Image of a dignified black raven. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #3

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #3


The Fable of the Raven


The Power of the Tao Heart Within


The Raven of Self


The raven of self

Is an unfolding

Of Tao within

That caresses the spirit

In the heart accolade of self

Fostering union within

That is directed without

To cause the care of the people

And of the land

In a dream of deep gratitude

For all of life


Introduction: Baba Mastery Tales of Tao Orientation


Tao orientated fables are mastery sequences all of their own. Tao realization is a fostering of the birth Tao and Tao of the planet. The birth Tao is an orientation of spirit that is masculine in thought stream and associated with the birth archetype. Archetypes that humans incarnate from and draw upon the DNA of each have a Tao fostering if mastery is the devotion of the life purpose. Some archetypes are Tao-less. It is a sad fate today in which over two thirds of the archetypes incarnating are Tao-less within. When Tao is unavailable, Dao is also non-present in the life blossoming. Tao-less and Dao-less lives are demon oriented and settle karma from the stream of ancestries associated. Many who are Tao-less feel lonely and isolated within.


The purpose of the lore of the Raven is to foster the Tao within into a heart flux formation that bathes oneself and others in recurrent care. The care of those with Heart of the Tao formation can be felt when alongside one of this stature of development. The love blesses as an out-flux of dream of care of each and influxes as blessings in return often fostered with nature. Many humans fail to bless in return due to a state of Tao-less-ness.


Tao blesses the Tao of each including the natural world or Earth foray of dream. Tao of Nature and Earth bless back to fill in the void of emptiness that often occurs with others in Tao-less formations of demonic self systems. Only those humans who bless in return participate in the care of the heart fostered by one in a Heart of the Tao formation of self. The Tao Heart is a formation of self in self-development into realization status of mastery. Read more