Image of the mesmerizing aurora borealis in amazing Iceland. Assertions for Light Boundaries

2. Assertions for Light Boundaries


Light Boundaries


Are a succinct motion of light

In which you are you that is you

And they are they that are they

In all aspects of life

In the dreams of you

Lie yourself

In the dreams of each

Lie their own dream of themselves

To foster one another

As soul family group clusters

In a reservoir of truth

Of the abundance of the whole

In the sway of the two

And the many

In the love of the mother

Of the planet

Who fosters each


Assertions for Boundaries


Boundaries are a fostering of self. The self of you is a boundary all of its own. The largest problem most aspirants face is the intermixing and intermingling of self. In the intermixing and intermingling of self, dreams are offset upon others or upon you in light motion of field. Life unfolds in confusion as the guidance of you is no longer accurate as you are hearing the truth of another. Human in mastery quotients above 84% light infusion levels suffer the most from self-infractions and the confusion it fosters in the dreams of life. Self-infractions stem from former mastery levels that were group oriented self-striations and not of the individual or the self of you defined from another.


Former mastery levels were intermixed self that annotated parallel thought-stream of forgiveness and compassion primarily in the lives of each. As you mastered forgiveness and compassion adequately, your self-development began. Self-development is stanzas of leaving behind intermixed and comingled self concepts and striations. A new thought stream emerges fostering divine concepts of love.


Divine love is beyond forgiveness and compassion. If non-divine, love is a concept of non-hate and nothing more. Non-hate is not divine love although for those in former mastery levels, it was a form of love of the whole. In former mastery levels, the love of the whole was motioned as blessings unto nature and others upon the path or others you were forgiving and finding compassion for. This type of love as blessings is not divine love which is a much larger concept of care than previously understood in your life. Read more