Image of 2 pale aqua colored butterflies gracefully sitting on yellow flowers. The Dancing Butterflies

1. The Dancing Butterflies


Blessings of Freedom and Magic


The Butterfly and Moth Kingdoms


We of the Butterfly Kingdom have much to say to ascending humans today. We honor our channel or translator Asur’Ana who provides for us an opportunity to voice our truth. Butterfly and Moth hold the remembrance of biological transmutation. Our lives take us from birth from an egg into the form of a caterpillar. As we mature, in time we weave a second egg known as a cocoon, and undergo a metamorphosis yet again from a multi-legged insect into a winged creature that takes flight. It is the winged creature that has the possibility of laying eggs in many more places, spawning yet new caterpillars where there were none before. This allows for the continuation of our species, even through the tough times such as Earth’s ice ages in the past.


Genetic and Biochemical Transformation


Metamorphosis is symbolic of ascension both metaphorically and physically. Those who are ascending learn to dissolve the inside and outside of the form a little at a time and in small pockets known as “cocoons”. Each pocket of tissue undergoing transmutation isolates itself, dissolves into a primal “goo” that simulates the birth of life as the ovum meets sperm, and then transmutes itself in a genetic and biochemical sense into the crystalline structure.


Genetic transformation occurs in many stages in ascension, and the same regions are transmuted again and again over time into yet again new biochemical systems in the journey to Full Consciousness. Asur’Ana and Per’s form has had over 1.5 billion pockets cocooned over 18 times each throughout the body in their mastery of 36,000 segments of DNA and a crystalline form. One can see in this why biological ascension takes decades to fulfill upon, and why it is slow and painstaking in nature.


[One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


The Crystalline Structure


What does crystalline mean? The crystalline structure allows for one to become a living mineral that holds an increasingly higher vibration and larger energy field, and that can move energy in increasingly complex manners associated with mastery in ascension. The crystalline structure is filled with the mineral known as salt. The further that one ascends, the more complex the forms of salt are created in association with the Crystalline structure. Asur’Ana and Per have 18 forms of salt that prevail throughout their form and nervous system; each of the 18 salts hold a particular energy flow in their field necessary to their fully conscious state of being. Each salt also attunes them to a portion of the thoughtform known as the Language of Light and Language of ONE. Read more