Image of savory kiwi fruits on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #9

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #9


Fluidity of Self


Fluidity of Self



The bonds of karma depart

Giving flight to a bond

Of resonance of the heart

In a fluidity of soul

That merges with the two or the three

In a divine key

To foster a dharmic happenstance of fate

Where the interplay is fostered

As soul family

In an emerging dream

Of the love of the many

In the love of the Tao of each


Fluidity of Self


The fluidity of you in you is an interpretive understanding of who you are in association with those who care for you in your life. In the fluidity, spirit descends to foster care of you in you. You care for you and those who care for you then flux towards yourself due to a draw of light motion of field to form bonds amongst those who resonate. It is the fluidity of self that causes bonds of resonance to form in the life.


Bonds of resonance often cause real care of the heart that then can emerge into the flavor of soul family in the life. Bonds of resonance are not to be confused with other bonds that are karmic in stature. Karmic bonds do attract and sometimes foster care too. Bonds of resonance are dharmic and not karmic in this cycle. Bonds of resonance do not force the bond due to a debt to be settled. Karmic bonds enforce an association until the debt is resolved. If there is no care on the part of one for the other, generally karmic bonds trigger a departure of the union or friendship after the debt is settled.


Bonds of resonance that are dharmic are very different. If love is fostered of the two in a bond of resonance, the dharma attracts another time to be together ahead. The timing is not always immediate if both lives are busy with other life focuses. Karmic debt forces relationships to recur in increments of four to eighteen days per month to settle the debt. Relationships of dharmic resonance recur only when it is time. The bond will flux the two to be together when the Tao of each call for an interaction. The timing of resonance bonds of dharma may be once per month or many months apart if the lives are busy with other karmic debts. Read more