Our Photo #2

Image of Asur'Ana and Per with the tranquil Alta River in Norway as the background. Asur'Ana is wearing a reddish burgundy laced shirt-pants suit. Per is wearing a light blue shirt underneath a navy blue jacket.


Blessings of Love and Peace


August 8, 2023


This photo of us was taken in October 2008. Shortly thereafter and due to karmic manipulation from dark forces, we were separated for 11 years before we could be reunited again in December 2019. Looking back now, even though it was a manipulation, it also served as a spiritual testing for our relationship.


Many of the twins and divine counterparts’ stories from Shakti and Shaktar were written during the time period from 2009-2012. The partnership prose and stories helped Asur’Ana to acknowledge the complex issues that couples face and many things that happen between people who care a lot about each other; but maybe unintentionally hurt each other due to manipulation from outside forces. They assisted her to heal over the loss of Per and to prepare for our reunion a decade later.


Twins are notorious for doing everything together, and not realizing separate from one another. Asur’Ana has chosen to relinquish her twin in their enforced separation and carry on in her realization of herself alone. Per also carried on in his own realization by himself. After a long period of fostering the beloved of the beloved within herself, she was eventually reunited with her beloved Per to fulfill upon their shared ascension and spiritual missions together.



Aloha Pumehana,

Asur’Ana and Per


From the Light Wave Series, and especially, Light Wave 9: Psychology of Tao Realization


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