Image of a lovely autumn leaf with a heart shape at its center. Shaktar Relationship Studies #2

Shaktar Relationship Studies #2


Mr. and Ms. Mismanagement of Truth


Finding Your Center


Tantric Swing

I am the flow of the flow

Moving in the moment

Causing a union within

In Divine Timing

In an accolade of freedom

Of the delight of Self

In a sweetness of the repose

Of my core

In the truth of the moment

As the Lover and the Loved

The Dreamer and the Beloved Within


Archetypal Truth and Script   


The truth of the truth within is an accolade of reason. Accolade is repose of sound that resonates through the field causing a predisposition of thoughtform and associated behavior of each archetypal nature. Reason is a thoughtform that causes an alignment of dream to accord with the archetypal truth of the individual. Each archetype is founded upon a particular repose of truth that causes a particular symposium of music in the field. The music calls a dream associated into the life.


Reason guides the life founded upon resonance with the archetypal script. Archetypal scripts are constructed to cause a particular understanding of soul and self within. Scripts can be dandered causing a shift in truth leading to dreams that no longer resonate with the purpose of the archetypal relay for the life. Dandering of scripts is a karmic sequence of events that occur between those with archetypal predisposition towards fostering the nature of others. As the script is dandered, the life mis-aligns with the truth of the truth within and the expression moves off center. Off centered truth fosters a sensation of non-alignment of the life purpose.


Each script has a particular sequence of events to be experienced in the life to foster the evolution of spirit and self. Spirit accolades unto the truth and is attracted to the self of the self within associated with an archetypal sequence of dreams. Spirit evolves as self understands and forgives patterns associated with the script of each. Dandered scripts lead to the wrong soul accolading unto self and a sequence of dreams in which the spiritual lessons fail to be realized. Individuals that fail to realize result in the experience of non-conscious expression of self. Read more