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2. Condiments


Asur’Ana has learned over time to make her own mayonnaise and yogurt along with salad dressings. Fresh homemade mayonnaise is not only delicious but is also a good base for dressings and coleslaw. She has learned to use olive oil for the dressings and mayonnaise as olives appear to be ascending as a species. This is not so for “canola” which is a genetic modification of corn oil. Sunflower and safflower oils are other good options. On occasions, she also treats herself to almond, walnut or macadamia nut oils which are even more delicious upon fresh salads or upon pasta.


Milk and milk products can often be loaded with substances that add toxins to an already toxic system one is trying to ascend out of. We therefore advise the use of organic milk and milk products whenever possible. Skim milk is very hard to digest as some of the enzymes necessary to digest milk are in the cream; remove the cream and you will have milk that cannot assist in its own breakdown. It is for this reason that we suggest drinking whole milk or half and half instead of skim milk.


Raw milk is the easiest to digest as it has all enzymes available to break itself down, however raw milk can be difficult to obtain in many regions. Not all the enzymes from the fat are destroyed in the pasteurization process which may be why whole milk, half and half or cream is easier to digest even when it is not raw.


Italian Condiments


Basil and garlic are excellent blood cleansers in ascension.


Basil Pesto 

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