Image of a gorgeous peach colored dahlia flower. Shakti Studies #3

Shakti Studies #3


Soporiferous Partnership Lore


The Seven Spiritual Tests of Ascending Partnership


Superlative Partnership


The Beloved is

In a union Divine

In a superlative formation

Of a caring thrust

To be with me

I am that I am

In a superlative formation

The Dao and Tao within

Foster a union Divine

Of myself

To witness a union Divine

Within yourself

Of shared wave formations

Of superlative oscillations


The Nature of Marriage


Marital lore is a fable all of its own. Many fates of marriage are Shaktar or Shakti Lore of non-superlative or non-soporiferous variety of expression. Marital fate can be homosexual or heterosexual and does not require an official license to be true. A personal ceremony of exchanged vows is adequate to launch marital lore of self. Marital lore of self is Shaktar and Shakti dreams of fate. Some lore is extreme in its demonstration of polarity through time. Some master through difficult polarity unions into a new day of the sunshine of themselves. Some die attempting to recreate a dishonorable union of alpha, beta or love, hate lore of self.


Marital vows are karmic in the habitat of fate. The fate allows the oscillations of karma to foster the partnership through time. Keys are fostered in seven-year increments to trigger the union to abate or continue on for further mastery. As the one mastering is complete, a destiny key appears, and the marriage is dissipated and dissolved in the dreams to be fostered ahead. Those dissipating unions are common in this era. Some foster two to three marriages to understand the happenstance of fate of the two in the archeological sequences presented to realize through in life.


Soporiferous and Superlative Unions


Most desire soporiferous union due to the kind dreams of the two fostered. Soporiferous union is not necessarily glamorous. Soporiferous union does accolade a joyous renderous of twin flame or counterpart lore humans through time as each masters into forgiveness and compassionate action accolades of self. Mastery that succeeds creates a beautiful union through time. Mastery in soporiferous union that fails can unfold as a travesty that is difficult to overcome within. Compassionate action for the one surviving a difficult attempt at soporiferous union is paramount to surviving in this era. Read more