Image of a graceful swan on color abstract cosmic background. Dragon Dreaming Archive #4

Dragon Dreaming Archive #4


Dragon Dreamers of Truth


Dragon Dreamers of Truth


The dreams

Of the dragon

Are an inspiring journey

Of epic moments

Into the realms of truth

In a stream of light synthesis

Of resounding understanding

Over the introspection of life

And the forgiveness of the plight

Revering each from the perspective

Of the heart


Dragon Dreaming for Truth


Dragons are a foray of spirit that oscillates in the forensic motions of truth and sincerity of heart. Sincerity of heart is a state of being in which one honors all others in the dreams of life. Sincerity of heart fosters union in the sublime relationships in life. Union fosters a forensic motion of a kindling of love between the two, the family or the group. Sublime relationships are those individuals who are unique and foster a sensation of joy in the presence of self. Joy is an opening unto self to share of itself with others. Self desires to share of its understanding, its awareness, its capabilities of dream weaving, and its capacity to heal and foster the sublime motions of union, love and joy together.


Union together is a rare occurrence in most relationships, families or groups at this time. Historical notions prove that union and honor are fostered in momentous occasions where dragon lore dreams resound and repose upon human cultures. Today demon dreams resound more greatly upon all human lore fables and dreams. As a result, there is little forensic union possible between the two or the many. Those who discover union of the two or a small group are fortuitous in causing the resounding joy of the dance of the dragon through time.


Joy is an oscillation and motion that allows the two or the group to foster the unique expression of each. Honor and union are founded upon the allowance of each to express and share of self. In many group settings, only one to a few are allowed to express while all others foster silence or debilitation of expression. Debilitation of expression is a loss of awareness of self to be present and share. At this time of demon interplay, those with awareness often shut down in the presence of strong-willed persona that does not desire to allow others to share in taking center stage. Read more