Image of a lovely white orchid with lavender center. Shakti Studies #6

Shakti Studies #6


Divine Partnership Wedding Vows


Wedding Incantations to Foster Divine Partnership Lore


The Wedding Vow


The vows are incantated

By the magistrate of the wedding

To foster a light or dark lore fable

For the partnership

Unless the pair

Choose to incantate one’s own vows

Re-ordering the marital fate

Towards the goal of Divine Partnership

To be fostered in superlative light motions

Through time

Allowing another union lore to unfold

Triggering realization of the pair

Through moments of strife

Into a rebirth of delight


Writing One’s Own Vows


Many couples, whether gay or straight, choose to allow the magistrate of the wedding to choose the vows for the union lore of fate. Most marital magistrates operate upon many levels of awareness that is not necessarily conscious. Some magistrates are very dark sorcerers who motion beautiful karmic fate for loving unions upon others who are less than sublime in their stature of self. Yet other magistrates are good witches within who strive to motion positive dreams upon most.


Magistrates for marriage must be carefully chosen if divine partnership is the life goal. A difficult magistrate hosting the marital ceremony may cause lifelong strife in a kind partnership destined for divine realization and may be difficult to overcome within. All karma can be forgiven but fostering a kind magistrate allows the incantations for union to be supported in the destiny of marriage vow exchanges between the two.


Writing one’s own vows for superlative marriage is useful in the intention to foster divine partnership through time. Vows need to be well thought out in alliance with one’s personal truth in association with the divine partner of choice. Vows that are ego or negative ego based are un-useful through time as the incantations support one and abate the other in counterbalance. Vows that are supportive of each are best. There are many types of marriage vows to be considered in the exchange of a sacred motion of wedding ceremony. Here are some suggested vows to consider in planning your sacred wedding day. Read more