Image of a variety of greens on a cutting board. Cooking With Greens

13. Cooking with Greens


Asur’Ana has continued to experiment with vegetarian and vegan recipes with Mother Earth consciousness that better supports ascending biology. Special healing planes are created with the use of all recipes in this section that assist those using the cookbook to receive blessings from Earth and nature. The blessings can create a most magical meal for oneself or others as well as allow for healing between oneself and the plant kingdoms. We hope that many avail themselves to our cookbook and receive the blessings from Earth that are associated to better support your continued ascent ahead.


As of late, Asur’Ana has discovered the joy of including more “greens” in her diet. Greens include kale, mustard greens, swiss chard, the tops of beets or carrots, or collard greens. For some reason, spinach has been considered the better green of choice in most vegetarian or non-vegetarian recipes. Although spinach is not bad, it does not contain all of the minerals and other micronutrients of varied greens in the diet, and therefore is less useful in sustaining one’s health in or ascending out of disease in ascension.


There is also something nice in including both the tops of the plants and their roots in one’s diet, such as beet tops and the beets, or carrot tops and the carrots. Most often humans throw away these greens instead of cooking them, and as such create a less nutritious meal than otherwise possible. The reason for this is that in including both the tops and the roots, one receives nutrients that work synergistically with one another to aid the body in regenerating, as well as provide a dream for wholeness. (Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 26 “Blessings for a Diet of Regeneration and Ascension Home” for a lovely exploration of the problems with modern food science, and why momentum towards a whole food vegetarian diet is necessary to foster the evolution of oneself as well as humankind.)


Greens can also be eaten raw in salad in lieu of only lettuce. Asur’Ana has become fond of including arugula in her salads along with fresh basil; and the farmers market also sells bags of baby greens and bitters that are lovely to graze upon. Bitters are good blood cleansers and also provide many micronutrients necessary to sustaining one’s health, recovering one’s health, and making sure one does not ascend into disease ahead. So, these recipes are offered up so that ascending humans will include more greens in their diet.


Food Allergies and Karma


Although it is true that wheat gluten is a protein that is only a part of the whole, it is easily digested, and therefore supportive of receiving enough protein as a vegetarian at this time. Some may have been allergic to wheat or gluten in times past. The allergies to certain foods are karmic in nature, and may involve how the inheritance is responsible for how farmed foods lost its nutrients over time or became imprisoned in human farming practices. As the karma is released, the body will learn to adjust to all foods necessary to consume to create a complete and whole food diet rich in nutrients enough to ascend. Much of the karma for manipulation of food sources that humanity relies upon occurred in Atlantis, and as the karma is released, a new day ahead can be born for ascending initiates in terms of what they can digest in ease. Read more