Image of delectable blue berries on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #12

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #12


Kinship of Self


Kinship of Self



The love of the two

The three and the many

Foster a bond of the heart

And a marriage of spirit

That emerges into the truth

Of the dance of all

In light wave motion

In a syncopated rhythm

Of the divine

That triggers soul family

To thrive in care and love

In a tantric reunion of the heart


Kinship of Self


The kinship of you is the friendship of soul family. Soul family is a destiny of the divine to find one another through time. In the love of soul family there is a beauty in partnership, friendship and other fosterings of the emerging clan of light. Soul family can only emerge as the light motions a sway between parties. Light wave synergy sway of self is an age old motion that fosters the flavor of care of the heart in pairs, triads, quads or the many. Sway of self is a joyful experience that delights and entertains and triggers the emotions of fulfillment of kinship within the heart. The sway of kinship of self is fostered through the heart accolade. The heart sways in a saucer like motion back and forth in light ribbons of self. The sway ignites a flame of kinship in the heart region of the subtle body.


Two who sway together expand the size of the light wave motion to twice the size. The expansion of heart feels warm and fuzzy within in a caress between the two anointed by spirit and soul. Blessings flow to and fro allowing both to feel as kin. Kinship can include romance but not always. Romance is not the design of kinship but two as kin can grow into a bond of sacred partnership of the divine if it is their destiny. Kinship of the two is a very sacred friendship that may foster realization of the two through time. Realization of the two is a fostering of a shared journey of spiritual introspection that can oscillate into common understanding of divine principles directing the life.


Three who sway together foster the same size sway as a pair in kinship of the heart, but the motions are more balanced. Three causes a triad of heart accolades that can swing often in greater ease together in light motion of field. Triads foster delightful synergized moments of friendship to be shared in the delight of “ourselves”. Ourselves is a self that striates into three or more through time. Common self of kinship is a sacred bond of spirit into matter. Spirit and soul direct three or more as an ourselves to foster a parallel life journey of realization together. Bonds of kinship are sacred actions of self to foster the love of the three or more. Love is the mainstay fostering of bonds of kinship in soul family configurations through time. Read more