Image of a small sweet looking rat. The Young Rat with the Long Tail

14. The Young Rat with the Long Tail


Blessings for a Return to Balance Within


The Rat Kingdom


It is the Rat Kingdom that addresses ascending humans today. For a long time, Rats have received a bad reputation by humanity. We experience rejection and death through poisons amongst those humans living in the cities or suburbs, as well as being used in laboratories for sometimes horrific experiments. Nature has said little about how animals have been used by scientists in present time, and we will speak to this in this chapter.


We Pinpoint Problematic Energy Flow


What is it that is less beautiful about one creature over another? Why are rats perceived as ugly and a pest while birds and other creatures are perceived as beautiful and therefore worthy of trying to “save” if they go extinct? This is a very odd phenomenon from the perspective of Nature that perceives each as necessary to the dance of the whole and therefore equal in value and service.


What does the Rat Kingdom do for Earth? We pinpoint problematic energy flow so that it can be transmuted and brought into alignment with the rest of Earth’s flow. This is our job. Often, we are found in excess in human cities as there is a load of difficult energy that humans create through their thoughtform and electrical devices, and our forms are used to attempt to transmute such discord to the degree we can so that the energy in the cities is less caustic than it already is. This requires many of our bodies and is why we reproduce to an extreme in the cities as a result.


Rats have been accused of being carriers of disease; and yet the poorest of humans in third world nations often eat of our flesh out of necessity and do not die. We carry no more or less diseases than human form or any other species in the reality of it. All form carries viruses and bacteria of all kinds as one is living in a biosphere that has bacteria and viruses as well as parasites as a part of the structure. It is only as the bacteria or viruses become “out of control” in their reproduction that a health problem is created. As long as all in the body is in balance, the bacteria and viruses remain dormant in the system and non-problematic. Asur’Ana has discovered that viruses in particular retract into the nervous system of the physical form; so, this is for all animal kingdoms including the whales and dolphins.


Imbalance Is the Cause of Any Disease


As the body goes out of balance, the right environment might be created for one or more viruses to reproduce excessively leading to disease; or if this occurs in lots of humans in a single region, it leads to what is known as a plague. Rats or any other animal kingdom is not the cause of disease or plagues; nor is it caused by anything other than humans in their own dance. Out of balance energy flow in any region of domain will cause humans to become out of balance within their own respective fields; and this can lead to disease. If the imbalance affects many in a given region, often this will create a plague; the reality is, however, that the cause of any disease is imbalance. Remain in balance, and the body will live out the life to an old age at 2 segments of DNA. Read more