Image of a fox and a pig in a forest. From the Fox and Wild Pig Kingdoms

39. From the Fox and Wild Pig Kingdoms


Blessings for Completion and Communion with the Heart of the Tao


The Fox Kingdom and Wild Pig Kingdom


Although Fox and Wild Pig may not appear to have much in common in the physical, we do in the nonphysical, as we each assist Earth in understanding her spiritual lessons so that each segment of karma can be forgiven and Terra may ascend. Each kingdom has consciousness that exists in bandwidths that once understood a fully conscious state of being. Each kingdom therefore has great wisdom and knowledge to impart unto Terra as well as ascending humans at this time of evolution Home into the Dream of the Great Central Sun. It is the bandwidths of full consciousness and holographic truth that Asur’Ana attunes unto as she works with our kingdoms to relay the messages that we communicate to ascending humans today.


Opening to Holographic Knowledge


Those who are opening to holographic energy flow will also be able to attune to the same planes and access our guidance for yourself. Opening to holographic flow is not difficult, but one must have the records and information on how to do so. For some initiates, holographic connection was lost so long ago that it takes ascending into further DNA and accessing ancestors further back in time to recover. For others, accessing holographic knowledge occurs at an earlier time in the ascent as one’s ancestors were the last to lose their connection and in more recent history.


Nature would say to initiates, “Just keep going, keep ascending and what you are seeking will open up to you in time.” So, this is also the same with accessing holographic knowledge through ascension; just keep going and in time you will recover the records necessary to connect and communicate again holographically with Nature, Earth, the Ancestors and the Tao.


Finding guidance and truth from within is perhaps one of the greatest gifts of ascension. The guidance nature offers is from our wisdom and understanding of earlier time periods upon Earth and when we were fully conscious in our own biology. Full conscious biology hosts self-awareness; the mind understands that the body is incarnate and alive, and the mind can receive impulses or communications from the nonphysical souls and Mother Earth, and then the body can respond to the guidance received.


In more ancient times, our species roamed the Earth and communicated with one another and all other kingdoms nonverbally. We could communicate with the trees and the rocks and other plants or animals. In a fully conscious state, we did not consume anything but the air. No kingdom sought to destroy another kingdom and we lived in peace and unity with one another. Read more