Image of enchanting cherry blossoms and shiny stars. Dragon Dreaming Archive #3

Dragon Dreaming Archive #3


Dragon Dreaming from the Heart


Dragon Dreamers of the Heart


The dreams

Of the dragon

Are a mesmerizing exploration

Of plight

Into the realms of Spirit

In which matter collides

Into a journey of understanding

Of the need to forgive

And be at peace

Learning the lessons

Of the heart


The Fables of Dragon Dreams: Postulations for Self-Realization


Dragon dreams are avenues of experience that express the predisposition of self in concise methods of anthology. Each human has a postulation for a predisposition founded upon a hypothesis of life of archetypal lore. Hypothesis for each life are contemplated prior to each incarnation to assure a journey of the dragon human into dragon dreaming lore. Dragon lore dreams presuppose a spiritual journey into the explorations of lessons that lead to understanding, forgiveness and compassionate action of self. Dreams that support spiritual understanding are special sequences that catch through the life augmenting self-realization.


Most dragon dreamers are born into happenstance of both demon and dragon nature in the family. Sometimes one parent is dragon in nature. Many times, dragon natured humans are born into those of demonic nature within the entire family foray of dream. Generally, there is someone close by that is dragon in nature that may be a neighbor, aunt, uncle or grandparent if not a parent. Dragon natured humans cause at least one person near enough to aid in the dreams of childhood and teenage years in support of difficult happenstances of strife. The dragon natured other may be remembered fondly as a support influence in the early life.




Dragon dreamers postulate many happenstances to understand the life circumstance to cause forgiveness to unfold. Generally, there is deep struggle of polarity of opposite happenstance to cause strife in the early life, the teenage years and the young adult years. The purpose of the strife is to accolade the path of forgiveness later in life. The strife is a necessary component to the opening unto realization of self. Many dragon dreamers do not begin the realization process until the age of twenty-five to thirty. Today many young dragon dreamers are awakening and are sometimes called “Indigos” in the current human experience. Indigos often awaken with dragon dreamer parents or relatives that are mastering in parallel in syncopated sequences of dreams. Read more