Image of a palm tree at the beach. Earth Archive #9

Earth Archive #9: The Oneness of the Love Thought Stream


Healthy Mindset


I love that I am and I think that I care

As each is a part of the divine path of life

Nothing is right or wrong

It is only in my mind

That anything is light or dark

In the truth it all exists

As a foible of myself to realize through

To foster the love of my Dao and Tao within

And to accept and bless each upon my path

In the love and compassion of the whole

In the divine truth

Of the love of all


All Is One in the Love of the Whole


The purpose of mindset development is to foster visspa and vesspa mindset into oneness and wholeness theory of existence. In oneness and wholeness there is a love that cascades and cares and caresses the light motion of field between you and nature or others who also care. The divine truth is that love heals all problematic patterns in the universe. The problematic patterns may be witnessed as darkness in others that leads to strife within your mind. The strife is not necessarily real but only a perception of the non-divine. What causes perception of the non-divine? A mind that is bent. Mind bend is an oscillation that fluxes the mindset to bow to the front, back, right or left rather than remain straight above the cortex. Holding on to oneness in the love of the whole requires the mind to cease to bow.


What causes the mind to bow? Diet plays an intricate role in mind bow or mind bend. Mind bow can be defined as a non-centered state of being that is less than comfortable to experience within such as anxiety or depression. Mind bend to an extreme can be defined as a very un-centered state that is very uncomfortable to witness within such as hysteria or suicidal tendencies. Plastic, heavy metals and petrochemicals in the cortex cause mind bow or mind bend to an extreme through time. Plastic mimics certain biochemical substances that can trigger the synapses to flare. Synapses that flare cause anxiety to hysteria within. Petrochemicals can anesthetize the mind to a point of the experience of depression to suicidal desires within. Heavy metals damage nerves leading to psychosis if extreme enough in the cortex of the mind.


For those mindset developing, all toxins can be detoxified with the right dietary changes. Some preoccupations that expose those destined to mindset develop in this cycle to many toxins can lead to a form of psychosis. The psychosis is of extreme fear of the darkness perceived in others that is really not so; and the fear has a tendency to mind bend those of this stature of toxic overload to depart relationships with partners or soul family over time. Read more