Image of a spinning sphere of light. Healing Through Transfiguration and Transfusion

Healing Through Transfiguration And Transfusion


Transfiguration is an act of physical and biological transformation that occurs through time sequences in the dream to cause healing of ailments. Through transfiguration, one can alter a particular organ, gland or system back in time restoring the health from a time when it was experienced in health. One can also move forward in time restoring a future blueprint of genealogy into the physical structure in the act of ascension to cause the biology to become stronger and healthy.


Transfiguration can be focused upon individual organs, glands, or systems or the entire body in the act of a full body transfiguration. Those who understood transfiguration over time have by and large lost the information on healing except for perhaps some very devoted sages of the east or medicine people of the indigenous cultures upon each continent.


Transfiguration and Ascension


Transfiguration can also be utilized to ascend. In the act of transfusion-based ascension, one moves the organ, gland, or system or body in a full body healing into the future blueprint that is to unfold ahead. Ascension through transfusion is easy; however, it is also easy to move into DNA that may not be as supportive as one thinks. Therefore, it is important to choose the DNA ascended into wisely so that it resonates and was from a time that the inheritances was in its maximum health in light wave synergy.


Ascension is an act of choosing to restore the genealogical blueprint of the holographic template to an earlier structure that was prevalent at another time in one’s inheritance. There are holographic templates that go back in time 30,000 years of the ancient ones who were seeded upon Earth from Sirius about 200,000 years ago. The genetics of this type of structure were fusion based and spun light wave formations as thoughtform. The remains of the bandwidths of light wave thoughtform and the associated inheritances remains around Earth, although humans and all kingdoms have sunk far beneath this in present time vibration.


Light wave thoughtform and genealogical sequences are not only sustainable but existed without the requirement to consume and lives from the breath alone in its purity of sustainable states of being attained. Light wave thoughtform is syncopated in Tao time which spans past, present and future in a single breath. Because light waves span time, time can be modified in the biology to allow for transfiguration into alternative shapes which include physical sequences of health and well-being. Time is a transfigurists paradigm in which one transfigures the existence into the dreams of a lifetime.


Transfigurative paradigms have been also become lost and distorted over time and into sequences of non-aplomb. Aplomb equates unto ecstasy in Tao thoughtform and the entire point of transfiguring anything has always been to activate the pleasure centers into a state of unrelenting joy through the manifestation of the body into a state of health or the life into experiences of livelihood.


A state of ecstasy can be sustained in high fusion. High fusion is a bandwidth of vibration that only the tantric community may have accessed in recent cycles upon Earth. It requires so much sexual flow to sustain a heightened sensory perception equated to ecstasy that two or more are required to generate this in present time. In times past, a single human could fulfill upon a state of high fusion as a daily state of being. This may be hard to understand in relation to how the life may have flowed in ongoing and recurrent ecstasy; but let us suffice to say that the discord was simply not a prevalent factor in bandwidths of light wave configurations of dreams in ancient times.


Purposes of Transfiguration


Transfiguration today is to be a restored modality to allow focus of sequences of movements and vibrations to cause organs, glands, or systems to restore their health through movement into the past or future. There are pallets (light grid centers) that are to be offered to plug into through a state of light infusion to allow for the mastery over transfiguration for the purposes of self-healing. The Tao is making the pallets and transfigurative languages available so that those ascending at this time in history can do so in recurrent health.


Ascension is a difficult enough task without the problem of entering a diseased state of being. There are also many genetic sequences of dreams that may have been so distorted and for so long in the inheritance that it is difficult not to manifest a problem in the continued evolution of the biology. Transfiguration therefore becomes the resolution to such times of struggle as one may rapidly move forward in DNA in future time sequences to restore a heartier state of being.


Transfiguration is about teleportation of the physical or a part of the physical to somewhere else through intention; or transforming the physical into another shape known as shape shifting. Transfiguration is also about instantly manifesting the intended dream into the physical plane. It is not our desire to explore these other attributes of transfiguration at this time, but they will be discussed more greatly ahead. It is only our desire to share of the possibility of healing the body through the intent to transfigure the energy field and biology into a healthy state for the continued ascension ahead.


Transfiguration and Transformation in Ascension


Transfiguration is different from transformative activist understanding. In transformatist activist, one aspires to alter the dream or body level dream through the intent to modify the thoughtform associated with how it is constructed. As the thoughtform is modified, new DNA are then capable of being integrated leading to an alteration of the dream for the body and life. On the other hand, the transfigurist paints over the current dream for the body and life, altering it more directly into a new-found way of being. Transfiguration has a direct application of ascension rather than the alternative path of transforming the background of the field to modify the foreground. Instead, transfiguration modifies the foreground of the dream directly.


The trouble with only using transfiguration to ascend can be difficult thoughtform that has failed to be transmuted that then can alter the desired and intended dream into something else. This is why applying all attributes of ascension are valuable including attuning unto thoughtform to be transformed, modifying the background through karmic release of ancestral experiences, and transfiguring the dream on top of this is the best possible approach to evolutionary sequences of dreaming into light wave synergy biology.


Transfigurative Patterns for Self-Healing


There are nine transfigurative patterns that cause movement in time of the organs of the body to previous sequences of health, or future sequences of a healthier blueprint to be ascended into. In light wave synergy work, the blueprints to be ascended into are held within the cellular structure and light wave bandwidths around Earth. The cells themselves recall past healthy blueprints or future healthy sequences of DNA to be ascended into. As one explores the records held in the DNA along those within the light wave bandwidths of dreaming, then the next level of healthy structure can be perceived and chosen from.


There are generally multiple blueprints of health to choose from; and as one attunes inward, one can choose those that more greatly resonate with the overall biology. If one cannot perceive, then one can simply intend the best possible blueprint to be transfigured into from all available resources.


1. Arc Swing. The arc swing transfigurative pattern is a portion of a sphere that is placed at the bottom of each organ and constructed of a light fuse. The light swings back and forth causing time to move backwards or forwards in the act of transfiguration. It is the intention to move the organ or gland back or forward in time that causes the sequences of dreaming necessary to move the structure in time. This pattern works best when focused upon one organ or gland or part of the body at a time and not in a full body transfiguration. Full body transfiguration has so many sequences that it may not be possible to anchor outside of an experienced host or hostess to foster.


2. Inward and Outward Spiral. Light fuses can be constructed in the shape of inward moving or outward moving spirals. Generally, one inward and outward moving spiral is good for each organ or gland or region of the body to transfigure back in time or forward in time into health. This pattern is best for transfiguration of small portions of the body only.


3. Cup of Light. Light fuses are layered into a cup and placed over the organ or part of the body to transfigure forward or backwards in time. The cup infuses light that causes the cells to fill with more light leading to a transfusion into the transfigured state. Transfusion is different from transfiguration as it infuses light into the region allowing the cells and DNA to shift. Light infusion causes cells to more readily embrace the physical alterations associated with moving backwards or forwards in time.


4. Spinning Sphere of Light. Light fuses are layered as circles within circles that create a ball of light that infuses. The sphere of light causes light infusion of the cellular structure to allow for the temperature to rise so that healing more readily occurs through the release of stagnant energetic patterns. One can intend an infusion of light in this or any shape anywhere one is in pain and the heat and light will begin to diffuse the stuck points associated in the etheric.


5. Fusion Balls. Fusion balls are a large strip of light that is knotted together and then pressed up the spine or through the bones of the legs or arms to infuse light into the kundalini pathways. As light and kundalini fire intermixes, the entire body can be moved backwards or forwards in time leading to a full body transfiguration. Full body transfiguration requires someone to anchor that has a powerful capacity to hold high tantric fusion within their field, and can be accomplished in as little as 8 hours with someone skilled and mastered at this gift of healing. For someone less capable, the full body transfiguration may take many days to fulfill upon with continuous anchoring offered.


6. Transfusion Waves. Waves are constructed from threads of light into a fabric that holds a particular shape. Waves move through the spine during the act of transfiguration to stimulate the nervous system to cause movement forward and backward in time.


7. Transfusion Pallets. Transfusion pallets are juncture points along the ley lines of light at the large meridian points along Earth’s surface. Transfiguration and transfusion require fusing into light pallets to draw the light into the small and large fusion bodies in large enough quantities to allow for transfiguration forward and backward in time.


8. Light Wave Synergy. Light waves are woven fabric of light that moves through the field, fusing the cracks that occur due to a state of dis-synergy leading to a more stable field that holds higher octaves of vibration in light wave ascension. Light wave fusion is easier to sustain in syncopated rhythms in Tao time.


9. Light Wave Fusion Gates. Fusion gates surround the fusion body during the act of transfusion and transfiguration to suspend sequencing of dreams that foster the transformation of the biology. The gates come from many venues of dreaming and it is important to choose gates that best serve one’s own biological nature to sustain a recurrent state of transfusion. Ongoing transfusion that is daily is required to sustain the octaves of vibration one has entered in the light wave synergy paradigm.


Fusion Body Meridian System


Transfiguration allows the meridian system to become light infused. Fuses of light form from the pallets up through each meridian of the leg, torso, arms and cranium. In addition, light fuses are anchored into the larger ley lines of the fusion body to sustain the light transfusion evenly throughout the form in the act of transfiguration. Transfiguration requires an even dose of light wave synergy to foster which is why the meridian system becomes light infused. Light fuses are also stabilized in each organ, gland, or system during the act of full body transfiguration.


Transfusion is an act of running light to vaporize the density into a gaseous state of being in order to hold a higher octave of vibration. Light infusion is measured in octaves and not in segments of DNA embodied. Octaves measure up to over a million or more surrounding Earth as possible levels of mastery to be sustained. Octaves over 100,000 may lead, however, to the momentum into another vibration of physicality in which one may become semi etheric in appearance in the physical. At this time, therefore, transfusion is not being configured to cause ascension into other levels of physicality as much as help to sustain the health of the biology for continued mastery over emotional patterning that is non-loving in nature.


Transfusion has been badly misused in times past to cause an increase of density rather than emerging level of mastery over the physical plane. There are forces that will use transfusion to transfuse density into other creations rather than transmute all the density that is of their own cause. Incomplete transfusion is a form of incomplete ascension in which one fails to take full responsibility for all density contained within the biology. There are also many patterns of manipulation of fusion that shall be discussed in greater detail in the materials ahead. Transfusion as with all other modalities of evolution has been misused over time to cause something other than a return journey Home.




The ongoing transfusion of light through the physical structure can sustain a state of health and allow for the act of transfiguration into a healthy structure if one is beginning to decline. The truth is that the human structure was designed for a 2,000-year lifespan. The lifespan of the ancient ones was sustained through ongoing transfusion of light through the vessel. In times of evolutionary fulfillment cycles, transfusion was used to transcend physicality moving the structure into another blueprint that is semi etheric in nature.


There is no end to life. All of life is ultimately consciousness compressed in time and space to create the experience of a physical existence. Life did not begin with the physical nor shall it end with the physical. Reincarnation is one choice for consciousness to carry forward out of the believe that something was not completed or fulfilled upon that needs to be expressed ahead. Fulfill upon all that you hoped to in any given cycle, and one then is complete enough to transfuse Home.


We wish humanity to fulfill upon the possible evolutionary sequences available at this end of cycle return journey. The sequences offered today are transfusion based and many young people shall enter the world in light wave biology ahead. The little ones will pave the way to light wave thoughtform which shall one day become the dominant thoughtform in the human kingdom. As this occurs a state of peace and love through ecstatic union within shall possibly be restored.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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