Image of an ancient Native American stone and sand building. The History of Atlantis

3. The History of Atlantis


Blessings for Ancestral Communion and Guidance


April 13, 2021


Dear Beloved upon the Red Road of Inner Discovery,


The Native American ancestors speak today about vast changes that are occurring in the manner in which humans are ascending and the support that is reaching all fields at this time from the ancestral realms. Long ago and following the fall of Atlantis in which large nuclear bombs were detonated over a region now under the Atlantic Ocean, the ancestral planes were shattered.


These planes were used by those of ancient times to reach into humans upon the physical plane to settle karma that was related to the DNA that had been shared at the time that the ancestors were alive. These planes were shattered over 2/3rds of Earth’s surface. This left the ancient ancestors incapable of reaching through to humans incarnate upon many continents since this time period, which Earth estimates was roughly 10,000 years ago as she measures time (40,000 years ago as humans measure time.)


Earth measures times as solar rotations around its 12th dimensional Sun. For every four rotations of Earth around the solar sun, the sun makes one rotation around its 12th dimensional Sun. The 12th dimensional Sun is invisible as it is in a vibratory bandwidth above physical perception; however, most can view the 12th and 18th dimensional Suns related to your expanded solar system in dreamtime and while asleep. This is because vision in the dreamtime body known as the body double has no limitation, as it is an etheric expression. All in the etheric will perceive the etheric of all other life forms; it is only the physical vision that is limited to third and fifth dimensional perception. As one opens to one’s body double’s vision, then one’s vision will also cease to be limited.


Those who are gifted at opening into the unconscious will begin to perceive many things not perceived in the physical, one of which can include the life forms upon the 12th and 18th dimension, as well as other dimensions above this extending to dimension 4,000 and beyond, if dimensions were measured in the small layers as we know them here. Much like a tree when cut shows layers of its growth and existence over time, and some have learned to measure how old the tree is by layers of growth within the trunk; this is also the same for this region of domain; creations are layered like an onion around a Sun that is at the core of All That Is.


In the core of All That Is are 144 Great Central Suns that each emanates life down the dimensions associated. The life is captured in layers of dreams that are projected upon whatever is present to catch the dream and then experience the dance projected. Earth is now catching a dream to return inside the Great Central Sun that she left a very long time ago and upon a much higher dimension of life. Read more