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The Virtues Of Vegetarianism – Part 2 of 2


We have heard scientists acknowledging the global warming problem and that it will cause natural disasters and flooding to come. There is news that scientists are finding a new place for humankind on another planet. Is this a viable option for humanity? How can we save the planet and ourselves?


Save Humanity and the Planet from Global Warming


We believe that humans can save themselves right now by turning to the vegetarian diet, which is benevolent and very compassionate. By being compassionate to others, Heaven will be compassionate to us. The law of cause and effect is always very correct.


So, the only thing we do to save ourselves is to be compassionate and to change to a nobler, benevolent lifestyle without meat or animal products. Then you can see immediately how the weather will change. Everything will return to peaceful abundance because Heaven is merciful. We have to start to be merciful like Heaven; then we can experience Heaven.


We cannot run away from bad karma. We cannot run away from the consequence of our actions. We have to be vegetarian and be compassionate; then everything will turn around because good karma and loving atmosphere changes everything.


The Moral Code of a Human Being


The vegetarian diet is the moral code of being a human. It is the mark of a great human. It’s very easy to do, especially nowadays. There are all kinds of means to do it. 


What is the good of gnawing or biting on dead corpses, for such dignified humans as us? As the humans who can conquer the moon, can explore Mars, and do many other incredible feats, how can we not conquer our own appetite? The appetite of most humans has caused untold suffering to the weak and defenseless animals. We have an abundance of food choices to choose from!


If people just stop and think about this, they will realize how unfortunate it is that we have fallen into this trap that we have to kill to live. If anyone takes a little time to think about it, this is a really very tragic situation that the humans have fallen into, to let themselves be deprived of compassion or the loving instinct of a human.


The Complete Protection of Virtue


Right now, many disasters are happening around the world, more frequently than ever before and even more deadly. This is because the force of the negative retribution of the killing karmic consequence is more ripe than before. So, people are suffering a lot around the world.


But all of our suffering is from the killing of eating meat. If we didn’t eat meat, no one would kill for us, to offer us meat. So, the vegetarian diet will minimize all the disasters and even clear them all out. If people just turn their hearts around, they would be compassionate and loving like real human beings, because humans are inherently very compassionate and loving. It’s just they have been misled.


They have not been informed for a long time and the bad habits or the negative information have already been ingrained into their way of life. They have been misled very, very badly. So now, we have to inform them and remind them again that it is not the way we should live our life. The way we should live our life is with love, compassion and peace with all beings, including animals.


We have to respect all lives, including that of our so-called enemies even. Directly or indirectly, we have to stop the killing. We have to all be vegetarian and abstain from all animal products. That’s how the killing will stop. Everything else is secondary.


Eliminate Animal Products and the Earth Will Become a Paradise


Reducing livestock production and livestock raising will reduce the major cause of global warming, at least eighty percent of it. It will also reduce weather turbulence, natural disasters and fatal diseases for which animal consumption is the cause. It’s even scientifically and medically proven that people should adopt the life-saving habit of the vegetarian diet and stay away from all animal products. Then we will save the Earth, save our lives and the lives of our children and animals as well.


We must turn to this beneficial vegetarian diet. Then everything else will be as you want. The Earth will become a paradise. No one will ever lack anything. No one will go hungry. No war, no disease, no disasters, no global warming. We will have peace, happiness and abundance.


If we stop livestock raising and the cruel practices on humans and animals, the result will be like a miracle: Almost immediately or within a few weeks. If everyone stops eating meat right now, within two months (or eight to nine weeks’ time) the weather will become benevolent, immediately. Everything that has been damaged will return to normal in two months.


If everyone on the planet stopped eating meat and turned into a compassionate heart, the results would be immediate. It’s just like we want to go south but we are heading north. So, the only way to see the south is to turn to the opposite direction and head south. The way we are doing right now, in killing the animals and humans, it’s not benevolent or respecting lives. It’s wrong. So, if we want the opposite effect for ourselves and for our life, we have to do the opposite. That is very simple and logical, and everyone understands that.


The Protective Shield of True Goodness


We should not emphasize the worst effects of global warming. We should not expect the disasters to come; we should begin to focus on how to prevent it. We have to turn to the opposite direction. That is, again, to live a compassionate lifestyle, to be a vegetarian or vegan, so that the benevolent atmosphere will envelop our planet.


With protection and blessings from Heaven, we create a shield around us, around our planet, by a very compassionate, powerful, benevolent atmosphere. That is the only protection that is safe and everlasting. So, we have to help spread this awareness of global warming and the survival solution. The governments must inform themselves well and then inform the people so together they can decide the best course of action to change the negative energy to a beneficial and merciful one. Then all will be saved and live happily now and in the future. We must live according to the compassionate teaching of the Buddha.


Saving the Planet Through Loving Kindness


We have to envision a positive world, the Heaven on Earth that we would like it to be. We have to envision the nobler world, the positive world, the beautiful world, the heavenly world.


Saving the world is a compassionate act. Even if the world is not saved, you are. You are saved by your loving kindness. Your merit will be multifold because you want to save others. If you want to save the world, if you want to do anything toward this goal, you’re enlarging your nobility, your heavenly attribute.


So, if you spread the encouragement to save the planet, if you go veg, if you go green, if you do good deeds or you help others because you want to save other beings’ lives on Earth, then you have a saintly quality. You reawaken your holiness. It’s not just about saving the physical planet and the physical lives. It’s also about how great you are for wanting to do so and actually partaking in this life-saving crusade.


So, if people do want to be veg, go green, and do good because they want to save the planet, then their spirit is noble. They have elevated themselves. Even if you cannot save the planet, you save yourself. Let’s put it this way: If we cannot save the whole planet, we will be able to save some souls, the ones who will walk the way with us, the ones who will return to their original noble Self. Those people will be saved at least.


Earth Becomes Eden Again


If the world were to go a hundred percent vegetarian right now, the good effect of it would be seen within more or less sixty days, or eight to nine weeks. Within nine weeks we would see an immediate effect. What kind of Earth would we live in? It would be Eden again.


We will have sudden peace, and sudden realization of sameness between all nations, between all humans and between humans and animals. The realization will dawn upon us. There’s no need for explanation; people will suddenly understand that we’re all equal. We and all co-inhabitants, animals alike, are equal. People will also have respect even for trees and plants.


Things will be more lush and abundant. People will feel happier, even without reason; they will not know why they feel happy, and food will be enough everywhere. Rivers will run plentiful again. Disasters will cease. Heaven will smile on humans, and good wishes will be fulfilled. That is a kind of Eden.


Thanking the Governments and News Media


Right now, because of all the efforts that people have put into action, like planting trees, and driving less and sustainable fuel, we’ve gained more time to change the world. Also, many people have turned vegetarian, and some of the news media have helped to remind the public. The governments also have done something or have thought about it. All this, however little, positive energy that people sincerely put their efforts into will bear fruit, and the more people turning to vegetarianism and preserving the planet, the further the deadline will recede. Then we will have more time, more and more time.


We want to thank the people who have changed to the vegetarian diet, and thank the governments who have put effort into preserving the environment. We also wish to thank some of the news media who have been putting in efforts to remind people about our deadly situation. So, if we continue helping to remind people of the virtues of the vegetarian diet, and if the governments give us more blessings and the news people continue the trend of giving the public more knowledge, then we still can save the planet.


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