Image of concurrent circular stars in the night sky. Earth Cycles And Holographic Time

20. Earth Cycles And Holographic Time


This is the second transmission direct from the Great Central Sun to the human species upon Earth. We welcome you into our boundaries again after a long respite of non-communication in Earth’s history. We invite those of human form to connect with us, but to be wary of the false pretenses of beings wishing to deceive you and take you off course in your evolutionary pathway. The cleansing of such beings from human awareness requires a biological shift upward in vibration causing one to simply lift beyond the planes of reality that such beings dance upon. This occurs in full as one masters Full Consciousness or embodies 12 full strands of DNA (36,000 segments of information).


Dara Soul Group and Order of Dari


Until such a time, intend with a pure heart to address the Great Central Sun through the Dara Soul Group, and Dara shall act as a conductor for the communication, translating perhaps those terms into our language that one has yet to master in one’s own evolution and ascension. We thank and honor the Dara Soul Group for acting as medium allowing for more direct communication between ascending humans and the Great Central Sun at this time in history.


The Great Central Sun has been assessing many of Earth’s records. In so doing, it has been seen that much like Earth, the Great Central Sun has been plagued with certain manipulations that parallel the manner in which Earth has been manipulated by the dark. Such manipulations are now being cleansed from the Great Central Sun causing an overhaul and shift of those souls in governance herein.


In addition to this shift, a multidimensional consensus for ascension has been formed within the Great Central Sun for ascending planets and stars upon Dimensions 3 through 144 within your creation. This consensus has likewise linked with two additional consensus of ascending vessels upon Dimensions 145 through 360 of your God and Goddesshead, and Dimensions 361 through 1,800 of The Order of Dari.


The Order of Dari too has had parallel problems to Earth, and is now in the process of reviewing our records much like we as the Great Central Sun have reviewed Earth’s records. We anticipate similar and parallel changes upon the Order of Dari and within our Godhead/Goddesshead as the manipulations become known, understood, and then rectified. Read more