Image of prickly pear cacti. Blessings for Health and the New Ascending Elements

22. Blessings for Health and the New Ascending Elements


From the Cactus Kingdom


It is the Cactus Kingdom that greets you today. Cactus is often a thorny plant found in very dry climates throughout the world; although Asur’Ana has also discovered large cactus, the height of a two-story building, growing and blooming beautifully on the Hawaiian Islands. For cactus was not always associated with deserts as they are today and once flourished in the lush flora and fauna of the tropical biosphere that Terra (Earth) once knew global wide.


New and Ascending Elements Available


Why has cactus survived in the deserts? Cactus hosts knowledge on the elements of air, water, fire and earth. The elements of air, water, fire and earth are the building blocks of life that molecules are structured from. It is because of our inherent knowledge of the elements that we have learned to withstand incredibly harsh climates on the surface of the Earth, and grow and thrive nonetheless. We have learned to store our own water within our large trunks, and this then suffices to allow us enough water element, although the rain may come only once per year or less in some regions.


At this time of ascension, the elements are expanding to allow for an expansion of the molecular structure into many new patterns that foster a rising frequency and a return of the crystalline biological structure to all life forms upon Earth. Ascension requires change from the elemental level up and the dream for life down; and it is as all structures that contribute to life upon Earth can ascend that ascension then becomes feasible.


Over time it became clear to the Tao, a force outside of time, space and form that is aiding Terra in her ascension, that the elemental structure was incompetent for the role of ascension ahead. The elemental realm had become frayed and tattered over time and in the many falls in consciousness upon Earth. Much like a leaky sieve, the elemental realm did not hold the molecular structure together in a very sturdy and useful manner, but instead left holes and gaps through which there was a recurrent and on-going loss of chi to the second dimension beneath.


As a result of this truth, the Tao began to recast and reformulate the elements to aid ascension from the bottom up. In so doing, there are now new and ascending elements available to reweave the field for continued evolution “home” into the Great Central Sun Dream. The new elements are available to be attuned to through our kingdom and in the Temple of Elements in the Aurora that are made available unto each who is consciously choosing to ascend at this time in history. Read more