Image of glowing galaxy against black space and stars. The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 1)

Chapter 3: The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 1)


We are excited to be able to write again now after a few months respite due to the travels of Asur’Ana and Per. Perhaps this speaks to all the inner work that they require tending to while on the road. Often, they gather records for the continued ascent of Earth and humankind, and this was their primary focus this spring of 2021. Indeed, much was revealed that then allows a better understanding of the various archetypes and how they related unto one another. For this reason, we delayed this section until Asur’Ana and Per’s travels; as Earth perceive that there would be a clearer picture to speak to as a result of the records revealed.


Chapter 1 examined archetypes and those associated from the ancestral cast of characters. Now we will examine how the cast of characters dances together. For those that had difficulties in interpreting the archetypal nature of others that one has lived with most of one’s life, perhaps in defining the nature of the dance together, it will better allow each to understand the karma of those that one was born unto and has lived with, worked with or been married unto over time. In understanding the dance, it is easier to forgive, as through forgiveness one can then change the dance and create ascending friendships and relations instead.


Ascending relations and friendships will be different from the dance that others are unconsciously participating in at this time in history. What is the primary difference? Through ascension, one can become conscious of not only how one may dance with others, but can choose through freewill choice to alter one’s own patterning, belief systems and energy flow in a manner that the dance changes. As the dance changes, some who cannot change or stretch so far may get angry; others may leave the dance entirely as they do not resonate with oneself any longer. Little by little as one completes with those of a non-ascending nature in full, then one may create in their place ascending relations that better support one’s continued choice to evolve.


About the Tapestry of Ancestry and Holograms        


Each reading this workbook may perceive patterns that one participated in within this life or within others surrounding oneself. The lineages that one holds in the tapestry of ancestry will call the experience to oneself. At birth, one received twenty-five lineages of various natures. Some are associated with the Anu or Anu Slave, some the Red Nations Peoples (seven root races), some Jyreion and some the Grand Masters. Reptilian influences did not affect the holographic planes but rather were mirrored into the DNA from fourth dimensional interbreeding with ascended humans from ancient times. Therefore, there is no specific Reptilian holographic nature in the third dimension, but are rather considered an “overtone” in energy flow from the fourth dimension.


Each was born with a lineage that creates a pre-ascending nature that describes one’s persona prior to evolution. In Asur’Ana’s case, she was primarily red nation and grand master along with slave lineages in her original birth tapestry. This set up a persona that was subservient and an unconscious healer along with counselor to all others. Per had lineages that were red nation, Anu slave and grand master as well, but different lineages from Asur’Ana. His composite was of one who would do whatever it took to care for his family, sacrificing of himself, working long hours, and earning a good income to provide for all others. Each can probably define their original pre-ascension persona by examining one’s earlier life in relationship to all others including one’s parents and siblings. Read more