Image of the heart lotus or human hologram. Opening The Heart And Attuning To Holographic Knowledge

2. Opening The Heart And Attuning To Holographic Knowledge


Asur’Ana has brought through transmissions written in holographic thoughtform beginning in early 2020 without recognizing that this was what she had done. She tapped into this early form of holographic movement as she began to integrate the Language of ONE in gold and silver vibrations in her personal ascent; this was for the purposes of communicating with the “Tao” who is a future aspect of Asur’Ana’s ascended self that sits outside of time, space and form of the Great Central Sun.


The Language of ONE or gold and silver tones of creation are not new; it is the original language Earth exited the Great Central Sun with and is in essence Earth’s holographic operating system. However, through time and space between Suns, Earth had lost almost 90% of her memory of this language. In entry into the Star Gates of the Great Central Sun, which are really layers of an auric field outside the boundary of the Great Central Sun Dream, there lies the lost and missing language that Earth had forgotten. Many of such symbols have formed into crop circles in recent decades.


About A State of Forgetfulness


Forgetfulness is a funny thing; one remembers another way of being and the ways things are in the present time are not as they were. This is disconcerting, as one does not understand how to bring forward the other way of being that one once knew that was so much more joyful and harmonious in nature; and in so doing one remains with what is, as there is no other option. Then if there is a sudden loss of information of what one knows in the current forgetfulness, one then loses the way of being one has now, and one’s way of being declines into something even more forgetful. So, it has been in Earth’s history for some time now in this lengthy era of darkness that she is now working her way out of as a global vessel, as are each ascending species upon Earth.


Many who are reading our materials are an example of those who recall another way of being that was far more harmonious than present day human relations. Yet the pathway back to such a state of being is murky at best. Let us provide an example of one initiate who we shall name Kehlani. Kehlani’s father, who was a spiritual teacher in his own right, focused upon principles of unity, sovereignty and self-sustaining practices for maintenance of one’s health; and re-mineralization of the soil in farming practices that would provide the nutrition necessary to retain the health of the people.


At this time in the US, the swing of polarity was against nutrition. Those practicing many currently available alternative practices of therapy were imprisoned for “practicing medicine without a license” in the 1940’s and 1950’s and at the time that Kehlani’s father taught spiritual classes and published his own thoughts in a newsletter that many folks subscribed to. Read more