Image of a whale lovingly carrying a sweet dolphin on its head. Fulfilling Upon the Map of Ascension

12. Fulfilling Upon the Map of Ascension


The whales and dolphins greet you today. We have much to say to our ascending brothers and sisters of the land. There are many changes underway today in Mother Earth’s global ascension. Terra (Earth’s consciousness) is in the process of anchoring the “Heart of the Tao” in her Aurora. The Heart of the Tao is an aspect of all that sits outside of time and space and form that emanates ongoing everlasting non-ending enduring love. It is love that is required at this time not only by Terra to begin her process of self-healing from the toxic mess that humanity has caused, but also for each kingdom to fulfill upon the map of ascension ahead.


Love heals all wounds. Love in the Tao is the force that illuminates the distortion so that it can be corrected propelling creations into cycles of self-healing so that each may return home to where all was originally cast. All consciousness was originally cast by the Tao. Within each blueprint cast within the Tao is the recollection of home coming. This creation known as Earth and all that sits in this region of domain along with what remains inside the Great Central Sun failed to return home. Somehow it was all cast without a blueprint for homecoming, or in other terms forces that wished to use this region of domain for something else erased the remembrance of home coming. For twelve cycles, creation after creation here has gone extinct in this region of domain as a result rather than returning home to the Tao.


New Great Central Sun Human History


Three cycles ago, humans extended into this Great Central Sun to understand what was wrong and why parts of it were failing to go home. Humans were not happy with the stark landscapes of the time, and so began to cast other kingdoms to help hold the energy flow for a return journey home. Humans have vast recollection of many things within the Tao as they are the only consciousness that hosts records from all other 150 contraction cycles that have ever occurred since human consciousness was invented.


Humans reached back in time 75 contraction cycles ago, and recalled another time when consensus realities existed in which there were many kingdoms doing various jobs to sustain and support the life of the whole and ultimately to ascend the creation home. Humans recalled the tree and plant kingdoms, the mineral kingdoms and the animal kingdoms along with all water kingdoms. In their recollection, they began to cast life upon barren planets that could sustain life inside the Great Central Sun. This is how our shape as Dolphin and Whale came to be.


These new records are from the memories of the Great Central Sun that Terra is beginning to access due to partially entering the new dream at this time in her global ascent. At this time, about 30% of Terra has crossed into the new dream; mostly this includes the Inner Earth and certain pristine regions upon the surface including most oceans and mountainous regions global wide, except those too close to the density of humanity. As Terra entered the new dream in part, she began to recall records of when she existed within the Sun herself, as well as records of other creations long gone extinct having traversed the same path as herself, but in another cycle in the Tao. Read more