into 20-40 levels of octaves. Generally, those rising into the 50-100 levels of mastery motion beyond disease in the biology due to transfigurative capabilities of renewing the cells through time. Diseased cells foster languages associated with hate, despair, greed or lack. As the body fosters disease, the languages associated prevail in the field triggering a relapse into non-care of self following an earlier development.


Herbs and Nutrients Requirements for Light Synthesis


Continuing to consume flesh, fish, carbohydrates from grains (except those high in protein or sprouted) or the wrong legumes, milk, cheese or eggs will make the body ill following the infusion into the fifty percent stratification of light. Consuming not more than one cooked meal of one to two cups of cooked or fresh vegetarian food along with juices and adroit combinations of herbs and other nutrients is also recommended to foster a non-diabetic flux of self to retain the health through time.



The brain is a structure that feeds off fat, protein and specific sugars to foster thoughts of prose wave language. Prose wave language fosters realization of self in the 20-100 levels of binary encoding. New synapses develop that feed not off simple sugars generated through carbohydrates and sweets. Synapses range from feeding off complex sugars along with specific fat and other substances often fostered through herbs or other nutrients. Herbs and specific nutrients are a necessary part of the equation of health through time in light synthesis of self due to depleted soil condition of human farmlands.


Herbs and other nutrients along with diet must be monitored to be accurate to the needs of the biology each week and month of continued development into higher light quotients. Those who are gifted at perceiving the nonphysical will hear the equations for themselves. Those who cannot are best to seek out guidance and advice from those who can hear the nonphysical more accurately through time to avoid ailments or disease in continued development through time. Many diseases accompany development through time and can be offset through nutrients and dietary shifts that foster restitution to the blood and biology.


Food Addictions and Dietary Mismanagement


Those developing must give up addictions to food resources popular in today’s marketplace of non-self of life. The non-self of life enjoys addictions to fosters a habitat of existence. Many addictions are the result of the non-self affluence the field or biology. The choice to remove non-self may assist in breaking food addictions not sincere to the development of octaves possible in a light motion of self ahead. Addictions are not sincere to the body’s requirements for sustenance of life.


Food addictions include many substances not thought of as addictive in the current foray of dreaming food resources for the postulations of non-self derivations of life. Addictions include the false need for carbohydrates, sweets, the wrong fruits or starchy vegetables which are not suitable to the sugars required by the cells of light synthesis biology. Cells that deject the blood sugar develop the symptoms of diabetic flux over time and if not renditioned will lead to a loss of health and death instead of transfusion home.


The biology of a light infused body above the fifty percent threshold can occur in 16-16 developments of light wave mindset development. Those of 16-16 gateways may require rethinking the concepts of food in the life. Health is a sustainable notion of self. Disease is a sad fate for any development of any level of octave due to the pain associated with the process of death.


Those who demonstrated a loss of development due to languages that do not foster love are sentenced into death regalia of self. Death regalia is a difficult postulation for one who has fostered a development of conscious dreaming through time. Death regalia is difficult and yet the life must be brought closure unto if the languages trigger others in negative equations of dreams of life.


If too many false developments arise as they have in this era, the collective thoughts of disease foster a motion of dream for humanity into death through annihilation of self. Nuclear war was fostered in Atlantis as too many developments fostered disease rather than clear light infusion. Atlantean humans failed to rendition their diets adequately to foster transfusion into higher octaves in health through time. Humans today are on a parallel path of disfiguration due to mismanagement of the dietary habitat of self.


Conscious Death


Those who demonstrate care and are to be light infused may transfuse to a peaceful crossing through time. Transfusion into a peaceful crossing must occur before disease is fostered to a percentage of fifteen percent of the cellular structure. Above fifteen percent, the transfusion death would foster languages of hate into the biosphere of the planet. Choosing to transfuse home if one knows that one is becoming ill is a good intention to foster following a truth of development of self in the life.


Those becoming ill following a time of development can choose for a conscious death. Conscious death is fostered through a diabetic flux. As one fasts for two to four months, the pancreas shuts down allowing blood sugars to build until they clot and shut down the heart and lungs. Conscious crossing is a gift of the divine when chosen for and many resources of deep care foster the crossing as a blessing of spirit. The current apothecary of humanity to extend life as disease occurs is a sad fate of many in Atlantis that crossed through transfusion before they were complete with the karmic habitat of fate. One must be complete with the karmic habitat in order to choose for a conscious crossing following a life of development.


Sometimes developments cannot complete the karmic habitat of fate in this era. If this occurs, spirit may grant a conscious death as a gift of the heart. Those of deep accolade of heart of the Tao developments can choose for a conscious death if the body is becoming ill. Spirit is always present and dreams alongside each development. Conscious attuning unto spirit guiding the self of the self and the soul fostering the development is useful to dream the life and design the dream to allow the karmic fate to be completed upon through time. The 14-14 level of development must be risen into and mastered in order for conscious death to be chosen at the conclusion of the life.


Mastery of the 14-14 Within


14-14 binary encoding is a 141414141414141414140 notion. The 14-14 rearranges the molecules to foster the four corners or the concepts of the north, south, east and west in a medicine wheel rendition of the life hypothesis. Within the concepts of the north south east and west, there are cycles that are born, flower, die and then are reborn and flourish again in larger octaves of development ahead. Spiritual mastery for a 14-14 development is cyclic with the seasons of life. The four corners of self is fostered in the 14-14 to 16-16 binary ranges of development.


The north is a time of renewal into sustenance and generally accompanies the season of the springtime. The west is a time to flower in the summer of life. The south is a time of transition in which the death or nemesis of self unfolds. The east is a time of deep contemplation over the year’s spiritual work to be reborn again as the springtime. Cycles can be one to three years in time duration of self. The four corners of self-equates to native teachings or other indigenous cultures that never departed the 14-14 to 16-16 binary range of encoding unless they fell into the human marketplace of greed.


The 14-14 to 16-16 persona is often medicine driven in lore of a native culture even if white in birth stature. Archetypes cross racial boundaries through time. More white developments thrive in this time in red nation hypothesis of self. Archetypes foster development in cycles that are polarized through time. Red culture developments were fostered in the past three cycles of light synthesis. Today the white but red hypothesis of development is more greatly fostered. Those of white with red hypothesis find sustenance through natural world habitats of self in the four corners of the medicine wheel hypothesis of existence.


There is a resonance with the natural world for those of a 14-14 to 16-16 hypothesis of self-development. Finding compassion is first fostered within through acknowledgement and forgiveness of humankind’s current ill fate with nature in this cycle. Humankind has distorted and damaged the Earth plane and this is to be forgiven and compassion launched in understanding the how’s and why’s of planetary karmic fate through time. The 14-14 level to 16-16 levels of development fosters balance of self. Balance of self fosters dreaming of just enough, and not too much or too little through time finding the way to sustenance and the flavor of abundance in life.


Abundance theory of life is a 14-14 to 16-16 driven module of self. The self of the self sustains balance of dream through time in the life to clear the karmic habitat of fate. The clearing of karmic habitat may motion dreams to and fro unto others or unto self. Dreams must be given to others when there is a karmic debt. Dreams flux unto self when there is another debt in return generally from another. The influx and out flux of dreams sustains the life in balance in the 14-14 and above levels of development.


Abundance theory rises above greed-based principles of self within. Mastery of the 14-14 is not an easy task in any time period upon Earth. There is more in the human world to throw potential developments out of balance with big dreams of greed and fortune or small dreams of poverty and lack that never allow abundance to be fostered within. Compassion is key to mastering abundance of the 14-14 octave. Compassion allows a synergy of motion in the dream flux with others that one may be at odds with in life or in guilt within oneself. As synergy motions in compassionate action, dreams are sustained for each and the whole. As dreams are sustained for each and the whole, there is always enough and a state of abundance becomes the life experience.


Mastery of the 16-16 Sequences


The 16-16 sequences of encoding represent the fulfillment of the compassionate master of self. As the binary encoding of 161616161616161616160 is fostered, the molecular rotation expands into the four corners of self leading to a larger dream in life. The larger dream fostered can amount to the life of a medicine man or woman or spiritual teacher.


Many 16-16 developments are innocuous in life but very compassionate to dream with. The 16-16 development of self understands compassion as a goal in the thoughts driving the life forth. When compassion cannot be uncovered in a particular and difficult dance, the intent to find compassion within fosters forgiveness of karmic habitat of self and compassionate action to follow. Reflection upon personal ancestral karma between parties often fosters the understanding needed to find compassion for another within.


The 16-16 binary encoding is a difficult happenstance of dream if forgiveness of self fails to flux into the life. Some intend to forgive but fail to foster the equations of forgiveness in the Tao within. The Tao within is required to master forgiveness and compassionate action to a 16-16 level of octave. The Tao within can be assassinated, and if this occurs the 16-16 levels fail into adroit equations of disease in this era. The Tao within fosters all levels of mastery from the 16-16 levels and beyond.


The 16-16 flux is an adroit equation of compassion through time. The master of compassion creates many life experiences to foster the birth of compassionate action within the life. Very difficult sequences of earlier life dreams must be confronted within and renditioned into forgiveness. Most 16-16 levels of development foster difficult mastery lore fables through time. The mastery of the 16-16 levels occurs in the lore fables of Yogananda, Babaji and Ohana or Hawaiian systems of self. Self-development into the 16-16 octaves inaugurates mastery lore fables of life and partnerships of truth through time.


The 16-16 fables are an equation of the compassionate dreamer through time. Compassionate dreamers learn to find compassion through life or dream time strife. Compassionate dreamers draw interludes of the divine as forgiveness and compassionate action unfold. Compassionate dreams often foster others into development through time. Some compassionate dreamers are gifted healers of all genres of support in life. Fostering others is a compassionate calling to generate a better dream for others. The compassionate dreamer knows the obstacles in the dreams to be dreamed and fosters others into beautiful experiences of fulfillment through forgiveness of self.


Life of the 16-16 level of mastery is one of fate. Fate is a significant karmic interlude that fosters the sustenance of the dreams of life. Most 16-16 levels of fate are difficult and founded upon ancestral karma caused in other cycles of enlightenment and light synthesis of self. As difficult karma is surmounted, dreams turn into fulfilling postulations of self in each 16-16 level development through time. 16-16 levels of development are generally fostered in one in thirty-six who master the 14-14 level in this cycle. 16-16 levels of development are fostered amongst those sincere unto the path of truth of the Tao within expressed in life.


The 16-16 levels of mastery are postulations of divine union within with Dao and Tao equations that spin continuously. Dao and Tao equations require divine inoculation of self to be fostered. Divine inoculation is a postulation of divinity that is infused into the self of the self within. Divine inoculation is fostered as those departing the 14-14 circumference of dream foster forgiveness and compassion for each in difficult life encounters rising into a fate of the 16-16 within. Some are incapable of forgiving very difficult life postulations in this cycle and remain at a 14-14 octave for life. Often rape and extreme abuse is one of the difficult life encounters that trigger a difficult rise into the 16-16 levels of threshold of binary encoding.


14-14 and 16-16 Development and Partnership Lore         


The 14-14 and 16-16 development forms a partnership founded upon compassion of one and not the other. Generally, the lore fable fosters one who finds compassion for their partner and most others in life but the partner fails to understand or interpret life from a compassionate point of reference. Often, the partnership of 14-14 levels of development foster a separation through time due to the difficult Shakti or Shaktar lore of one who fails to master. The lore fables of the 14-14 and 16-16 developments are Shakti or Shaktar lore oriented and not mastery oriented in stature of the two.


The 16-16 development fosters partnership that is astute in its capacity to find compassion together if each are mastering at parallel levels of fostering. Occasionally, a 16-16 level mastery fosters a divine partnership of deep compassionate awareness of self. In ancient times, the 16-16 levels of mastery were more common fostering compassionate action within the tribe. Today, one out of one hundred partnerships of a 16-16 level orientation of self fosters compassionate action of the two. Compassionate action of the two is a powerful force when manifest to alter the dream of the group, the region, the nation or the international exchange of life dreams.


Those rising into 16-16 octaves of development of care of the two are generally fostered through twin unions of self. Twin lore is a sacred act of union of the two for divine purposes of realization of self. Sacred union is an ancient stature of development. Today, far more unions motion into a breach of self experience. Breach of self triggers a loss of the accolade of the heart. As the heart absolves, death of the one realizing self may occur.


The 14-14 to 16-16 octaves of development are adroit equations of life unfolding in realization incantations through time. Realization incantations foster motions of the divine realizing itself. Divine realization is a postulation of hope and gratitude for life. Life is divine and fostered in motions and notions of difficult moments of strife followed by realization of what requires forgiving through time. As forgiveness unfolds, another postulation occurs through which compassion is demonstrated within. As compassion is expanded into further, divine understanding is fostered.


Group Mastery for the 14-16 Development      


Divine understanding is a derivation of life that is to be fostered and lived, cared for, given unto self and given unto others out of care of the heart. Care of the heart is a demonstrable realization of the divine. Care chooses to help, acknowledge, strive to understand, strive to be understood, and strive to foster others through time. Care is a notion of the divine in the life unfolding with others in close proximity to self. A group of others developing to 14-14 and 16-16 levels of mastery or above generate a flavor of ohana based fostering of care of the heart for one another.


Groups today are primarily 11-11 to 12-12 levels of development in the spiritual foray of the human marketplace. 11-11 to 12-12 group relations demonstrate judgment, a bending of will, a bending of truth subordinating unto the teacher or guru, a lack of fostering some and preference for others, and a lack of capacity to care for all or the whole. Groups attempting to rise above the 12-12 hypothesis of group dynamics often fail in this cycle. The polarities of humanity are very difficult in this time period. Often groups are pitted against one another or the leader in difficult equations of self. Sometimes the leader perishes from the ill will of the group; sometimes group members perish due to difficult group dynamics of energetic strife.


Realization of self and the motion to light infuse those demonstrating care of the heart may trigger new group dynamics to emerge in some group happenstance ahead. Group dynamics are a fostering of the 40-40 and above hypothesis of existence on the part of the leader. The leader at a 40-40 or above level develops through group dynamics fostering forgiveness of self. Leadership of group systems is a karmic fate happenstance of self fostered in key archetypes through time. The karmic fate of leaders of group dynamic systems of lore dreaming is often very difficult to experience within or in the life.


Mastery lore fables of leaders above the 40-40 dynamics of self are very rare in this cycle. Mastery of group fables often fall upon gurus or those of fame of the metaphysical foray of dreaming. Gurus sometimes master to a certain threshold of self but generally not beyond the 50-50 level of binary encoding. There are also many false gurus in this cycle. False gurus demonstrate rape of the following through time triggering a loss of sincere developments.


Rising above the 50-50 level in a group dream of fame becomes an obstacle in this cycle when this may not have been so in other light synthesis cycles gone by. Gurus of fame that rise above the 50-50 generally perish unless they rise above the 150-150 hypothesis of mastery in the life. Mastery fables foster fame of the leader so that groups form and gather to be examined and realized through on the part of the guru.


Most mastering above the 40-40 level of development foster small groups in this cycle. Groups are carefully gathered to unfold in karmic habitat of group fate of each. Group fate of each calls those requiring their presence at events or encounters with the leader to foster the development of each and the development of the group light motion. Group light motion is a powerful means of healing self of the self, Tao and Dao of the planet and fostering further development of each.


Love of Self


I am that I am

A beautiful human

Choosing to rise

In a light infusion of self

Through the strife

And into a new life

In the dreams

Of the Tao

In the realization

Of the Dao

To foster

Divine understanding

Of the predicaments

Of life


The 14-14 Numeration

(Pastel green in color)


I am that I am

A fostering

Of compassionate action

Within myself

Through the life

In divine timing with soul

In a mastery preoccupation

Of a fable lore system

Of Shakti or Shaktar

To foster the love

Of the Dao and Tao



The 16-16 Numeration

(Pale yellow in color)


I am that I am

The fostering

Of a new era

Of self

Born within

In the flight

Of a fable of mastery

Triggering divine oscillations

In a life

Of self

Realizing itself

Through time


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