Image of a gorgeous golden flower. Ananda Love Archive #4

Ananda Love Archive #4


The Love of the Action of Blessing


The Actions of Love of the Baba


The river of me

Is a forensics motion to understand myself

In the love of the one and the two and the three

And the many in the care of the heart

Of the Baba in himself

In which each is blessed and loved

And fostered into their truth

In the love of the Tao of Earth

And the care of the Dao of the planet

In the sway of the love of ourselves

In a swing divine

In which all boundaries hold

Inside and outside of ourselves

And inside and outside of the self of myself

In the soul family swing of care


The Love of the Blessings


Blessings foster the care of you and the care of each. In a sway of care, the heart opens and flowers, fostering a flight path with spirit in which you rise up many octaves and your boundaries do not fail you. Blessings of care of the heart synergize you into you and all components of you. Blessings synergize you into your life form, your truth, your Dao and Tao, your anchoring, and the self of yourself. As you foster synergy within yourself, your center point, zero point, end point and flux point motion underneath you so that the sun of yourself can align for proper transfusion ray application for health and sustenance of the body. A state of mindfulness results out of blessings that recur throughout the day and each time you choose to bless instead of fester in some notion about another or about yourself in your mind’s eye.


Bless and bless and bless and the sticky to dark or damaged striations motion away if they are of another and purify if they are of your own. Bless and bless and bless the ones you are in strife with and you will make peace and foster beautiful dreams within and between the two or the three or the many of you. Bless and bless and you will rest better at night to renew and revitalize the body of yours. Bless and bless the parts of the body that are sick or ache and the aches and pains will depart and the region will grow into new light wave DNA and cease to fester in ill health any longer. Transfuse up and up while you bless and you will rise above what damages your light motions until you sway in the care of the heart again.


Love and light accompany one another to foster sway. Fail to love and bless and the sway ceases. Fail to sway in the light and the love also ceases. Illuminate and love and bless as you call the light towards you and you will surmount any sway-not through time. Some of demon aspirations know how to knot the love and care space of the heart until it will no longer motion to bless. The sway falls apart as this occurs. Some of this stature of self also knot the sway until it folds and you fall out of the care space sustained by the soul family and then boundaries fail and you hurt within. Illuminate, love and bless those that knot your sway or knot your love and you will recover and your boundaries will begin to hold again as you take flight back into light wave synergy.    Read more